Commentary By Karrie “The Puck!” #5 – On That Day!

Editor’s Note: In 2020 a then thirteen-year-old Karrie Anne sat down and voiced her opinion about the then current crises of COVID-19. One little girl powerless against the world seeing the madness swirling all around her. As time went by, she would return to the work to update again and again. The truth began to unveil itself and with the things she told us three years ago began to appear before our very eyes. And The Lord said, “A little child shall lead them!” A voice from the past telling you current events!


 On That Day!

Commentary #5 by Karrie “The Puck!” – For TLB Project

We just want to live! Is that too much to ask? Locked away in our houses, wearing a mask, staying six feet away at all times. We are told to stay safe, stay home! But by all means stay down! But we just want to live. The virus rises, the virus falls, everything is so crazy, but we want to be somewhere, anywhere! We read, we clean, we eat, we sleep, but we can’t go outside, We’re locked up, we’re shut down and there’s nothing we can do about it! We do Zoom but it’s not real! It’s just avatars!

What if all the Zoomers are fake? We don’t “know” these people. At least in a prison you can reach out and touch the glass. You can look into real eyes. Feel real emotion. Do you realize that there are “teachers” on Zoom, facing the camera alone, wearing a mask! And if they’re not real then what are they? There are people holding hearings in Congress right now looking for strange entities among us from other worlds. Look no farther. They’re right over here. And they say we taste just like chicken. What if we do and they’re not who or what they say they are?

We make videos on what it’s like, but it’s not enough, it’s not like anything! We do this, we can’t  do that, and it never ends! When will it end? Will we be stuck like this forever? Will they ever find a cure? Or is the cure to stay in our house wearing a mask as if we’re about to rob a bank? And the banks are closed.

No! We don’t want this! Nobody wants this! This isn’t freedom. Do you feel free? No, we aren’t free. We’re locked up! We are imprisoned, We can’t go outside to even have a fresh morning walk! Even those on death row get one hour a day to walk in the prison yard.  Is this how “we” want to live? Is this how you want to live? Do we want to go around wearing a mask forever? They only to show half your face? They don’t work. Just like closing the schools didn’t work. The famous CDC was forever looking for the elusive herd immunity. It was at the school, but you wouldn’t let us go get it for you. Did  we need to stay in our house doing zooms? What an oxymoron. Do we need to lay around in our houses watching TV and playing mindless video games? Do we want to have another great depression? We just wanted to live? Is this how you want to live? Is this how the world wants to live?

In Texas, people can’t go outside without without crazy men shooting perfect strangers in the head.  Haven’t we gotten over this? Slavery has ended, or is everyone just racist dummies that want to bring it back? So much for Mr. Lincoln, huh? Because I thought America was about freedom? Haven’t we learned to treat others how we want to be treated ourselves? Or do you prefer black folks killing white folks?

Do we want to be enemies to all other countries? Do we want people in the United States leaving because they don’t feel safe in the country that is supposed to be all about freedom? Do we want that? Are we so heartless, that we want America to fall apart, because we are a bunch of Woke zombies?

 Have you ever thought about that or are you so clueless that you don’t even care anymore? In California Hollywood stars die left and right because they think they’re fine to walk around because they’re “famous,” and they took the “jab!” Are you being a role model for us kids? And for all your “science,” you don’t see that we see everyone from football players to first graders dropping dead, not from any virus, but from you? And you are Woke? You aren’t Woke, you are blind. You are lying to the dead, claiming that you are doing doing what’s right for the sake of people who are dying? No one hears you anymore. Is that what you want?

In New York, people can’t walk the streets without bumping into someone and therefore causing other people to get covid-19. New York is so full of people, because New York is supposedly the best place to live, but in reality, when a kid bumps into an adult all they can say is “watch it!” And by all means don’t go to school. Would you want to live like that?

Do you want to be treated like a slave? Because that’s what our world is turning into! We are going to have another great depression or worse! We might have another war. Do we need another war? Do we need more slaves? Do we need to be locked up?

No we don’t! We just want to live! Even a short life is better than no life at all. We want our hour in the prison yard. We don’t want your shot. It kills people. We want to live! Not only does the Z generation and our brothers and sisters of the Alpha generation want to have freedom, the millennials, the X generation, the Baby Boomers and even the silent generation also known as the lucky few want to have a bit of joy returned to their lives, so anyone who has the understanding needs to step up to the occasion and help us because we have leaders too. And not bumbling old men trying to recall their names while passing more lockdowns in Congress.

Right now, our voices are easy to ignore, but they will get louder, and on that day, you will hear us. On that day we will roll the stone away and the guilty will pay and on that day you will  answer us when we ask . . . How DARE you!


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