LEARN 2 UNLEARN – Return to Health (E28) – “The Intensity of Intuition”

LEARN 2 UNLEARN – Return to Health (E28) – “The Intensity of Intuition”


Your Host: Luca Majno

WARNING: Graphic Image (blood clots/blood)

It really seems like my last show has just ended and I am now immediately doing another one… Why? Well, it is a combination of feeling blessed, feeling Grateful for what I have, not even knowing how long I have to live, … going blind, effectively, because, unless you are some Martial Arts expert or used to unusually deep Meditation, those HEIGHTS are quasi-unknown to the average ‘Joe’.

Welcome to this week’s Episode!

And please allow me to add a bit to that last sentence…

Those ‘Spiritual HEIGHTS’ that I just spoke of, becoming a deeper person, being more connected to your own Spirit, the Spirit of Creator/God, there are as many words to describe this state as there are different Cultures in this world…

Big Pharma, I am reasoning, after receiving one verification after another for many years now,

has worked hard for the past 60 years or so, trying to keep us from being the ‘human beings’ we were always supposed to be… keeping us dumbed down, as the ‘conspiracy’ states… And the best way to do that, over the years, was to attempt to calcify our pineal gland with just those things that it is so extremely sensitive to:

  • Fluoride

  • Wifi

  • Nano-particles of metals (chemtrails)

  • Glyphosate

In this week’s episode, I am equating this with most people’s inability/motivation to attempt to even research enough to heal themselves… Food for thought.

What happened to me this week was exactly that: An Awakening of sorts… As I worked furiously on Facebook, attempting to wake up the masses, suddenly my heart begins to pound louder and louder, until I was really starting to wonder what was going on… No pain, no stress, then suddenly I start to write on the post or comment that I was on at that time, and ‘I did not even recognize my own writing (i.e. ‘it did not come from me’) ~

For anyone to whom this has ever happened, and for me quite a while (about three hours until it started to ‘settle) ~ you will know what I speak of…

Fascinating and absolutely jaw-dropping, as in the movie LUCY, if anyone has seen it, for such a brief moment, you are in complete and utter inner peace, going “Wow!” to your neighbor over coffee… “I don’t know what’s going on, but it is sure powerful!”, as goosebumps start to rise again…

Very quickly, I need to make the point that those who go to MacDonald’s often, are overweight, do not pay attention to what they eat, and sometimes even IN DENIAL of their issues, well, they have REALITY coming soon to ‘wake them up’…

And then, as fast as it came, it left, bringing everything right back to ‘normal’…

only that was not the end of it…

The biggest sized blood clot decides to ‘make its way out’ at around 4-5:00 am … out of a sound sleep, after waking up fast enough to hit the John 😉

Luckily, it passed without much pain or any severe discomfort… BUT… What was the message?

I will not allow myself to think negatively… So, I believe that, since we know that the body does reject its own refuse, like a stitch inside the wound that finds its way out of the skin by itself, (trust me, this did happen), I believe this to be the rejecting, the Healing process taking place, my body getting rid of what is no longer useful to it.

I want to also apologize for showing this image, but it is vital, in order to put yourself ‘in someone else’s moccasins for a day’ ~ and doing an effective job at relaying my own, sometimes terrifying Healing Journey.


Watch this revealing presentation …

Thanks for listening and watching!

See you next week!


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