The Planet Is Not Warming Up But Drying Out!

The Planet Is Not Warming Up, But Drying Out!

Or: Why are the glaciers of the world melting down if it is neither due to a rise in the overall temperature nor to CO2 emissions?


Recent satellite data show that there has been no warming up of the planet in general since the late 1990s. This contradicts the normal information given to the public by the IPCC, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, regarded as being the most reliable institution on questions of climate change. This has been the topic of a recent hearing of the US-Senate on the question. It seems that the IPCC is relying on statistical assumptions alone and cannot explain the reality (

It is my thesis that if the planet is not warming up, it is nevertheless drying out.

global-warming-400x575This is a very different perspective, as the drying out does not necessarily have to do with the temperature alone or at all.

The “temperature” may even be a dubious concept.

A growing temperature anywhere on earth is unlikely to be the result of growing CO2 emissions, as contended by the IPCC and others. In fact, if there is a warming up at all, it is not occurring low on earth where the CO2 sinks down, but higher up in the atmosphere.

This is partly due to the ionizing of the Ionosphere through the EM-emissions of “Ionospheric heaters” like Haarp in Alaska and estimated two dozen more installations on the planet.

Additionally something else is coming down from above – the heavy metals sprayed via “solar radiation management” – SRM – activities or “stratospheric geoengineering”, as we call it, be it through civil or more likely military geoengineering. They mainly consist of aluminium, barium and other metals and materials.

Something is coming down from above that works as, or like, a “warming” and affects especially the glaciers in the mountains, making them disappear.

Whatever the reasons are, it is clear that we can already foresee a future without sufficient fresh water, as 70% of the freshwater is packed within the glaciers and the ice of the poles.

The melting of the glaciers, therefore, happens without a general warming, and it happens independently from producing CO2 or not.

If we want to stop it, and we will have to stop it, if we want to survive on this planet, we have to know the real reasons why it is happening that the glaciers are melting – and at a very high speed!

Even if they did not affect the overall temperature, the temperatures on the mountains seem to have grown indeed. How and why so? Where does a “temperature” come from, and what else is important for its effect?

A personal experience

On the 16th of March in 2017, I had to drive by car from Innsbruck in Tirol, Austria, to Salzburg, and back. I started in the morning at about 8.30 and soon I was wondering about the air. It was a sunny day, early spring, and it was as if I was driving through a cloud, but not a humid one. It appeared like the summer haze of June/July that is the result of humidity dissolving with the sun rising. But it was only March, and there was no humidity at all. Everything was completely dry, though I could still see the snow in the mountains. Second, I was wondering about the light. Though the sun was blocked by the haze, the light was blinding, very aggressive and bright, but in a strange way, and I had to protect my eyes so as not to have to look at it. There was dust around on the road, in the fields and the landscapes. It was difficult to concentrate on driving because there were nearly no colours around, the road, the cars and the surroundings looking the same way as if they were all light grey.

Soon I felt my eyes burning and scratching as if some sand had touched them or if I were completely tired and had to close them.

I arrived at the location near Salzburg where I had to do some work together with a friend. Afterwards we sat on her terrace outside in her garden, the faces turned to the sun. I felt, nevertheless, I could nearly not open my eyes, as the aggressive heat of a sun buried behind a thick haze hit me and burned me, scratched me and made me feel always more uncomfortable.

I thought this to be a rather strange day in spring, where one prefers to go back into the house instead of enjoying one of the first nice days of the year.

Then I drove back to Innsbruck. It was afternoon, and still the same experience. After a while, I started to get angry. The light was still shrill and piercing, I had to put on sunglasses because otherwise I wouldn’t see enough, something that never has happened to me before. The haze was still everywhere and the landscape could nearly not be seen. Eyes, nose, throat scratching, and very tired and frustrated I approached the city. Suddenly, I had left the “cloud” and drove under a blue sky, the sun full shining and colours appearing around me. At the same moment, the scratching was over, normal breathing, no piercing light any more though the sun was not behind a haze any more….

This was the proof! The whole had to do with the cloud, this dry aggressive, thick and hazy cloud. What was it about?

I first had to go to a shopping centre. When I entered it the air was so clean and fresh that I was shocked to realize the difference with the air I had been breathing the whole day already outside.

When I went home, I started thinking about this strange experience. During that night I started to get it:

I had been driving in a SRM – solar radiation management – or stratospheric geoengineering cloud on the ground! They – whoever they are – released it below the stratosphere in the lower troposphere next to the ground! So, what other people and I were experiencing that day was having been inside of a cloud of aluminium, barium and I don’t know what else. A heavy metal like aluminium, however, must have been responsible for the effects of burning and scratching, making the light piercing as it reflects it and functions like a multiple solar panel, together with it being materially in the air – as nano-particulates! This is why it felt so aggressive, unnatural, disturbed and frustrated.

It felt like an attack on one’s own life.

And – it was unnaturally and aggressively “hot” and super-dry!

Why? This we know:

The aluminium in the sprayings takes all the humidity out of the air, so that even thunderstorms that occur under these conditions pass without a single rain shower.

Didn’t I observe this effect of a drying out of everything many times already?

Didn’t I see the grey dust running through the dry city several days ago as well?

Didn’t two years ago a mountain-wood burned down in Tirol – in the middle of the wettest season of the year in March too?

Didn’t I miss these days where it is raining the whole day, not too much, but going on persistently?

Didn’t I observe this strange aggressive, blinding and piercing light/heat already in the 1990s, which feels like poison?

Yes, it is poison! The difference being only that normally we are not walking in the middle of such a metal cloud, but get it through the air, when it comes down from the stratosphere. This is not so shocking but finally the same…

It is clear that somebody is experimenting with us, does not like us, and is keen enough to even attack us directly, mocking us, because most of the people who had the same experience may not have understood it in the same way. My take is that we are being “weaponized”, turned into metallic monsters, machines that can receive orders or stop living if it is wanted, cyborgs that have started to not live a genuine organic life anymore … science fiction becoming real?

There is, nevertheless, something, which exceeds my personal feeling and experience.

The glaciers’ experience?

It has to do with the fact that SRM-sprayings or stratospheric geoengineering-measures are taking place every day and everywhere on this planet, their effects being maybe comparable. Using heavy metals, the spraying attracts and absorbs the humidity of the air, reflects the white of the glaciers and turns it into piercing light and local heat as if working with millions of mirrors or solar panels, burning and drying down snow and ice, leaving a dry rocky poisoned desert…

If this is the real reason, why the glaciers are melting or “drying down”, why has nobody found out about it yet, or has not made it public, and what does this mean?

It means that it is not CO2, which is responsible for the melting of glaciers, and it is not a general warming, but an “artificial”, local one, combined with/expressed in a drying process. This “warming” is the result of the artificial existence of metals in the air, that change the air and the temperature at the same time, radically drying out the humidity in the air and producing an artificial, non-meteorological “heat”, resulting from the meeting of metallic mirrors with snow/ice, dry air and sunlight.


It may be “collateral damage” of the activities of people who gain from it – be it for businesses at the stock exchange, be it for gaining much, much power over this planet. Because, what do we know about geoengineering and its aims and methods, even beyond SRM-sprayings? We know, for instance, that the latter are needed in order to guide EM-waves, to guide storms and freak weather, and to build bridges over Ozone holes…

This means that we would need to change nothing less than the profit motive and even military ones in order to save the glaciers and with them our freshwater and our future as humanity.

Why is it not enough that these interest groups must have an interest in saving them too?

Of the Arctic, by the way, we know that it is melting because Electromagnetic extreme low frequency –“ELF”- waves have been used to produce this effect, starting back in 1974. The interests behind that crime have won. They can now get to the resources under the ice shield … They have started to do it already.

Again, all this has nothing to do with CO2 and “global warming”…

What can we, the people, do? What should we do to stop these crimes going on? Together with the soil, the air and the sun, the light, it is the element of Water that is now being endangered, representing literally our soul itself, the Love we may feel for this life… or not anymore? It is time to make a decision. Without enough freshwater, there will be nearly no life left on earth anymore. We have to stop Geoengineering!


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Claudia von Werlhof is Professor of Political Science and Women’s Studies, University Innsbruck, Austria.

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  1. I live in Bournemouth in the UK and today was Mother’s Day and it should have been a perfect blue sky all day. Unfortunately they chemtrailed all day, solidly. Chemtrail after chemtrail criss-crossed the sky. It was almost laughable! No doubt tomorrow we will be back to solid cloud and no sun again for days and days.

    We are at the end of March and we have hardly seen the sun this year except through a haze of chemtrail dust. Mainly it’s been cold and just days and days of solid cloud.

    We need a documentary which covers the whole world and interviews real experts who are aware of the damage being done, the methane situation, the whistleblower pilots and so on; discover who supplies the fuels; who has all the patents and looks at the damage being done – the famines being created, illnesses, and so on.

    We need this fully exposed sooner rather than later and those accountable sued and put away for a long time. This is crime against nature and humanity.

    I think personally, it is idiotic to say it is not global warming, it is just drying out! Why can it not be both? We have endless proof of melting ice-caps and growing deserts, not to mention dying forests everywhere and searing temperatures. We now have hundreds of times more cloud over Europe than we ever used to have forty years ago.

    This is truly the elephant in the room and the degree of damage climate engineering is doing needs to be exposed sooner rather than later and the only way is through film and public demand.

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