Tai Lopez is a New-Age Entrepreneur with a Strong Virtual Presence

Tai Lopez is a New-Age Entrepreneur with a Strong Virtual Presence

By TLB Contributing Author: Jeff Broth

Modern-day entrepreneurs use a variety of tools and resources to maximize visibility, brand presence, and a loyal following. Today, most folks are connected to the Internet of things. The ubiquity of iOS and Android applications, the relatively low cost of functional smartphones, tablets and phablets, and the widespread accessibility of high-speed Internet has facilitated a new age of savvy entrepreneurs, investors and consumers.

Traditional investment paradigms where brokers in their ivory towers, or Wall Street fat cats dominate the scene are quickly evaporating. Now, the smartest FinTech enterprises and consultants are harnessing the power of the Internet to reach clients, customers and other stakeholders anywhere, at any time, thanks to mobile Internet connectivity. Nowhere is this more evident than social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and Pinterest.

Tai Lopez is a world-renowned business consultant, investor, and partner to dozens of multimillion dollar enterprises. He routinely cites his adeptness at leveraging social media as the reason for his phenomenal success. Over the years, he used social media platforms like Facebook for paid advertising and organic advertising, and both methods proved highly successful.

When he started on Facebook back in 2008, it hadn’t quite yet been adopted for viral video watching and messaging. By cashing in early on, he was able to ride the wave by the time Facebook evolved to become a global sensation in the marketing arena. According to Lopez, 1.6 billion minutes of his videos have already been watched (as of 2016) which is a testament to the phenomenal appeal of viral marketing.

Tips for going viral on social media marketing channels

Lopez uses an acronym known as VRIN. This stands for value-rare-inimitable-non-substitutable. Simply put, his marketing brand offers a service that cannot be matched anywhere else. It refers to a form of marketing where the post is a value-adding resource to the client, and is inimitable in the sense that it cannot be mimicked. By creating high-value posts on social media platforms, competitors find it difficult to keep up. The VRIN rating is a number that ultimately determines whether a marketing post will go viral or not. Low scores are associated with low reach and spread, and high scores are associated with widespread reach.

A strong virtual presence is not measured in terms of the number of views on a post. It is measured in terms of the actual amount of time that a video is watched. The most valuable metrics for YouTube content are minutes watched, according to investor and consultant, Tai Lopez. People like Tai Lopez have a story that people can relate to. It’s similar to the Rocky Balboa rags to riches story. Tai grew up without a father in Long Beach California, and he barely had $47 to his name. To create value in his marketing messaging and his personal brand, Lopez generates content that people can relate to. Everyone loves an underdog story, and if it is authentic it becomes a great selling point.

Cast Your Net Far and Wide

There are many ways to gain traction on social media, including interesting content, unique content, and authentic content. These measures are more likely to generate success for a consultant’s brand over inane content that has no strategy, deeper message, or storyline. In much the same way, it’s important to provide content that people are interested in. Successful viral marketers spread their net far and wide.

The Tai Lopez Show is an example of how this entrepreneur/investor/author uses podcasts to reach a huge audience around the world. He routinely broadcasts with leading entrepreneurs, and presents wellness lectures, business success lectures, fulfilling life lectures and so forth. The all-encompassing nature of his approach is what has defined him as a marketable brand to his followers.


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