The Donald – Last Man Standing. Is he a Trojan Horse?

by Ralph Ely | TLB Editorial Staff

By all accounts Donald Trump will the the Presidential Nominee for the Republican Party, much to the chagrin of Main Stream Politicians on both sides of the isle.

“The Donald” hit a cord with the majority of likely voters when he presented himself as a ‘self made’ man who is always thinking and doing ‘outside the box.’  This was plain to see going back to February in the South Carolina primary.

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The next phase of “the show” will of course be between Trump and Clinton with all of the “big monitory guns” firing volleys of Dollars in political advertising at the American voter. Even as Trumps numbers were climbing and other candidates were dropping by the wayside, Daddy Big Bucks was getting out his (their) check book(s) and starting to write numbers down, followed by a bunch of Zeros.

When the Republican Establishment saw the writing on the wall, they did their best to stop the ‘Trump Train’ as witnessed in this report from The Next News Network:

So as we see the Establishment is ready to ‘eat their young,’ or throw them under the bus might be another way to phrase it, when their Power Base is threatened.

What Trump thinks of any Establishment Support:

 More Dolloars – More Media – A Demo PAC:

The stage is set, the players are in place and the audience is in their seats. Oh pray tell how will this drama end?

We submit that if Donald Trump is the “playwrights” selection to be the Hero it will be just the beginning of another drama. This new Play takes place on a Global Stage and is centered around a Trojan Horse as the lead player.

Stay tuned


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