The Hypocrisy of “Head Lib” Nancy Pelosi [Videos]

by Ralph Ely | TLB Editor-at-large

The very definition of Hypocrisy can be summed up in two words, Nancy Pelosi. Her life and understanding of how the world operates is confined to two “bubbles,” One in Washington, D.C., the other in San Francisco, California. The “air” inside  both bubbles has the stench of  Political corruption and fallout from Self Serving actions by an elected official and supposed “public servant.” (Cough, cough… wow, the air is bad in there.)

Not only is Pelosi the “Calendar Girl” (please leave the clothes on) of Liberalism, she is exactly what is wrong with The Political Establishment and why so many ‘left leaning’ voters joined the Republicans and elected Donald Trump as President.

Pelosi would have been retired long ago to the La Brea Tar Pits in Southern California, along with the other fossils from prehistoric times, if she and husband Paul had not made and kept promises to the “wealthiest businesses and corporations” with  headquarters in SFO. (Homework assignment: Connect the dots between Pelosi and Russian Money) Do we detect some Pelosi vs. Trump hypocrisy?

Excerpts from the National Review

“Pelosi [..] one of the most liberal members of the U.S. House, where she runs the Democratic caucus, railing against income inequality and the avarice of the 1 percent. But she also happens to be one of the body’s wealthiest members: In Washington, she lives in a multimillion-dollar Georgetown condo; she owns a 16-acre vineyard in Napa Valley and a 3,700 square-foot house in San Francisco’s tony Pacific Heights..”


“.. financial-disclosure statements, [..] place her in the top one-tenth of the 1 percent of Americans, [that] may surprise some in light of the concern she’s expressed about income equality and the distribution of wealth.

“We’re talking about addressing the disparity in our country of income, where the wealthy people continue to get wealthier,” Pelosi said in 2010 at a United Steelworkers’ event. “That disparity is not just about wages alone,” she added. “That disparity is about ownership and equity. It’s all about fairness in our country.”


At this point we are not going to continue pointing out the hypocrisy Pelosi practices in her personal and business affairs as it is available on line to even the most casual researcher. (Have barf-bag at the ready.)

Let’s talk Hypocrisy-Politics-Pelosi

Short and sweet… Nancy calls out Trump about an alleged Russian Connection without talking about hers.

Nancy says Trump is not competent to be President? Really Nancy? (More Hypocrisy)

Let’s take a look at Nancy Pelosi’s “competency” …….

What is this lady on?

Nancy, read the Rx directions. Take only 2 with food.

Wait… we forgot… Liberalism is a Mental Disorder. How unkind and inconsiderate of us to point out the Hypocrisy of our “esteemed political giants.” (choke)

I think we owe an apology to Larry, Mo and Curly for lumping them together with The Worst of Washington. Thanks for the memories Nancy… In Your Face!!! (RE)


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