Paul Ryan Finally Backs Trump Move On Comey … REALLY … WHY?

By: Roger Landry (TLB)

So Ryan finally speaks out and backs President Trump’s move to fire former FBI Director Comey … REALLY? In my mind, knowing Ryan and his past (recent) actions, this actually raises more questions than it provides answers.

Beware of power hungry politicians bearing gifts …

I don’t trust this mouthpiece as far as I can throw him …

Paul Ryan has proven himself time and again to be no friend of President Trump or We The People! His past actions have shown him to be the proverbial wolf in sheep’s clothing, or snake in the grass. By now it should be readily apparent to all who are awake that he willingly does the bidding of those who he sees as capable of offering him the power is so avidly seeks.

All one need do is look back at his actions starting before, and continuing after, the election of Donald Trump. His covert meeting with Obama immediately following the failure of Trumps replacement of Obamacare. His failure to have a viable replacement in place even though the Republicans had almost eight years to formulate one. His refusal to overtly support candidate Trump … until victory was imminent and he realized who his new boss would be. Even then his support was only contingent on what his true masters wished, or determined to be beneficial to their agenda longterm … etc…

I do not for one second believe that Ryan (if keeping in character) is backing President Trump up out of concern for this country, the wellbeing of the FBI, or a sense of loyalty … There is an ulterior motive at play and we have just not seen through the veil of smoke far enough to discover it yet.

Comey was fired because of actions and inactions of his own making, or the making of his Clinton masters, whose coattails he has ridden on for a very long time. You can only hide so much in the closet before the door wont shut anymore, and all your hidden secrets spill out. The cacophony of traitorous and complicit actions perpetrated by this wholly owned puppet are finally spilling out into the light of day.

Ryan can see this more readily than you and I, and realizes he has the most to gain with a publicly displayed ‘pretense’ of loyalty. To believe anything else is to bury your head in the sand so deep that you will never see the light of day. This of course wont last, because the next time the Clinton’s or the deep state whistle … he will come running like a good well trained dog.

The immediate reactions from Ryan’s comments do favor the Presidents actions with respect to Comey … The question is … When does Ryan drop the other shoe, or what will he covertly demand from Trump for his display of faux loyalty?

Please take the time to read the attached article as it sets the stage for Ryan’s time in the spotlight once again …


Paul Ryan Got Everyone’s Attention With These Comments About Trump And The FBI

Paul Ryan was the last high-profile Republican not to comment about Donald Trump sacking FBI Director James Comey.

He finally revealed his thoughts on the matter.

And they got everyone’s attention.

Ryan backed Trump on the move.

Some Republicans looking to play to the so-called “mainstream” media expressed reservations in exchange for favorable headlines.

But Ryan said Comey had “lost confidence.”

Politico reports:

Speaker Paul Ryan defended President Donald Trump’s dismissal of FBI Director James Comey during an interview on Wednesday, arguing that Comey had been “compromised” and “lost the confidence” of the American people.

Breaking a more than 24-hour silence following Comey’s controversial firing, Ryan said on Fox News that Comey had “become an issue himself.” The Wisconsin Republican — once one of Trump’s biggest congressional critics — also argued that Trump had acted “entirely within a president’s role and authority” and said there was no need for a special prosecutor or special committee to probe Russian election interference and possible collusion with Trump’s presidential campaign.

“The truth is that James Comey who is a worthwhile, dedicated public servant, had basically lost the confidence of a lot of Republicans, a lot of Democrats, based on his conduct, his actions and some of the comments he had made. And most importantly, he had lost the confidence of the president,” Ryan told Fox News’ Bret Baier.

Ryan also said “the president was looking at a situation where you had senior Justice Department officials losing confidence.”

“Trump does not want to see the FBI in disarray,” he continued. “He wants to see the FBI running and moving well.”

Some Republicans, such as John McCain, James Lankford, Ben Sasse and Barbara Comstock, ran to left-wing media outlets and told them exactly what they wanted to hear — namely that Trump’s firing of Comey troubled them.

McCain, Comstock and Sasse have long reputations of being opponents of Donald Trump.

The media lapped up their statements and used them as evidence Trump created a “constitutional crisis.”

There is no crisis.

The FBI Director serves at the pleasure of the President.

Skittish Republicans who live and die by the so-called “mainstream” media cycle panicked at the first hyperventilating tweet.

But, by and large, Republicans closed ranks around Trump.

They defended his legitimate authority to fire the FBI Director.

And as Ryan noted, Comey made himself an easy target.

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