The making of a President : Obama versus Trump Part 3

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The making of a President : Obama versus Trump Part 3

by me582

The Donald presidency

He came as a perceived wind of change .
And caused a tornado .

The Donald presented himself as an “outsider”. A Billionaire outsider.
Monumental joke.

He is the last proof that the American presidents do not count and that we have only one party.

Let me ask this: do you still have any doubt, any doubt at all that there is only one party?

The party of the banking cartel,because we actually have a Government Of the Banks, By the Banks and For the Banks.

Look at the Goldman Sachs boys running the country. And protected by the biggest criminals , the Pentagram.
And ,when I say protected, I mean the protection of their interests in the world, the protection of the petro-f*cking-dollar.

You, little people have no input and you are not represented and your interests do not count.
At all. At all.
You only are allowed to vote every 4 years ,when there is the greatest reality show called the Elections, put in place by the same cabal, where they offer you the pre selected candidates you “choose”from.
It’s a great show, they spend a lot of paper ‘money” to give you the illusion you still have a Constitutional Republic and your “vote” counts for “our great democracy”(recently attacked by the pesky Russians).

What type of society do we have today? Is it capitalism in a Constitutional Republic ?
I would agree that Capitalism is the “best form of society” if we didn’t have the total, abject failure we have today: predatory capitalism, with the destruction of the entire world, with poisoning of the air, water, soil and pauperization of a disappearing middle class, and all these in the name of PROFIT, which is the back bone of Capitalism.
A mad society based on CONSUMPTION (aka Gluttony), with no moral and spiritual values.
Total depravity and degeneracy.
All the so called “western values” are the result of this Capitalism, even worse ,the result of the ultimate form of Capitalism, which is Imperialism.
When a society consumes everything there is within it , it needs to expand and starts consuming whole countries , for the PROFIT of a few and scraps for the rest.
Indifferent of the fact that this may lead to its own destruction in the end.

And if you look closely to all the Masonic symbols in Washington DC,on the dollar bill, the Statue of Liberty,etc., you name it, you realize that America was a Masonic construction from the very beginning.

This is where we are now.

In order to understand this, I will show a short history of the dollar.

Where does the power of the American Empire come from?
Some say from its mighty economy, its mighty military.
Wrong. These are only the side effects.
The power of US and of the Empire comes from its Financial power over the world.

Until 1913, a 20 $ bill represented an ounce of GOLD.
And they were interchangeable. You could get gold in exchange of the 20 $.
It provided stability and NO inflation. Prices were stable.

After the creation of the PRIVATELY OWNED FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM, in 1913, an immediate devaluation began: the dollar was backed only 40% by GOLD. A 50 $ bill represented one ounce of gold.

Then came WWI, which was only the opening for WWII, when the world was destroyed, except America. How convenient.
America became the manufacturing power house, producing goods in exchange for GOLD from the rest of the world. That lead to America owing 2/3 of the world GOLD.

Bretton Woods, the financial agreement done in 1944, meant that 1 ounce GOLD was equal 35 $ and the rest of the currencies were pegged to the dollar.
And so America became great.

Then it came the Vietnam war and America started printing enormous amounts of paper $ , diluting the amount of Gold backing the $.
The world was receiving more paper than Gold backed $.
This was first noticed by the great French president, General Charles De Gaulle in 1965, who asked that his goods be redeemed into GOLD . And exchanged his $ for GOLD.
A great man:

“The fact that many countries accept as principle dollars being as good as gold…leads Americans to get into debt, and to get into debt for free, at the expense of other countries, because what the US owes them is paid, at least in part, with dollars only they are allowed to emit…We consider necessary that international trade be established…on an indisputable monetary base. . .GOLD.

Charles de Gaulle

He was later C!A-ed through a color revolution and bad jokes about French cowardice launched through the same site.
Other countries followed and America was losing its GOLD , together with its greatness at a rapid rate.

Then, in 1971, Nixon unilaterally withdrew from the international Bretton-Woods agreement. Taking the $ off the Gold standard completely.
That’s the American way of respecting the treaties.
The rest of the currencies remained pegged to the dollar.
1 ounce of Gold was 123 $ now.

So the Empire found another way to stay dominant and control the Financial system and the world.
In 1973 Kissinger instrumented the birth of the petro-dollar.
He received even a Nobel for this( that was the real reason).
Saudi Arabia, the biggest oil producer and leader of OPEC, agreed to sell their oil ONLY in dollars.
And to recycle the excess dollars into US T bills, treasuries.
This way financing the US deficit spending.
In exchange US will protect the House of Saud.
The rest of the world was forced to follow this arrangement.

Do you understand now where the US power comes from?
Do you understand the wars to protect this power at any price?
Remember what bad luck struck the leaders challenging the dollar?
Sadam Hussein, who was selling his oil in Euros?
Gadhafi who wanted to launch the GOLD DINAR for North Africa?
Iran, who ditched the dollar?

The US is a PARASITE, living on the back of the world.
Its deficit spending is financed by the other countries, including for the wars, sometimes made against them.
US can print into oblivion , QE to infinity and export INFLATION to other countries.
And be number one this way.

Inconvenient to hear this , isn’t it?

And , having all this advantage from the petro-dollar, the American Empire is still collapsing.
Imagine what it will look like WITHOUT the petro-f*cking-dollar.
If America is so great, unsurpassed, why is it AFRAID TO LOSE the petro-dollar?
A little FAIR competition, without this advantage will show which countries are really great.
But America does not want competition, the engine of the economic development.
I wonder why.

I can not hold this situation against the Donald.

He was placed there to preside over the restructuring of the Empire.
The Empire ( which represents the Globalists) realized that it has to change its approach to achieve its goal of a New World Order,( read Empire Hegemony).

You see, US is an Empire now, the muscle part of the American-Anglo-Zionist Empire, the biggest and strongest country of the three . You can not sustain an Empire with paper money, not backed by anything, except force.
All countries that tried this collapsed.There is no example in the human history of a country(or empire) using paper money and being successful. None.
And no matter how much force it uses, it’s not going to help.

Especially that now other countries have learned to resist.
Other countries are learning the power of “Nyet”. It’s contagious.

There is no solution to the AAZ Empire’s dilemma: if they continue to print and expand the debt, it will collapse.
If they stop it, the collapse will be instantaneous.
From this comes their power and their Achilles’ heel too.
The debt can not be repaid, not because is astronomical (that too), but because the system is set to not pay the debt, just expand it, and this expansion, combined with the inflation, they call it GDP.
Our “growth” depends on the expansion, the growth of the DEBT.
It’s a quagmire.
They are cornered, like rats. And they may become very dangerous . I hope they will not trigger a world war, because they can not accept that they lost. On ALL fronts.

And something nobody likes to talk about and which is also unsustainable: 5% of the world population consumes 50% of its resources and produces 40% of its waste.

So US, in its actual form, has to go.
Will it collapse in multiple smaller states? Possible.
But I do not think this is their plan. When I say (They), I mean the OWNERS , the share holders of the Federal Reserve, because they are the REAL POWER.
The rest were : bought, bribed, blackmailed. Like politicians.
Let’s see who these share holders are:

Nathanael Kapner: The Federal Reserve Ownership

The Federal Reserve Bank is a consortium of 9 Jewish-owned & associated banks with the Rothschilds at the head:

$1. Rothschild Banks of London and Berlin

$2. Lazard Brothers Banks of Paris

$3. Israel Moses Seif Banks of Italy

$4. Warburg Bank of Hamburg and Amsterdam

$5. Lehman Brothers of NY

$6. Kuhn, Loeb Bank of NY (Now Shearson American Express)

$7. Goldman, Sachs of NY

$8. National Bank of Commerce NY/Morgan Guaranty Trust (J. P. Morgan Bank – Equitable Life – Levi P. Morton are principal shareholders)

$9. Hanover Trust of NY (William and David Rockefeller & Chase National Bank NY are principal shareholders).


The Donald ,who has great experience with bankruptcy, was “selected” to preside over the US bankruptcy. And try to preserve the Empire, I think.

This is what I believe ,after observing what has/is happening.

But, I could be wrong, I’m not part of the CLUB (The Donald, as wealthy as he is, is only the doorman of the BIG CLUB, in my opinion).
Does this make him an anti globalist?
What is Globalism? It is the same as New World Order. The same as The Empire.
See the Federal Reserve shareholders.
Have you seen the Donald attacking THEIR interests?
Talking about the need to get rid of fiat paper money, the petro-f*cking-dollar?
No. He is PROTECTING them.
See the Goldman Sachs in the government.
Now, THEY are directly represented in the government, not have only bought politicians there. They do not need to lobby , they directly make the laws ( to favor them) .

(They) evolved ; like a successful parasite does: it evolves to the point that is nudging the host to do its bidding,and the host doesn’t even notice it.

But I think that this time is going to be different for two reasons:

-the host (US) is too emaciated to survive and because of this it might take the banking cabal down

-there are other international players , less infested , or not at all , or in the process of disinfecting themselves and during this international operation our parasites will succumb;

Interesting to see if the use of Zyklon B , in the form of petro-yuan backed by Gold used for disinfection will trigger painful antisemitic memories.

The ONLY way to really make America great again is to the remove the petro-f*cking-$ and the private monopoly of printing paper money and lending it to you with INTEREST ( usury) and the f*cking fractional reserve scam from their kosher private hands.
Make the issuance of money, sound money , a STATE owned enterprise, make money DEBT FREE. Backed by something tangible, with real value, like Gold, like Silver.

And the Donald is not doing this.

He is fighting, by all means , to preserve the petro-f*cking-dollar= the power of the New World Order=the Globalists.


The US needs a face lift.
It has become an old bitch, an old whore ,who can not make money anymore for her pimps.
The Whore of Babylon, aka US, is inefficient for Babylon now, aka the Financial Power, her pimp.
US lost power with outsourcing and the debt fulled economy has reached its climax and end: it is a matter of the exponential function equation, that so few understand.
The formula is related to the compound-interest formula, and represents the case of the interest being compounded “continuously”.
When the growth of the debt starts aiming straight to the stars, this exponential growth becomes exponential decay. Aiming to the ground.
And nothing can stop it.
It kills everything near it.
And this is where we are.

See what countries US designated as enemies.
China, Russia, Iran.
Why is that?
You think that those countries are going to invade the USA?
Not physically, but they are attacking the petro-f*cking-dollar.
-China and Russia ,the big dogs leading the resistance to the AAZ Empire,have launched the future oil contracts denominated in YUAN and backed by GOLD; this is a threat to the paper fiat PETRO-F*cking-DOLLAR. And China and Russia have ALL the GOLD to do this. Like 35,000 to 40,000 TONES GOLD each, some say.
-China and Russia have put in place alternatives to almost ALL the financial ZIONIST system, the one used to sanction and blackmail the countries resisting the Hegemon, including alternative to SWIFT. See all the banks developed by China.
-China and Russia(and Iran now as associate to SCO, soon to be full member; Uzbekistan, paid by KSA is opposing full membership for now; it will be solved) and other allies picked up like Turkey, Qatar, or old ones like Venezuela(don’t laugh,they have the biggest oil fields) have the following:
ALL the manufacturing base, ALL the GOLD,  ALL the natural RESOURCES

( Russia,Iran,Qatar control the natural gas market).
AND they have BIG weapons to protect ALL these.
YUUUGE armies, as The Donald would say.

So ,what is on US side?(beside Bullshit?):

-Well ,US has big deficits, biggest debt (personal, government, corporations, states), big trade deficits (like 700 BIL each year), no manufacturing base(and this you can not relaunch over night), the ONLY economy it has is FIRE economy :
Financial,as paper pushing,
Insurance,as rent extraction,
and Real Estate , as bubble creation,rent extraction.
and WAR economy,but even here, they are rapidly losing to the Russians (people prefer cheap, reliable weapons) .
US has a stupid,fat, no skilled population(the side effect of indoctrination and outsourcing).

For a while,US solved these pesky problems using threats and blackmail and wars , but now, the big dogs, do not want bribes in PAPER MONEY.
And the little dogs have learned that the win-win model proposed by the big dogs, China and Russia, is more advantageous than the ” we win you always lose” model of the American Empire.
And a big war, and the solving of the American Recession through war, like WWII did, is not possible today.
For the simple fact that America will disappear in the process.
The world too, most likely.
And the owners like their creature comforts.

US had “the exorbitant privilege of having the world currency”as Mitterrand said,and it is still collapsing.
Imagine what it will look like without it.
Let’s see how COMPETITIVE US really is,why so afraid, the Donald and company?
Competition is not a sin, as Rockefeller said, it is the engine of progress, real progress.

-So ,what can US do?

Well,it does the ONLY thing it knows:THREATS and WARS.
The only real weapon the Empire still has is the FINANCIAL WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION.
It uses this to try to lower the trade deficit and also prevent the other competitors from ascending on the world stage.
If you can not compete, kill the competition.
And it is trying to rebuild some of its manufacturing base.
Some of this outsourcing really threatens its power:
– like the computer chips( now challenged by China: remember the MH -370 flight disappearance? it had 20 Chinese specialists in the latest computer chips technology on board)
– the aluminum and steel used by the military; a country which can not produce its steel and aluminum is powerless in a war
And this is where the Donald comes in.
On the side of the Globalists, perceived by the Deplorables, as fighting them, to MAGA.
How funny!

See what he does, not what he says.
1-the move to declare China/Russia as US THREATS. This is going to justify sanctions,financial wars, trade wars, in a crescendo manner, that could lead to hot war; but I think, most likely will lead to the US collapse.
2-the threat of nuclear war in NK , as a blackmail move (you drop your petro YUAN backed by GOLD,and we MAY stop a disaster on the Korean peninsula).
This failed, as the North Korean problem is being solved between China, Russia and South Korea.
And US is FORCED to accept it. Another sign of the Empire’s collapse.
This is viewed as a Donald accomplishment by his naive gallery of fans.
3 -the Iran part is mostly sucking up to Satanyahoo( like the Jerusalem embassy move) , plus the fact that the rest of the Iranian 180 BIL $ dollars, frozen in the US banks, will NOT have to be given back to IRAN, AS THEIR OWN money, if they are declared terrorists(by the main real terrorists,US and IS..RA.. EL;
The Donald does not see Saudi Arabia as CENTER of Wahhabi/Takfiri terrorists’ ideology? REALLY?
Iran has to be prevented from becoming a great power,AS THEY DESERVE ,as the little zionist country that US has on its back as a PARASITE, can not compete with the Persians.
And Iran got rid of the dollar.
And Iran has huge oil and GAS reserves.
Because GAS is becoming the next black gold.
And the GAS market is controlled between Russia, Iran and Qatar.
See the war started against Qatar, by KSA and UAE and supported by the Donald administration , because Qatar wants to develop the gas field with Iran.

Let’s remember where the Donald’s first visits as president were.
Saudi Arabia and Israel.
Do these visits count as MAGA and fighting the Globalists?

He showed very clearly :
-where his heart is , when he prayed to that Wailing Wall
-he showed that he would continue to do ANYTHING it takes to protect the petro-dollar : see the sword dance, the Wahhabi Globe fondling, the Billions in weapons sold the murderous regime of AL SAUD.

Let’s see how he kept his campaign promises.
How he makes America great.

1. ‘Build a wall’ — and make Mexico pay for it.
I did not think this was a good idea, you can cut the illegals’ benefits and put in jail those hiring them, get rid of the “anchor babies and their benefits”.
I thought that the wall was another money for the fat cats project.

The way things are going I think we’ll build a wall around US embassy in IS..RA..EL and double IS..RA..EL’s wall, soon.

Meanwhile, we can still receive caravans of illegals and take their children from them , put them in cages or tents.
A pedophiles’ paradise.

2. Temporarily ban Muslims from entering the United States
Suspend immigration from terror-prone places : he tried to ban people from Syria, Libya, Chad, Somalia, North Korea, Yemen, Venezuela and Iran.
Countries where US is making wars or would like to.
Have you asked yourself why : Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar are not on that list?
Especially SA, as the Takfiri-Wahhabi ideology spreading, the terrorists’ ideology.
How about Israel? Am I allowed to ask this anti semitic question?
I’ll come back to this.
This is left suspended in the zionist hot air for now.

3. ‘Bring manufacturing (jobs) back’
“I’m going to be the greatest jobs president God ever created”
maybe he can MAGA in 5 days, surpassing even GOD.
He did withdraw from TTP ( this was a failure, anyway, seen as a back door for foreigners to challenge the US, for foreign corporations to sue the United States government for actions that undermine their investment “expectations” and hurt their business. Same for American companies abroad.)
Renegotiate NAFTA. Did not happen yet.
To bring back the 4 millions manufacturing jobs lost: impossible.
There is no overnight delivery for this.

4. Impose tariffs on goods made in China and Mexico.
Those are extended now to practically the rest of the world:
-Turkey threatened with sanctions because they it bought Russians S-400
-North Korea
-South Korea
-Taiwan ( haha; American ally)
Steel and aluminum tariffs have some exceptions for now. Who knows if tomorrow this will not change, again.
The Donald flip- flops so much that I lost track.

Argentina, Australia, Brazil, South Korea, and the EU would be exempted from the 25% tariff on steel and the 10% duty on aluminum.

The trade war is just started.
Now includes the foreign European cars, German and Italian ones, superior to the American bankrupt car industry. Remember Obama’ s bail out of it.

This is going to isolate US for sure.
You can not fight with everybody at the same time.
Bad strategy.

Countries are switching sides.
Follow what happens in Germany .

It stood its ground about Nordstream II .
Looks like ze Germans are hooking their wagon to the OBOR GOLDEN SILK ROAD.
Which includes ze Persians.
Without ze Americans.

Germany has reached the point where it has to choose .

Does it go down with the American Titanic or walks on the Silk Road and enjoys cheap ,secure gas from Russia , a serious partner ?

Decisions ,decisions !

America might pull ,again , some Gladio 2.0 on their Teutonic asses to help Germany with this decision.

If Germany switches sides , it’s really over for America .

5. ‘Full repeal of Obamacare’ and replace it with a market-based alternative

This is one of the greatest examples that there is ONLY ONE PARTY , with two wings, the party of the real owners of America and that the presidents do not count.
For years the Republicans pretended that they can not do anything because they did not have all the power.
Now they have the House, the Senate and the White House.
And nothing was done.
In fact this subject disappeared completely from the agenda.

6. Renegotiate the Iran deal
Well this is one of the REAL reasons he was selected.
And you can see that the promise was kept.
Not renegotiate( this is not going to happen: the Persians are too smart), but the US unilateral withdrawal .
This renegotiation means Iran should give up the right to protect itself. Their missile defense system, something EVERY country has the right to have.
Not going to happen.
Iran has to be economically strangled .
They have a great potential to become the main regional power in the ME and one of the greatest in the world.
Young population( majority under age 35), educated, very intelligent and having great natural resources : oil, gas , minerals.
The gas field in the Gulf, with Qatar is enormous,and challenges KSA ‘s power and this way, US’s and Israel’s.
You see, GAS is the new black Gold.

Iran is a big country, of 80 million people, a big part mountainous , impossible to military defeat.
And they have a flaw: they are a proud, ancient civilization, which likes to be independent.
And they did successfully showed the birdie to US and UK in 1979.
Iran was put under sanctions, attacks, color revolution attempts since then.
See the Iraq war against them, under Sadam, supported by US , when chemical weapons from US were used against Iran by Iraq.
Not a peep from the US which apparently fights the use of chemical weapons only when it suits it.
During the 8 year war 1.5 million Iranians killed.

On 3 July 1988, Iran Air Flight 655, a scheduled civilian passenger flight from Tehran to Dubai, was shot down by an SM-2MR surface-to-air missile fired from USS Vincennes, a guided missile cruiser of the United States Navy. All 290 people on board including 66 children were killed.
US didn’t even apologize.
How is that for a war crime?

Iran was excluded from the financial market , including blocking its Swift access, before the nuclear deal.
Iran was suffocated economically.

Then , there is the matter of their 150 Billion $ frozen in the US banks, that the US does not want to give back. Plus interest gained.
It gave back a small amount during the Obama presidency and this was presented by the Donald et comp as ” bribe money” .

Then Iran accepted to get rid of their nuclear problem in exchange for lifting sanctions, receiving their own money back and be allowed to develop their economy and sell their oil and gas.
US was forced by the rest of the world to accept it.
And this can not be allowed.

So Iran has to be destroyed.

Regarding the deal: it was respected by Iran, all international agencies said that.
Ratified at UN . Guaranteed by P5+1 countries (US, UK, France, Russia, China and Germany), or I should say P4+1 ,as US proved, again, it has no word, no honor, does not respect the treaty signed and its engagements.
It allowed Iran the use of nuclear plants for domestic purposes , under international monitoring.

Meanwhile, IS…RA…EL has at least 200 nukes ,and did not sign the nuclear non proliferation treaty ,is not monitored , does not allow inspection and can produce and sell nuclear material ,that can be used on the black market.


Tomorrow part 4 and the last of this series from The Liberty Beacon. (What has Trump promised and what has be done.) Starting with, Headline: The Ponzi Scheme known as Social Security.


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