The Oil Crusades (Part I)


By TLB Contributor: David Zuniga.

If your mind is reeling in the never-ending 21st century hijacked-life nightmare (ISIS and al-Qaeda developments proving that thousands of Americans and millions of Iraqis died needlessly)… Russia and Ukraine suddenly on a back burner…and much more…turn off the mainstream media (and Glenn Beck), and consider this compelling evidence of the real game afoot.

The Axis of Evil

Three cartels rule all the others on earth: war, banking, and oil.  This great Axis of Evil, contrary to G.W. Bush’s decoy to open another undeclared war, has no conceivable end until Middle East petro reserves are tapped dry — or until an alternative energy model is found.  Part II of this series will delve into that, but first the background.

Before the age of electricity and internal combustion engines, the place occupied by today’s petrochemical cartels was filled by the steel, railway, and timber industries.  But today, oil and its Siamese twin, banking, are the reigning monarchs over the cartels on this earth.

They Drew It Once; They’ll Draw It Again

Note this map, which shows totally re-drawn boundaries for the Middle East – boundaries which have been completely random since they were drawn during and after WWI by the US, Britain, and to a much lesser extent, France.

If this is the real game for the past century in the Middle East, things begin to make a great deal of sense.  The U.S. would be methodically creating a new Oil State to rival Saudi Arabia, with US client states on three sides.

The Purpose of America’s Entry Into WWI

This is no different from what the banking and oil cartels did during and after WWI; in fact, it was the reason for America entering that unconstitutional war in Europe.  U.S. oil and banking cartels had no intention of letting their English counterparts have all the profits of plunder.  When all those lines were scrawled on Middle East maps, making ‘countries’ out of lands inhabited by nomads, it was done for very good reason.  It was a game of Risk, in real life; millions of dead natives was merely the cost of playing the game.

Enter the Cavalry

The cartels used the U.S. government two generations before, to deal with the equally inconvenient, nomadic American Indian. So-called savages lacked the idea of a political state with fixed geography; the Indian hunted, plundered, killed, ate, and relaxed where he pleased, from coast to coast.  He had his own cartels and plundering style; I’m not siding with the Redskin any more than the brutal ‘U.S. Army’ Whiteskin serving as unpaid thugs for the timber, railroad, land, banking, arms, and mining cartels.

My point here is only that in their inhumane hearts, the players haven’t changed; the game has only changed venue.

The nomadic native on one side, and on the other side, the U.S. military working for industry cartels that need to kill natives to gain land (or resources under the land).  The same players we see in the Middle East; make no mistake, the Muslim savage, however genteel his public manner or however fine his  mansions, jets, and yachts — is a plundering monster.

As the Mafia once did and gangs still do, the FED and Big Oil cartel serpents know how to deal with kindred spirits: threaten them with obliteration, offer a small cut for their acquiescence, then bring in your goon squad to enforce the arrangement.

World War IV- It’s The Crude, Dude

In her 2006 national bestseller entitled It’s The Crude, Dude: War, Big Oil, and the Fight for the Planet, author Linda McQuaig tells where all the bodies are buried.  McQuaig names the names and details the various multi-billion-dollar arrangements that created the modern oil industry — and the present day map, and ruling families, of the Middle East.

World War III was waged for 50 years without our ever calling it that; the so-called ‘Cold War’ only set the basic parameters (before the rise of China, India, Brazil, and other players) for today’s much hotter World War IV, that began with the usual hoax on the American people, perpetrated on 9/11.

The U.S. cartels hid their first move so well, and their government lackeys (including fools like Glenn Beck) played along so convincingly that even after a decade and more, the vast majority simply falls in step with the official story, however preposterous the physics, structural mechanics, and materials science may have been on that fateful day.  As with the ‘mysterious’ explosion aboard the U.S.S. Maine in Havana harbor that gave the U.S. military cartel a reason to start ‘the Spanish-American War’, with or without Congress’ backing — this was shock and awe, and it worked.

Don’t We The People here in America have any control over our lives and futures?  Certainly; but informed popular sovereignty requires two things at least.  First, a critical mass of citizens (at least 1% or so) that are repentant enough to grasp the truth or at least to recognize the lies.  Secondly, a plan of action to stop the cartels — a plan that is lawful, practical, peaceful, tactically powerful, and perpetual.  We believe that AmericaAgain! is the only such plan on the American scene today.

So. Where does the game stand now, and where are we headed with respect to oil, bankers, and the war industry? We’ll consider this in Part II.

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