The Seven Most Addictive Drugs Available

The 7 Most Addictive Drugs Available

By: Carey Flynn

There are so many different types of addictive drugs on the market today that we often do not even take the time to think about all the different ones. From street drugs to pharmaceuticals to over-the-counter items, millions and millions of Americans feed their different addictions daily. Let us take a closer look at seven of the most addictive drugs that people are using.


One of the seven most addictive drugs on the market today is Oxycontin. It is a potent opiate painkiller that doctors commonly prescribe for moderate to severe pain management. When used as directed, the pain medication is time released and effective. However, many people use the drug inappropriately in order to achieve a heroin-like high. It is estimated that approximately 1.9 million Americans battle Oxycontin dependency and addiction (“”, 2018). Additionally, it is reported that there are over 40 deaths a day, in the United States, that can be attributed to Oxycontin addiction (“”, 2018).


Heroin is not only one of the seven most addictive drugs out there, it is often referred to as the number one most addictive drug that people commonly abuse today. Many states are currently experiencing a heroin epidemic as the number of daily users continues to increase at alarming rates. According to Channel 10 TV, at least three people in Ohio die of heroin overdoses in one day. Additionally, News Channel 5 in Lebanon, Tennessee reports that heroin overdoses have increased tremendously in recent months. The drug is readily available on the streets all over the United States and is cheaper and easier to obtain than the pharmaceuticals, like Oxycontin, which provide abusers with similar effects.


Methadone is included in the seven most addictive drugs available today. It is a drug that doctors prescribe to help addicts beat opiate and heroin addiction. It is proven highly effective in preventing withdraws when addicts detox from heroin or opiates. Methadone has similar effects as heroin, and it blocks the effects of opiates should the addict decide to abuse opiates (“”, 2018). The effects of methadone have a 22-hour lifespan, which is a lot longer than heroin; however, it is less potent. The problem with methadone is addicts often trade in their heroin or opiate addiction only to become addicted to methadone.


Xanax is a prescribed anxiety medication that is also one of the seven most addictive drugs on the market. In the United States, there are currently over 50,000,000 legal prescriptions written or filled for Xanax every single day (“”, 2018). While Xanax is successful in treating anxiety, it is highly addictive, causing many of the addicted to shop around for doctors who will prescribe them, or forge their own prescriptions (“”, 2018)


Cocaine is a stimulant that was once used in medication and over-the-counter products. When a person snorts, injects, or smokes this drug, it raises the levels of dopamine in the brain (“”, 2018). Cocaine’s strong but short-lived effects cause it to be one of the seven most addictive drug that people still purchase.


Because alcohol consumption is legal for Americans over the legal age, many people do not consider it when thinking about addictive drugs. However, alcoholism is real. There are an estimated 17 million adults in America who suffer from alcohol dependency (“”, 2018). Of these 17 million, an estimated 88,000 die per year due to health complications or accidents caused by their alcohol addiction (“”, 2018). Even though alcohol can be legally purchased and consumed, it is still one of the seven most addictive drugs in America.


Much like alcohol, people rarely consider nicotine an addictive drug since cigarettes are purchased and smoked legally. However, it is estimated that over 37 million adults in America are nicotine dependent (“”, 2018). Of these people, over 16 million live with diseases that are a result of their addiction (“, 2018). While the number of smokers is on the decline, nicotine is still one of the seven most addictive drugs on the market.

Addiction is something that not only affects the addict, but it equally affects everyone who loves the addict. When we think of addiction, we rarely think of all the different types of drugs that Americans are addicted to. From heroin and cocaine to prescription drugs and cigarettes, addiction is everywhere.



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