The Who, How and Why of the JFK Assassination – 52 Years On – Part 3

Learn the why of the Kennedy assassination. Why did a group of conspirators feel the need to kill JFK?


The Kennedy assassination, still to this day –

52 years later – is a subject that generates a lot of emotion, curiosity and speculation. This is part 3 of 3 of the JFK assassination series which examines why (click here for part 1 which examined who and part 2 which examines how), including 6 compelling Kennedy assassination motives and the occult significance of the murder.

The Why of the JFK Assassination

When it comes to the Kennedy assassination, there are a plethora of motives; many different agencies, groups and individuals wanted JFK killed. Here’s an overview of the main ones that may help answer the why of the Kennedy assassination:

The CIA: Nazis form the start.

1. Kennedy Assassination Motives: The CIA-Nazi Group

The CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) has always functioned like a private company to protect the interests of the rich who founded it and run it (or who have friends who do). Right from the start, when the CIA emerged out of prior agencies like the OSS (Office of Strategic Services), Operation Paperclip smuggled around 1600 Nazis out of defeated Germany at the end of WWII and put them into high places in the American scientific and intelligence communities. The CIA has always had its fair share of Nazis, Nazi funders and Nazi sympathizers. JFK felt tricked and betrayed by the CIA after the failed Bay of Pigs invasion; he fired CIA Director Allen Dulles, CIA Deputy Director for Plans Richard Bissell and CIA Deputy Director Charles Cabell (brother of Dallas mayor Earle Cabell). Kennedy additionally stated that he wanted to “splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it into the winds”. JFK also ran afoul of the Secret Societies that run America and the world; the CIA had its fair share of “Bonesmen” (from the Skull ‘n’ Bones Club) such as Averill Harriman and George Bush.

The nuclear site at Dimona, Israel is another factor in the Kennedy assassination.

2. Kennedy Assassination Motives: Zionist Israel

In addition to rubbing the Nazis the wrong way, JFK also made an enemy of the Zionists. Thus, he was not more on the side of the Nazi arm of the NWO, or the Zionist arm of the NWO; he stood against the New World Order in its entirety, regardless of which faction was trying to seize power. JFK told David Ben Gurion, the Israeli President at the time, that he wanted US officials to inspect Dimona, the site, or one of the sites, of Israel’s stockpile of nuclear weapons. Nuclear Dimona is an open secret, despite Israel’s “official” policy of neither confirming nor denying whether they have nuclear weapons, and refusing to sign the nuclear non-proliferation treaty. Ben Gurion and the Zionists, naturally, did not like JFK’s position at all – and it is important to note that the most powerful family of the NWO, the Rothschilds, set up Israel from the start and still control it to this day.

Eisenhower’s famous last warning about the military industrial complex.

3. Kennedy Assassination Motives: Vietnam and the Military-Industrial Complex

JFK definitely made enemies with the Military Industrial complex – not just the CIA as covered above, but entire arms industry in general, with all its numerous investors. After the Bays of Pigs fiasco and Cuban missile crisis, which brought the world to the brink of nuclear war, JFK become staunchly anti-war and pro-peace. In speeches he stressed that the US needed to challenge the Soviet Union not to an arms race, but to a de-escalation and peace race. He emphasized the importance of respecting others’ cultures even if we didn’t like their form of Government (referring to Russia). He wanted to pull out of Vietnam and stop the war machine. Sadly, his successor and assassination co-conspirator LBJ escalated the Vietnam War (with the fake Gulf of Tonkin incident) to the delight of the military fat cats, who put just enough US troops in Vietnam so the line could never move forward, and who meanwhile smuggled plane-loads of heroin to fuel their drug running schemes.

Were the international banking cartel and their private US Federal Reserve another Kennedy assassination motive?

4. Kennedy Assassination Motives: Federal Reserve

Jim Marrs first widely brought to light the stunning piece of information that JFK has issued EO #11110 (as discussed in part 1). There could hardly be a greater motive for the Kennedy assassination than JFK making moves for the US Government to regain control over the printing press and issuance of money, as is its constitutional right. History shows that earlier US presidents (definitely Andrew Jackson and probably Abraham Lincoln) were killed or had attempts made upon their lives over this very issue. The international banking cartel (composed mainly of the Rothschilds, Rockefellers and other elite bloodline families) has for a long time been the driving force behind all the world’s major events. (However, it should be noted that some disagree with Marrs’ theory, insisting that EO #11110 did not strip any power away from the Fed.)

JFK learned the hard way that you don’t double cross the mafia.

5. Kennedy Assassination Motives: The Mafia

There is plenty of evidence of mafia involvement in the Kennedy assassination. Most theories tend to point out that the mafia – specifically mafia boss Sam Giancana – rigged the 1960 presidential election vote in Cook County on JFK’s behalf, which helped Kennedy win the election. This was in exchange was a supposed deal where Kennedy would not crack down on organized crime. However, after JFK assumed office, he did exactly the opposite, sending his brother and US Attorney General Bobby after the Mob. In 1992 the nephew of Sam Giancana published Double Cross: The Story of the Man Who Controlled America which argued that Kennedy reneged on the deal and that therefore Giancana had him killed.

The burned memo of MJ-12 which may contain a cryptic instruction to kill JFK.

6. Kennedy Assassination Motives: MJ-12 and the Extraterrestrial Issue

Finally, here is the big one: the connection between JFK and UFOs / ETs. Taking into account the research of Dr. Michael Salla, author of Kennedy’s Last Stand: Eisenhower, UFOs, MJ-12 & JFK’s Assassinationthe extraterrestrial issue may be the largest Kennedy assassination motive. After all, it is a massive and risky thing to kill a President, and there are many ways to control people without killing them, so there needed to have been an extremely compelling reason to kill JFK. According to Salla, JFK was taken under the wings of then Navy Secretary James Forrestal after WW2, and personally shown advanced technology which stemmed from extraterrestrial technological secrets Nazi Germany had acquired. Forrestal was a visionary who thought Americans had the right to know about the existence of ETs and advanced technology, but Truman disagreed, sacked him and created the framework of the US Military-Intelligence apparatus we have today. Part of this framework was an ultra secretive group known as MJ-12 (Bill Cooper talked about them in this presentation).

By the time Eisenhower left office in 1960 warning the public about the potential threat of the military-industrial complex, he knew full well how the extraterrestrial issue had gotten out of the control of the Presidency, and into the hands of ultra-secretive, black, rogue military agencies. As the story goes, JFK went about changing this, which made him an enemy of Allen Dulles, who was both head of the CIA and the secretive MJ-12 group. Dulles denied the president access to UFO information, but undaunted, Kennedy traveled to many military bases to view ET artifacts and bodies and get to the bottom of it. Salla offers a leaked MJ-12 memo (image above) known as the burned memo of 1961 which contains a cryptic directive to possibly assassinate Kennedy! When JFK was on the verge of succeeding (by forcing the CIA to share classified UFO information with other government agencies on November 12, 1963) he was killed 10 days later. The memo reads in part (according to Salla, “wet” was Soviet code for “assassination”):

“when conditions become nonconductive for growth in our environment and Washington cannot be influenced any further . . . it should be ‘wet.’”

The Kennedy assassination: the murder of the Sun King.

The Occult Dimension of the Kennedy Assassination: The Murder of the Sun King

No analysis of the Kennedy assassination, however, can be complete without considering the occult dimensions of the incident, specifically the incredible numerology surrounding it. Many readers of The Freedom Articles will be aware how important numerology, astrology and symbolism are to the elite, for these systems function as an arcane form of communication that bypasses the rational filter we use for decoding letters and words. Secret society initiates use these systems to privately communicate with each other (in a way that non-initiates would not easily understand or decode), as well as to create a vibrational match between their actions and other more occult forces.

In the case of the Kennedy assassination, the event is replete with masonic numerology, especially the numbers 3 and 33. One of the best researchers in this field (from whom Bill Cooper and David Icke drew) is the late James Shelby Downard. Some of his analysis can be found in his essay “KING-KILL/33° – Masonic Symbolism in the Assassination of John F. Kennedy”. Here are a short selection of the fascinating synchronicities and hidden connections which turned the Kennedy assassination from a mere killing into an open-air Freemasonic ritual of Satanic sorcery:

– The numbers 3 and 33, highly significant, dominated the Kennedy assassination. The 33rd degree is the highest in Freemasonry and the founding lodge of the Scottish Rite in America was created in Charleston, South Carolina, exactly on the 33rd degree line. JFK was surrounded by 33° Masons who both conspired to kill him (Hoover) and/or helped to cover it up alter (Warren, Ford). JFK was killed on Nov. 22nd (11/22), and 11 + 22 = 33. Dallas was located right near the 33rd parallel. Dealey Plaza is close to the Trinity River. At 12:22 p.m. the motorcade proceeded down Main Street toward the Triple Underpass. Elm, Main and Commerce form a trident pattern in alignment with the triple underpass. Many analysts claim that there were at least 3 groups of assassins in the crossfire ambush, and it is a prime tenet of Masonry that its assassins come in threes;

– On the corner of Elm and Houston is the “Sexton Building”, and the word “Sexton” is heavily laden with graveyard connotations; JFK was killed in Dealey Plaza, and the word can be broken down symbolically as “dea” (“goddess” in Latin) and “ley” (pertaining to law in Spanish, or the energetic grid lines of the Earth), which further reinforces that JFK was killed at the place where the “Goddess Rules”. Goddess worship (Isis, Columbia, etc.) is at the heart of many Masonic and Satanic black magic rituals;

– The Kennedy and Oswald burials were both at “Arlington” (JFK at the National Cemetery near Washington, D.C., and Oswald at Rosehill Cemetery near Arlington, Texas), a word of significance in Masonic sorcery with a hidden meaning linked to necrolatry (death worship). Just as with the later assassination of Princess Diana, at the Kennedy gravesite there is a stone circle with a fire in the center – the eternal flame. The fire in the middle of the circle is a point in the circle: symbolic of ancient sun worship and fertility/sexual intercourse, with the point symbolizing a phallus and the circle a vagina.

The Kennedy assassination was full of masonic 3s and 33s.

There are many more connections not included here for space reasons. Downard states that:

“Masonry does not believe in murdering a man in just any old way and in the JFK assassination it went to incredible lengths and took great risks in order to make this heinous act of theirs correspond to the ancient fertility oblation of the Killing of the King.”

Downard further reminds us that the ultimate purpose of the Kennedy assassination:

“… was not political or economic but sorcerous: for the control of the dreaming mind and the marshalling of its forces is the omnipotent force in this entire scenario of lies, cruelty and degradation. Something died in the American people on November 22, 1963 – call it idealism, innocence or the quest for moral excellence. It is the transformation of human beings which is the authentic reason and motive for the Kennedy murder …”

Indeed – the point was to traumatize the public and transform the world in alignment with the dark vision of the conspirators. Remember that one of the Kennedy assassination masterminds was George Bush, the very man who first publicly revealed the phrase “New World Order” which has become so commonplace today.

The Grief and Anger Resulting from the Kennedy Assassination is Still Palpable Today

The Kennedy assassination may be 52 years old, but the grief and anger that many people feel from the event is still so intense, so tangible and so palpable that it may have well as been 52 seconds ago. Collectively, we still have not recovered from the psychological trauma we underwent with the murder of the “Sun King”. One of our most principled, courageous and beloved leaders was brutally killed in broad daylight by a band of dark criminals whose secret societies, agencies, groups, organizations and bloodlines are still running the show today. For it is, basically, the same thugs in power: from WaterGate (which involved Kennedy assassination conspirators E. Howard Hunt, Sturgis and others) to CIA Cocaine (Oliver North, Barry Seal, Bill Clinton, George Bush and the Mena Arkansas strip) to Bloodline Rule (Bush presidencies), Kennedy’s killers are indeed still on the loose and laughing arrogantly at how they seized power so effortlessly in their coup d’etat.

The question remains: will the majority of Americans and people worldwide raise their awareness of these dark events, reclaim their power and get these criminals out of power? As sad and tragic as the Kennedy assassination was, at least if we use it as a catalyst to rise up and take back our power, it will not have happened in vain.

JFK: thank you for your bravery and commitment to peace and justice. We’ll always remember it.


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