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Note from Roger Landry (TLB Founder & Managing Director): I have personally authored close to 800 vaccine related articles and they all touch on a common theme at some point in their text … Our right to choose what is put into our bodies.

If administration is done by individual choice from informed consent, that is liberty … But if it is done by mandate, or by force, against the will of the recipient … it is tyranny! It would seem that every day I wake up to a nation a little closer to mandatory tyranny.

There are three types of individuals in this scenario, the ALWAYS/ANYTHING vaxxer, the maybe this one, but surely not that one vaxxer, and the NEVER/EVER vaxxer. The fact is they are all entitled to their beliefs, but those beliefs should never influence others’ rights as is the case today. The organization we present here is attempting (and succeeding) to unite as many of these individuals as possible under the auspice of … YOUR RIGHT … YOUR DECISION !!!

I will not drone on as my positions are well known and this presentation is to promote an organization leading concerned individuals in a direction that will amplify their voices to put forward a message of unity and resolve!



Where there is a risk there MUST be a CHOICE. Learn more about why parents all across the nation are standing up against mandatory vaccinations.

  • In 1962, 5 doses were administered in one’s lifetime

  • In 1983, 24 doses were administered by the age of 15

  • By 2019, we now administer 72 doses by the age of 18

  • 1986: The National Childhood Vaccine Compensation Act freed manufacturers from ALL liability for injury, and while there is no incentive to ensure safety and efficacy, the schedule continues to grow exponentially.

Prior to any medical procedure, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Service (HHS) explains that “Voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential.” Coercion invalidates informed consent. Infringing on this right by eliminating vaccine exemptions (Religious, Philosophical, and Medical) and curtailing criticism is unethical and unconstitutional given the following facts:

 Immunity from liability for Vaccine Injury by the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act for all vaccine manufacturers. This law effectively admitted that vaccines do cause harm and subverted the lawsuits resulting from that harm from becoming public knowledge.

 History of Pharmaceutical Company Misconduct, Fraud and Deceit. Since 1986, Merck, GSK, Sanofi and Pfizer have paid billions of dollars for misconduct and injuries related to their drug products with the exception of vaccines because of the act above. Because of these indemnifications, these companies skirt regulations and consumer scrutiny on this one product.

 The U.S. Health and Human Service must defend against any claim of vaccine injury.

Under the 1986 NCVIA, HHS is the defendant in Vaccine Court and is legally obligated to defend against any claim that a vaccine caused injury. There is no right to discovery in Vaccine Court and HHS is represented by the U.S. Department of Justice. The injured party holds the burden of proof. The Act protects HHS and the Manufacturers. It does not protect the people. Despite these hurdles, since 1986, HHS has paid out over $4 billion for Vaccine Injuries.

 HHS Admits to FAILING to perform basic Vaccine Safety Requirements. After eliminating the market forces that would challenge vaccine safety, Congress made HHS directly responsible for monitoring vaccine safety pursuant to a section of the 1986 Act entitled, “Mandate for safer childhood vaccines.” As HHS conceded recently in Federal Court, it has not performed even the basic requirements of this section such as submitting reports to Congress on how HHS is improving vaccine safety. Furthermore, HHS/CDC would be disinclined to self-incriminate by publishing dissenting studies on vaccine safety and there is no law requiring them to do so.

 Children Susceptible to Vaccine Injury. While the Institute of Medicine has explained that “most individuals who experience an adverse reaction to vaccines have a preexisting susceptibility”, HHS and the CDC have failed to conduct studies to identify which or why children are susceptible to vaccine harms while at the same time recommending vaccines for ALL children.

*For more information please go to Informed Consent Action Networks Website:

Where There Is a Risk There MUST be a CHOICE. Regardless of your personal decision regarding vaccination or any medical procedure, parents and individuals must retain the right to be informed first, and then consent to medical treatment for their children free of coercion, manipulation, or fear. Eliminating federally provided exemptions and using the public education system to enforce mandatory vaccination violates this precedent set by HHS.

  • Therefore, it is the duty of the citizens to raise awareness and call to action a change.

  • That we have continuous safety and efficacy studies performed.

  • That we have true informed consent.

  • That we maintain our right to decline based on Medical, Religious, and Philosophical beliefs.

  • To accomplish this, we must RETURN LIABILITY to the Vaccine Manufacturers.

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