TLB RANT: Nuclear War May Be Closer Than You Think (Recorded)


Pre-Show Commentary by: Roger Landry (TLB)

It has been many years since the so called Cold War ended. This was a time in global history when the world’s population hung on the precipice of Nuclear annihilation with the two great nuclear superpowers both wielding enough mega-tonnage to destroy all life on this planet many times over. With the collapse of the old USSR this possibility or probability faded quickly from our consciousness.

Now it would seem that once again there are those within the US power structure who feel a limited Nuclear first strike is not only possible but viable. Yet we look at the damage to this planet and its biosphere being facilitated by one mechanism of disaster, Fukushima, and we see major health implications and massive aquatic die offs underway. Now imagine the fallout from even a limited Nuclear strike of the magnitude required to incapacitate a nation such as Russia or China, that being enough warheads to decapitate the retaliatory capability of either or both of these nations. This would require strikes across both nations and many of them …. Say goodby to humanity.

The sheer arrogance of these individuals amazes and astounds any rational person. The massive volume of peer reviewed research available on this topic is mind boggling. The result of sitting on the precipice of destruction for several generations facilitated a mountain of information on the subject and none of it was promising for humanity, thus the phrase Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) was coined and it became common knowledge that humanity as we know it could not survive even a so-called limited preemptive strike.

Whether it is preemptive (to negate a potential enemies capability to strike first) to prevent a sneak attack, or subversive (to rob a nation or nations of their economic or regional influence) to assert or reassert political, economic or military control, it is all of humanity that will surely suffer the fatality of this insanity. The mere thought that this is once again being considered a viable option in any scenario screams volumes as to the convoluted mindset of those who pull the strings of power in the western world today. The bottom line must be that we are no longer discussing whether or not we will leave a better world for our children … we are now discussing if we will leave ANY world for our children !!!

Is this desperation to maintain economic control in the face of the global collapse of the dollar? Is this unbridled arrogance by these elite who foresee the shift of power from the west to the east facilitating the ruination of their global economic empires? Or will this be a concerted effort to (as many of us discuss) massively reduce the global population? In any case the end result is the demise of humanity itself. Even if these elite manage to survive the inescapable Holocaust they would unleash tucked away in the underground bunkers, with the failure of Nuclear power plants across the planet inevitable, this planet would be poisonous and fatal to any remaining humanity for countless generations or centuries into the future …

The Liberty Beacon RANT

We are already painfully aware of the blight on this planet being caused by such destructive mechanisms as failing Nuclear Power facilities, Geo-engineering (weather modification) and Genetically Modified Organisms. But these are slow kill scenarios when compared to the immediacy of the Nuclear War option (even on a limited scale). While the first two may take decades or generations to facilitated the downfall of a vast majority of humanity, the Nuclear option would accomplish this in mere years … with a very large portion of the global population being eliminated in very short order and the remaining dying off of starvation or sickness in the few years following this fiasco.

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