TLB Special With John Best: Autism, Vaccines & A Hefty Dose of Tyranny

TLB Special vaccines

By Show Host: Roger Landry (TLB)

This is an in-depth discussion with the parent of a severely Vaccine damaged child. We discuss the almost two decade struggle to raise a severely autistic son, and the extended fight to bring his son back from the brink of mercury poisoning to a small semblance of normalcy.

John BestJohn Best is a former USAF Captain whose sole goal in life was to make enough money playing horses so he could avoid work and play golf every day.

Then his normal son was poisoned into autism by mercury in vaccines and his outlook on life changed.

Unlike most parents who would just accept this crushing blow, or rail at their doctors … to stop the poisoning of babies via vaccines, John felt that it was necessary to go straight to the source of power and control, and take down the banksters and lawyers who own or control Big Pharma, and our corrupt or complicit governments.

His philosophy now …

To influence public opinion by the eradication of programmed ignorance, so that the 7 billion of us who are being poisoned by these genocidal tyrants, can unite ourselves against them and assert our collective voice and will on our en-slavers, in order to claim the paradise for ourselves that Earth is supposed to be.

This is an passionate discussion with a plethora of information. Click on the TLB Radio Network Logo to listen (recorded).

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For some a deeper insight into John’s thoughts please watch his video …

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