TLBTalk Radio: Humanity On The Edge – Trusting the ‘Science’

TLBTalk Radio (E1): Humanity On The Edge – Trusting the ‘Science’


Your Host: Roger Landry (TLB)

Last week was the Premier show … the Introduction show … to lay the groundwork and path forward for this new forum. Today I will present TLBTalk Radio’s first real show. Today we get down to business in a fashion most of you listening are expecting, and I will not disappoint !!!

If you had to state what single issue or component is having the biggest or most focused impact on global society today, many of you would quickly state COVID and its constantly morphing variants … and you would not be wrong … but not entirely correct.

It has already been proven by many doctors and researchers, as well as the (TRUE) real world experiences, that this is not a global pandemic the likes of which this planet has never seen in the entire history of our civilization. It has already been proven over and over again that political and health tyranny in partnership, and on a global scale, has portrayed it as such in order to facilitate what I believe is the actual mechanism truly effecting humanity on a massive scale. Something that will only grow in influence and impact in a steadily increasing and ongoing fashion. So what am I referring to …

It would seem that Vaccines are the biggest focus on this entire planet today, without doubt, or exaggeration. Today, in far too many countries across this planet if you are not vaccinated:

  • You may not be able to leave your home
  • You may not be able to work
  • You may not be able to attend school or college
  • You may not be able to go to the grocery store
  • You may not be able to travel
  • You may even be locked away in a relocation (concentration) camp
  • etc…

And all of this for a virus with the proven knockdown power of the yearly flu. That is unless you are 80 years old, or have several pretty bad comorbidities!

Now if I was a conspiracy nut I would probably say something like …

This vaccine is being forced on us against all social, legal and religious norms in a choreographed and pre-planned scenario to thin down the heard, reduce the number of useless eaters, or to rid the planet of those who would procreate and perpetuate the destruction if the planets ecosystem.

Well I am at least partially guilty as I firmly believe in ongoing conspiracies, but whether I am a nut or not will be left up to you to decide! But I will say that my last comment … in fact more blatantly described as ‘genocide’, is in fact a reality not very hard to pull the curtain back on and demonstrate the reality of.

What I will like to present is a short history of Vaccines and their massive impact on humanity. An impact hidden and buried, via the treasonous mechanisms of power, profit and media, from us in such a successful fashion as to actually make these mechanisms a trusted and sought after solution for many health maladies in the past and present.

A few historical points to consider:

Prior to the widespread use of vaccinations in America we were arguably the healthiest nation on this planet. America is now the most chronically ill nation on the planet! Yet the most expensive health care on the planet … Yea please tell me how this makes any sense ???

Prior to the vaccination of our children with the MANY vaccines on the schedule today, Autism was a very rare condition occurring (in the 1950’s when I was born) at a rate that exceeded one in 30,000. Some researchers were even stating the number actually exceeded one in 50,000 children. Today Autism (to some degree) occurs in approximately one in 20 male children. REALLY … where the hell are the alarm bells? Why isn’t this a disaster far bigger than COVID could ever be ???

There are many chronic illnesses that our children will live with, handicapped for their entire lives. A growing number of researchers link these straight back to these vaccines and the massive (and constantly increasing) vaccination schedule imposed on them.

Components of these vaccine are deadly to the human physiology in any real quantity … but just seriously dangerous if used below this threshold. Two that come immediately to mind are Aluminum (adjuvant, enhances effectiveness of vaccine components) and Mercury (Thimerosal), or Ethylmercury (which the body converts to a more toxic methylmercury), used as an anti-bacterial. Both of these are extremely toxic and known to attack brain cells and synapses. Yet they are in constant use by vaccine manufactures, and continuously pumped into our young children with either no, or just developing blood to brain barriers.

Vaccines are called out by an increasing number of doctors/researchers for the massive increase in chronic illnesses, Autism, sterility and many more dysfunctions plaguing We The People, at a higher rate than any other nation on the planet.

Now please consider that America is also the most vaccinated country on this planet … and this slide to number one in Autism and chronic illness pretty much matches the increased use of vaccines on our children since the mid 1950’s …Yea another conspiracy theory ???

Now also consider that with all this research and finger pointing via some of the best doctors and medical researchers on the planet … Vaccine Manufactures … Big Pharma … in America are untouchable for any of this damage or death… even if (via this research) they are fully aware of the issues, and continue to promote and mandate these, in far too many cases, seriously damaging or deadly products.

The profits generated by vaccines are literally mind-bending, and one of the reason that Big Pharma is the most powerful corporate entity on this planet.

With about 75 years of constant use and billions of dollars in advertising spent on a very complicit Mainstream Media … Vaccines became the most widely used and trusted medical component on the planet, and again with special emphasis on good old America and We the people …

Now fast forward to today.

If you wanted to facilitate radical changes to the planets population and knew that violence would not only not work, but would destroy any hope of even those dumbed-down so much that they would normally jump onboard to help … Then you would need to utilize a mechanism that already had the trust and favor of a large number of humanity. Something you had intentionally created and nurtured over the last few generations … Vaccines !!!

So lets talk about this …

Today, and in less than 2 years of use, the COVID Vaccinations (NOT) have already proven to be the most dangerous and deadly vaccines ever used on humanity. They have already caused more death and damage than all other vaccines in history have … combined … times ten … But you damn well better take it !!!

Talking Points:

  • H1Ni vaccine in 1970’s caused 32 deaths … pulled as too dangerous
  • Most effected or dying from COVID … are the fully vaccinated
  • Researchers warning of destruction of the immune system via multiple shots
  • Researchers screaming about vaccine causes infertility, male and female
  • Etc…

If you wanted to bring a planet to its knees … Pandemic

If you wanted to commit Genocide with near impunity … Vaccines

This is where Trusting the Science has gotten us … except it is not the Science betraying us … it is those who would play God !!!

OK I will stop here and ask you to click on the image below to listen to this archived show. But please grab your popcorn, grab your soda, and most importantly … buckle up !!!


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