TLBTalk Radio: If You ‘Wished to Destroy a Nation’

TLBTalk Radio (Episode #4): If You ‘Wished to Destroy a Nation’

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Commentary by: Roger Landry (TLB)

Contrary to what most would believe, today it does not take a massive war, or even a nuclear war, to destroy a nation, even one as substantial in the global scheme of things as  the United States of America. Today there are powers and mechanisms in place … whether they be military, sociological, or economic that can accomplish this goal without extensive or total destruction.

Today we are witnessing this on a massive scale far beyond what most would have considered even a decade ago. Today we can stand back and observe as many global governments stand on the verge of collapse … All of this was choreographed centuries ago, and kicked into overdrive several generations ago with the increasing support of rapidly advancing technology.

For hundreds of years, basically starting in the early seventeenth century, a caste of elites controlling a large portion of the wealth and thus the economies of key countries, have schemed to bring the entire globe under their rule. This is not a guess and history is replete with many of these would-be emperors stating just such wishes … although framing it in quotes meant to convince the peons of their times, of their benevolent intentions (can you say bullshit).

The focus of this commentary is America and the mechanisms of control utilized over the last century by said elites to not only bring in an era of global governance (Great Reset, New World Order, Global Governance) … But to also now negate (destroy or severely damage) the powerful entity/tool they have used to accomplish this … Yes America and We The People !!!

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Additional Show Notes & Talking Points

Let’s start this off by bringing the scenario closer to home. Lets start this all off by putting the focus on “The Cowboys of the World” … We The People … America. America and its meteoric rise to military and economic superstardom globally in a rather short time in the scheme of global history, having transpired over the last century as compared to the rise of empires such as Great Britain, Greece, or Rome. Yet never in world history has a nation gained so much influence and power so quickly as to literally dominate global politics and economics as the USA accomplished. And that was for a reason.

So lets step into the recent past and ask a few questions concerning what happened to get us to where we are today:

  • How many of you listening to this truly feel that Basement Joe gleaned the largest vote tally in modern history, when he couldn’t even fill a high school auditorium?

  • How many of you truly believe he literally destroyed a man that filled massive stadiums with thousands in overflow, everywhere he went? Did anyone ever see Trump talk to a half empty high school auditorium?

  • How many understand that the Biden family is in violation of the RICO Act on so many levels it is insane?

  • How many understand that if the elites truly wished to bring America to her knees at this point in time … a puppet like Joe-Bob was absolutely necessary … one that was feeble, one that was mentally failing, one that was compromised on so many levels it was maddening, … and one that would DO WHAT THE HELL HE WAS TOLD!

  • How many of you truly understand that another elite loss like the Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton race, could not be permitted if they were to avoid losing another four plus years of their agendas advancement … Joe-Bob had to be elected at all cost regardless of the tactics used !!!

Having succeeded at getting the king of all puppets installed in the highest office in the land, their agenda could now proceed full steam ahead. But how? What mechanisms could be used to rapidly complete the changes that had been fomenting in American society for years, but had not reached a point of effectiveness yet? What could be done to throw all of this into overdrive to help make up for about five lost years?

Destroying a Nation

What I will present you with in each of the following topics/categories is not (by far) the only issues pertaining to said category, but the ones most can see or immediately understand. And the following points deal with ‘today issues‘ as to go much deeper (and we certainly could) would require a school semester, NOT an hour show. So If I as an elitist had determined that America had basically served its purpose and must now be pushed aside so a new global reality could reign supreme … the following points would be paramount :

1) Destroy its Social Harmony

BLM and Antifa burning, destroying and looting Main-street America with impunity, while local police are demonized and defunded leaving citizens in increasingly dangerous positions, all in the name of eliminating Racism and White Supremacy.

2) Destroy its system of Education

Racial segregation and demonizing utilizing mechanisms such as Critical Race Theory while decreasing the level of accomplishment required to graduate into a competitive world, supposedly to minimize the impact of (faux) racism.

3) Destroy its Economic Backbone

Locking down family owned and small main-street businesses (80% of our economy), while allowing large corporate businesses to remain open and thrive as a result, and closing down domestic energy production in favor of foreign supplies from questionable sources with unreliable delivery situations.

4) Destroy its Supply Chain

Unconstitutional mandates for truckers, and port closures that severely damage the supply delivery process most said businesses rely on to stay open.

5) Destroy its Faith in Government

Unconstitutional mandates, unconstitutional voting laws, spying on citizens, proclaiming parents domestic terrorists for concerns for their children, out of control (corrupt) spending triggering runaway inflation, leaders that don’t represent We The People, and don’t really give a damn.

6) Destroy its Healthcare system

Unconstitutional mandates for healthcare workers who are fully aware of the tyranny and personal risks being forced on them. Lack of trust in doctors who keep life saving medications from them, and hospitals that allow unnecessary deaths to receive government bonuses.

7) Destroy its National Security

Allow open borders facilitating millions illegal entry to prevail as a mechanism to shift the voting majority to solid liberal going forward, all being unvetted, and many with criminal records or terrorist connections, and all supported via the current government in fashions beyond our own citizens.

8) Destroy its Global Standing

Severely damaging our credibility with key allies via unilateral actions that increase the risk to them while decreasing our trust factor (Afghanistan withdrawal).

9) Destroy its Military

Mandating vaccines that will either decimate the ranks via health failures and/or death, or by a vast number of those who will not comply with playing Russian Roulette … walking away from otherwise long and rewarding military careers.

10) Destroy its Hopes for the Future

Take all stated above (again not the only issues pertaining to each category) and multiply it by a factor of “you have to be kidding me” and you end up with a large portion of said population basically losing all hope for any kind of a future for themselves and their children that includes either freedom or liberty.

How much of the above is Biden’s Administration, and a mostly complicit (read bought off) Congress, already accelerating to catastrophic (successful) completion. Are these in fact the biggest traitor/s ever seen in American (if not global) history ??? … !!! It is well past time to wake up … if we wish for America as we know it, to continue!


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About the Author & Host: Roger Landry (TLB) spent about three decades of his adult life either in, or working for the military, with about two decades working directly for the Military Industrial Complex facilitating DOD contracts. His awakening to Political, Economic, and Health realities was about twelve short years ago. Since that time he has founded The Liberty Beacon Project (TLB) consisting of a half dozen proprietary global websites, media projects and partner websites across the planet. He contributes regularly to multiple forums both in and outside of TLB Project. Most of his work can be found on the TLB Flagship website

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