Towards A Global Military Fighting Machine: One World Government Protected by a One World Military


By Joachim Hagopian

As the globalists’ vision for a one world totalitarian government unfolds in rapid sequence of their long plotted New World Order, a parallel process is also quietly unfurling in the covert formation of a globalized international military fighting force. The US Joint Special Operations Command Forces have built a notorious reputation as death squads known for conducting middle of the night raids, murdering entire families in the process along with detaining targeted suspects in both Iraq and Afghanistan and now all over the world.

Because Special Forces by their very nature are highly secretive and virtually unaccountable to everyone, including our own government, we never hear much about this global elite killer machine. The only exceptions are the contradictory renditions of how the Navy Seals took out Osama bin Laden, or glossy film renditions glorifying Special Forces exploits as recruitment propaganda commercials, now all closely monitored, controlled and censored by the US military. In fact, the FBI, the CIA and Pentagon all have liaison handlers assigned to Hollywood just to make sure the shady truth about them never gets to the big screen audience. Sadly the film industry has degenerated into joining the lowly ranks of mainstream media as mere gov.whore-corp propagandists. Truth is now the enemy.

Though more often covered only by alternative media, the big story headlines today involve the buildup of NATO forces and heavy arms shipments in Ukraine and all along the Russian border for what could turn out to be a World War III deployment.

Joint NATO-US exercises are busily prepping for future faceoff against the Russian military vying for glacier-free Arctic oil reserves while the US Navy conducts unprecedented drills this month wreaking ecosystem havoc along the Alaskan coastline. Similarly in the South China Sea a growing US naval presence is ratcheting to heat up regional tensions with China in the Pacific theatre of Cold War II. And then of course June 15th marked the US Special Forces kickoff of yet the most unprecedented military exercise of them all with the controversial Jade Helm 15 operation conducted over the next three months as the largest military operation on US soil since America’s deadliest first Civil War.

Underneath the sabre rattling surface of all this worldwide martial activity and bypassing detection from even independent media’s radar focusing exclusively these days on Jade Helm is a one world military elite fighting machine being developed largely in secret led by US Special Operations Command (US SOCOM) in conjunction with the United Nations. Perhaps more than any other journalist Nick Turse has forged a highly reputable investigative career attempting to uncover this top secret, hidden world of US SOCOM. Over this last decade black ops deployment around the globe has increased exponentially.

In January this year Turse reported that as of the end of the fiscal year on September 30th, 2014, Special Operations Forces (SOF) engaged in strategic operations in 133 countries on the planet covering over 70% of the earth’s nations. And that high number is likely a lowball assessment of where the SOCOM public affairs officer is willing to admit US Special Forces may actually be operating. The latest tally is up to 150 countries. Just to demonstrate how Special Forces missions are in such increasingly high demand, barely two months into the new fiscal year last December after the second botched rescue raid resulting in American photojournalist Luke Somers and scheduled to be released the next day South African teacher Pierre Korkie’s deaths, SOCOM already was actively engaged in at least 105 nations, in two months already 80% of the previous year’s total number.

Washington war makers learned but one lesson from Vietnam – to conceal the brutality and sheer insanity of war from the American public’s eyes and consciousness after the first and last televised war had rapidly turned the nation against that debacle. So several decades later in Iraq and Afghanistan US wartime atrocities were deliberately hidden in collusion with MSM pressitute, “in-bed,” inbred journalism, where gov.corp war became sanitized, blood and gore spotless, completely absent of body bags for an “out of sight, out of mind” America whose volunteer army comprised less than 1% of its total population.

Leave it to courageous whistleblower Private Manning presently serving his 35-year prison sentence and Wikileaks to boldly expose a myopic glimpse of the always ongoing US war crimes against humanity. By concealment design this sterilized version of two history-making, decade-long wars could simultaneously rage on year after year, minus any tangible antiwar movement, while bleeding the middle class dry in a stagnant, recession-racked economy, sending combat fatigued troops back into harm’s way a fourth and fifth time for another elitist blood-for-oil motherlode bonanza exclusively set up for filthy rich criminal war profiteers to get only filthier richer. But despite these sinister “out of sight, out of mind” machinations and the continental divide between civilians and military, the American populace eventually grew war-weary.

So the elite had to come up with yet a new and improved enemy threat called ISIS along with their new and improved kind of war. After two costly war defeats – six trillion dollars squandered and still rising, a half dozen MENA failed states, nearly 7000 dead American soldiers and millions of murdered Iraqis, Afghanis and other hapless Muslims – arose the bright idea of a new way to wage war in the 21st century using elite Special Forces in a personnel-downsized armed services waging dozens of dirty little secret wars in every corner of the globe.

The rationale for this new, low intensity form of modern warfare consisting of countless undeclared wars around the world all at once proved cost effective and no one but family relatives of dead victims’ corpses strewn about on far-off foreign soil would ever be aware of the murderous worldwide scale of these dirty little secret operations. With absolutely no accountability or oversight even from US Congress, these deadly imperialistic wars nobody knows about are assured to continue unabated for decades to come. After all, the feds’ fake “war on terror” must go on.

A Department of Defense news article two years ago featured then Special Operations Commander Admiral William McRaven’s SOF 2020 vision calling “for a globally networked force of special operations forces, interagency representatives, allies and partners, with aligned structures, processes and authorities to enable its operations.” This is the blueprint for a globalized international black ops killing machine readily able to engage in strategic and tactical covert operations around the globe acting at the behest of a one world government as the globalist elite’s private security force.

The extensive plan for multiple nations’ black ops forces coming together to train regularly in joint exercises and deployments is facilitating lightning strike assaults and tactical missions of highly unconventional warfare to typically take out enemy command and control centers as well as extraction and assassination of targeted enemy combatants. In recent years this global elite force is designed to provide ready made to act on intelligence (far more effective than the CIA) as well as engage in asymmetrical warfare tactics of guerilla-type activity in rapid deployment missions anywhere on the planet as critical pre-step strategy to launching larger scale military campaigns involving conventional force invasions and occupations against targeted hostile nations and forces.

The forever war on terror in the Middle East and Africa as well as Europe and Asia fortified by a massive global infrastructure supporting over a thousand US military posts around the world guarantees black ops deployment everywhere on the planet. And that next targeted hostile nation could very well be America under martial law once Jade Helm goes live this summer.

The scenario just outlined above fits the Jade Helm itinerary perfectly with massive military armaments and equipment movement and stockpiling along with an influx of state National Guard units deployed in multiple “civil unrest” training exercises seen nationwide all year long, extraction drills observed on March 27th in Fort Lauderdale, large scale movement of troops from Fort Carson now deployed in staging exercises in southern Colorado, a plan for deployment of the 82nd Airborne Division as part of Jade Helm operation and plans announced three months ago by the JH15 designer-PR man Thomas Meade that the Navy Seals will be deployed in Louisiana and Mississippi (supposed non-designated JH states) as part of Jade Helm along with the 1200 Special Forces maneuvering throughout “hostile territories” Texas, Utah and drug cartel dominated borderland of Southern California along with the other Jade Helm border states New Mexico, Arizona and Nevada.

Combine all this torrid activity with multi-federal agency involvement that includes local law enforcement operating over such a widespread area of the US working hand-in-hand with all the intel forces from the FBI and CIA to the DEA, Border Patrol and Homeland Security and this summer into fall is shaping up into not just a simple military exercise for practicing skills to be utilized later on foreign soil as the PR propagandists have claimed… not when an Obama forced into retirement general anonymously revealed that Obama back in 2012 ordered the Pentagon to determine how much of the US armed forces would be willing to kill their fellow Americans and warned us of coming false flag attacks and a prolonged bloody US civil war. Or a retired Homeland Security employee disclosing that in recent years the department’s been planning a likely cyber-attack on the banking infrastructure along with other emergency false flag scenarios leading to martial law.

Or the militarization of police forces across the nation now looking identical to armed military forces acting with complete impunity killing American citizens (over 500 already this year) as a bona fide police state. Or the dozens of non-military, non-law enforcement federal agencies like the US Postal Service, Department of Game and Wildlife, IRS, FDA, EPA all buying up two and a half billion hollow point bullets. Take all of these very real, undeniable dots and connect them together and it appears more than probable that planned crises will become the ready-made excuse for Jade Helm to go live and martial law declared.

The Project for a New American Century (PNAC) whose architects include all the Bush inside job 9/11 neocons called for a transformation of the US military this century. As part of that transformation a popular current military tactical modality has employed the Human Terrain System. It was heavily pushed by General David Petraeus in both Iraq and Afghanistan and is still widely deployed today despite its proven failures. The Human Terrain System employs personnel teams comprised of social scientists primarily trained and educated in anthropology and psychology. Their purpose is to gather key information as a means to learn about and understand the enemy, utilizing that data to win over, manipulate and influence targeted adversarial populations through PSYOPS methods using propaganda and brainwashing techniques through pamphlets, MSM and internet social media disinformation.

Transformation of America was promised by Obama as he only continued the neocon PNAC blueprint to change how America would fight its wars. Last September the United States Army Special Forces Command published the Cognitive Joint Force Entry White Paper. “The decline of the regulated nation state order and the increased prominence of Violent Extremist Organizations (VEO’s)” present the newly deemed asymmetrical enemy that are the so called “terrorists.” This document outlines how asymmetrical warfare both currently and in the future will be fought. SOCOM Admiral McRaven in March 2014 described the Human Domain:

Our SOF engagement takes place in the Human Domain – the totality of the physical, cultural, and social environments that influence human behavior in a population-centric conflict. The Domain is about developing an understanding of, and nurturing influence among, critical populaces. SOF is uniquely suited for operations that win population-centric conflicts, oftentimes, and preferably, before they start.

Cognitive Joint Force Entry now brings an exclusive focus on fighting a thinking man’s war, getting inside the enemy’s head to the thinking processes, hence cognitive depth, cognitive strategy and cognitive resilience become operative keyword buzzwords.

The shift to defeating the enemy psychologically before a shot is even fired takes its cue from the ancient Chinese philosopher Sun Tzu’s Art of War: “The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.” Shaping prewar interventions has become the Special Operations trademark. Its buzzword is Phase Zero referring to an unending propaganda blitz to shape public opinion. Peacetime becomes just another phase in the forever state of war that the Pentagon and the Bush-Obama regime has incessantly been conditioning Americans to ultimately accept.

The demonization of Putin during this last year over Ukraine is but one recent example. Enemies range from “aggressors” like Putin who defends his nation against US Empire-NATO agenda to offensively surround and isolate the Russian Federation. Of course US created al Qaeda/ISIS are the twenty-first century public enemy number one on the one hand as the 9/11 scapegoats and perpetual war on terror opponents, and on the other hand the neocon proxy war mercenary ally wreaking havoc and terror wherever US-Israeli-Saudi axis of evil unleashes them. The Orwellian double speak of lies never ends.

Announcing the Jade Helm operation to the US public a full four months in advance is a PSYOPS to get inside the head of the domestic enemy – Americans who criticize the federal government for its increasing tyranny. The JH15 Special Operations exercise includes participants acting in the role as infiltrators to “blend in” wearing civilian clothes driving civilian vehicles in local civilian communities. They will be acting as spies who will encourage people to turn in their fellow citizens for subversive, anti-government activities, reminiscent of the civilian national security force that Obama as a 2008 presidential candidate touted just like Hitler’s prewar Nazi Germany youth groups.

Department of Homeland Security and state and municipal fusion centers work closely with local and federal law enforcement agencies and the US domestic intelligence community to ostensibly ferret out dissidents deemed enemies of the state, enemy combatants or belligerents, otherwise labeled homegrown terrorists. That said, for all their collective efforts they have absolutely nothing to show for themselves to even justify their existence much less the tax dollars wasted, not uncovering or finding even one domestic terrorist plot. Jade Helm is practicing asymmetrical warfare against American citizens who have become the enemy to the diabolical oppressors who as traitors are the true enemy of the entire world for what’s happening here in the US is happening throughout Western nations.

DOD 3025.18 is a document directive dated December 2010 about Defense Support of Civilian Authorities. Essentially this federal directive authorizes lethal military force by both active duty personnel as well as state National Guard units and reservist forces in support of police to be used against US citizens in civil matters involving emergencies and civil unrest, in effect overturning the Posse Comitatus law of 1878 that expressly prohibits use of US military in civil matters. Obama’s 2012 NDAA also violates Comitatus law.

To further cause concern, the proliferation of the United Nations security “peacekeeping” forces in recent years and President Obama signing a series of secret contractual agreements authorizing militarized UN forces, Homeland Security, and FEMA along with both US and foreign troops for active deployment on US soil against American citizens during times of civil unrest facilitating martial law conditions is also documented on public record.

On September 25th, 2013 Obama signed the UN Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) along with 121 other nations that went into effect on Christmas Eve that year banning private citizens from owning guns, obviously in direct violation of the Second Amendment of the Constitution. Though Congress never ratified ATT knowing it would cause an uproar amongst the voting public, it hasn’t stopped dictatorial Obama from repeatedly violating rule of law by signing 23 executive orders on gun control as further attempt to undermine and usurp constitutional rights.

There exists a long, well documented history of human rights violations that accompany nations’ efforts to outlaw and confiscate guns from private citizens. Especially where police state totalitarianism prevails, where both law enforcement agencies and government forces are the violent perpetrators, enforcing bans on gun ownership precipitates justifiable and predictable counter-resistance from citizens that in effect cause civil unrest and violence. With police murdering so many Americans nowadays, seemingly intentionally provoking widespread civil protest and unrest in cities across the US, it’s a logical deduction to conclude that such an extreme show of force as Jade Helm to potentially incite violence is more than probable.

A 2008 study examined UN supported gun confiscation programs in alliance with governments in Uganda, Kenya and South Africa and the subsequent levels of increased violence, death and severe human rights abuses associated with enforced gun control bans. The stage may be set for the same disastrous outcome to be triggered here in the US with Jade Helm this summer, especially if its mission includes private gun confiscation.

Further evidence illustrating the devastating consequences that ruthlessly violent government regimes have inflicted on humans comes from democide statistics. For years scholar RJ Rummel has been meticulously studying and compiling numbers of victims murdered by their own governments through history, concluding from his findings that, “Concentrated political power is the most dangerous thing on earth.” He determined that in the last century alone 262 million people were brutally murdered by their own governments, six times more than those killed directly by war.

Moreover, in all nine of the worst cases of genocide committed during the 20th century, a systematic effort by the guilty despots in power disarmed their victims prior to their murderous onslaught exterminating them. These facts alone offer dire warnings to citizens around the world compelling them to actively resist the UN and the 122 nations that comprise most countries on earth that signed the UN Arms Trade Treaty. The globalist objective of a one world government is predicated on disarming the global population in order to minimize opposition to both their tyranny as well as their murderous final solution eugenics. A militarized multi-agency global task force consisting of the UN “war” keepers and black ops will be the globalists’ personal army to enforce their draconian New World Order laws, executing those unwilling to accept their demonic lethal reign of terror. But in the end, they will fail.

Joachim Hagopian is a West Point graduate and former US Army officer. He has written a manuscript based on his unique military experience entitled “Don’t Let The Bastards Getcha Down.” It examines and focuses on US international relations, leadership and national security issues. After the military, Joachim earned a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and worked as a licensed therapist in the mental health field for more than a quarter century. He now concentrates on his writing and has a blog site at http://empireexposed. blogspot. com/He is also a regular contributor to Global Research and a syndicated columnist at Veterans Today.


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