Triumph of the Owners: The Truth Be Told


The Truth Be Told

Preface by: Roger Landry (TLB)

Every once in a while in my search for more information I come across a video, podcast, article, commentary, or rant that says exactly what I feel, what I know to be true, a word I can place faith in … I read it, and while doing so I am constantly shaking my head in the affirmative. I catch myself saying over and over again … Yea … Right … Amen … and truly meaning it. I for one find this to be a moment of pure joy with the realization that there is one more soul on this forsaken planet that … REALLY GETS IT! It is always refreshing when you can glean from a total strangers writing the understanding that there is another strong voice in the rapidly building chorus of protest.

This is the category I firmly place the following commentary in.

  • No it is not heavily laden with reference links …
  • No it is not loaded with eye-catching images or videos …
  • No it is not written with the grammatical correctness of a life long reporter …

It is written in an open and honest fashion that makes it almost impossible NOT to get the point, and the message is clear, concise, and correct! I strongly urge you to read and truly understand what this author is saying, because what he is saying is not a maybe … it is a FACT …

… Witness America In Crisis!


Triumph of the Owners:

Commentary by: Ray Greninger

I’ve never seen anything like this. The deep state, progressives, the New World Order, whatever you want to call them, are attacking Trump relentlessly. I don’t recall any other time that I’ve been on this ball when a sitting president was besieged by so many different factions.

You know you’re over the target when you start to receive flak. Apparently, Trump is over the target. The target is the New World Order (NWO) and the system that has established itself in America since the American “Civil War.” It is a system bent on world domination, and they are not going to allow someone, even the elected president of their corporation, to stop them.

I won’t bore you with the nonsense that they’ve tried so far, suffice it to say they have been unsuccessful in their attempts to get Trump out of office. Now, they are going after his personal finances. Trump’s response has been less than diplomatic. He’s in over his fluffy orange head. These people are serious and I wonder if Trump understands what he’s up against.

The left and the Owners are showing their hand. It’s all out in the open now and they are using the tactics of the communists and socialists to get their way. There will be violence. There has already been violence. We are in the middle of a communist style coup d’etat. All of the warnings by all of the people who saw this coming have come to pass.

America remains asleep.

The uniformed, misinformed, under educated lackeys on college campuses, in the media, in your neighborhood, in your family, on the couch next to you have been duped, swindled, propagandized into believing that this is all well and good. They no longer believe in human freedom. They want more control. They want to be told how to live. They want the convenience of servitude. And they will defend their right to demand that government steal from those they believe have too much so that they can get all the goodies government offers with violence if necessary.

I’m astonished at how quickly this was accomplished by these people. Sure the educational system has been hijacked for many years now; slowly pushing students in the direction they wanted them to go. But, education is only part of a culture. A culture has certain values held by most in it and they are not easily overturned. Institutions like churches, civic groups, individual communities and the like are difficult to change. But change they have-in just a few years. It’s…surreal.

How do we account for an entire population that once believed that government power should be limited, that money should have substance, that a nation has the right to limit or decide who enters the culture, that we have certain unalienable rights given to us by our Creator, into one that wants a huge government that controls everyone, forces us to use worthless paper debt disguised as money, claims that anyone wanting to come here should be allowed to come here, and that rights come from government? All in just a few short years.

It happened incrementally until it bloomed like some poisonous flower. Little by little, bit by bit. It’s been going on since before the ink was dry on the Constitution for the United States of America. If you want to know how all of this happened over the years I can think of no better site than There are some six hundred articles that explain the mess we are in and how it was accomplished. Every American should read this stuff.

If you have read through any of that, then you have a good idea about how it happened. The question now is, how to reverse it? There are people working long hours deciphering the statutes and codes and various jurisdictions. Every new insight brings new methods to contain the beast, but the beast is strong and moves, in every instance, to block any attempts to restrain it. These people are brave and noble. Most anyway. Some of these folks have succumbed to hubris. They believe they have the silver bullet that will work for everyone. If you enter that room be wary of who’s in there. Proceed with caution.

The legal reform (better dubbed the “uncovering legalese movement”) movement is not for everyone and takes years just to get the basics down pat. Not to mention you are up against …

  • Corrupt Judges
  • Corrupt Lawyers
  • Corrupt Prosecutors
  • Corrupt Politicians

… whose livelihoods depend on your not finding out what they are up to. It’s an extortion racket and they are not about to get caught with their hands in the cookie jar. They will throw anyone who presents a legitimate challenge to their system in jail, or worse, read about Levoy Finicum.

No, what is needed is a fundamental change in understanding. Which is exactly what these usurpers did. They did it while you were trying to make a living, while you were trying to raise a family, while you were trying to make your way in life. They indoctrinated you with warm, fuzzy sounding rhetoric that, on its face, was hard to disagree with. After all …

  • Social security sounded good, right?
  • Government subsidies and grants sound good, right?
  • Free medical care sounds good, right?
  • Regulation of “business” sounds good, right?
  • Fines, fees, penalties and jail terms sound like a good way to keep people from harming one another, right?

The truth is for every grant of power given to government by not resisting its encroachments a God given right was given up. We traded rights for privileges, we traded responsibility for indentured servitude, we traded our souls to the devil for security.

If we can’t reverse the damage that has been done by these people who are trying to establish their control over us, the Owners will win. We will be cattle in the feed lot, tags in our ears, standing in the slaughter chute waiting our turn under the stunner.

  • We must rebut the arguments of these people.
  • We must condemn their philosophy.
  • We must resist their attempts to bring us under their control.
  • We must deny those who think they have a right to steal from us, cage us, and have their way with us.

Even though Trump is just a CEO of the federal corporation known as the UNITED STATES, the attacks on him must be condemned by all who still believe in the idea of America. The rest of the nonsense can be dealt with as it is uncovered. Make no mistake, these people are going for broke and your future is at stake. The future of all Mankind hangs in the balance. It’s time for Divine intervention. Pray for that. The time is upon us, let’s not waste it.


This article (Triumph of the Owners) was originally created and published by rogsblog and is republished here under “Fair Use” (see disclaimer below) with attribution to author Ray Greninger and rogsblog.


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