V.O.T.E.: Wrapping Our Thoughts & Our Christmas Present Expenses


TLB Contributor & Show Host: Rebecca L. Mahan

RebeccaRebecca L. Mahan is a U.S.M.C. Veteran, retired peace officer, and published author who currently hosts three radio shows on TLB Radio Network. Her focus is to help others by bringing awareness about relevant issues, helping people overcome trauma, and encouraging kids to learn U.S. History.


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By:  Rebecca L. Mahan

Episode 5 of the V.O.T.E., Victims Overcoming Traumatic Events. Today’s program features …


Wrapping Our Thoughts and Our Christmas Present Expenses

Episode 5 of the V.O.T.E., Victims Overcoming Traumatic Events, Program, hosted by Rebecca L. Mahan features candid talk about domestic violence, menopause, and having value in ourselves.

Diane Tegarden President of FireWalker Publications and Author of several books, such as, “How to Escape a Bad Marriage, A Self-Help Book for Women,” speaks openly about her experience in a domestic violent relationship and what she found when she fled the situation. Her discovery cleared the myths surrounding the type of person many believe is a victim. Tegarden offers some of the behavioral signs to look for in an abuser and tells listeners they need to run the other way when the signs are there, especially early on. Tegarden shifts gears and offers sound advice on the need for having a budget. The conversation gets quite fun and informative when she talks about managing your Christmas money. While much of the Christmas money management strategies should be implemented at the beginning of the year, there are things that can reduce your overall holiday expenses. www.firewalkerpublications.com

Guest Linda F Williams, MSW, a relationship expert and former Professor in Human Services, offers a unique perspective on how our mind fires when faced with trauma. She sets the stage for a mental scene of war when faced with “unrealistic scripts” that run through the mind. These “unrealistic scripts” move throughout the mind, not knowing when it will step on “IEDS (Irrational Emotional Discharges) hidden in our brains. Once stepped on, it implodes and some sort of external outburst implodes. Williams’ approach is focused on the internal processes, leading one to have the power and leverage to move beyond “skinkin thinkin.” Her goal is “empowering purpose to achieve you God ordained destiny.” www.whoseapple.org

Both Tegarden and Williams share the view that when getting ready to leave a domestic violent situation, the victim should not tell friends or family they are going to flee. This information can get back to the abuser, endangering the victim further.

Iceland Guest Pauline McCarthy, Menopause Expert, gets real about the hush-hush topic of menopause and tells it like it is. Part of the normal cycle in a woman’s life that many are not aware of is just how early symptoms of “the change” can take place. Women as young as in there mid 30’s can see the symptoms begin, known as peri-menopause. One of the most commonly known symptoms is hot flashes. On the flip side, brain fog and cardiovascular disease may not even attributed this change. McCarthy shares why women should seek a gynecologist versus going to a general practitioner and how herbal remedies can help. Her focus is to put this topic on the table so women can begin to understand what is happening with their bodies as they go through the aging process. www.menopausemorph.com

Guests Sarah and Samantha, are sisters on a mission to “motivate and inspire women to fall in love with themselves and to find internal validation for long term happiness.” You can feel the enthusiasm as they talk about their “journey to change women’s lives.” There focus is empowering women to “Never Be Average” and helping women shift their perspective in handling life events from one that is based on what has happened to how to respond when something happens. The formula? Looking into your response 90% of the time and looking only to what happens 10% of the time. They encourage women to find their sense of self and realize how much value they have. www.neverbeaverage.com

… and that’s a wrap!

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