Vaccine Scare Tactics At Their Finest


By TLB Contributor: Lori

This week has been one of those weeks with wild swings from one side to another. From very happy to anger.

This week my daughters fiance’ had an unfortunate accident and cut his right forefinger. He put off going to the ER for a couple of hours, but since it wouldn’t stop bleeding my daughter forced him to go. My gut instincts told me to go with them but since they are both adults I figured they would be fine. Looking back, I should have gone with them because of all the scare tactics and illegal maneuvering on the part of the hospital that I was sure would occur.

I warned my daughter that the ER personnel would press her fiance’ to get the tetanus shot. My daughter told me via text that they had started in on the shot as soon as they started the stitches. He was told he might get tetanus, lock jaw, etc. Can you say “Scare Tactics”?

Keep in mind, he is a very healthy kid except for seasonal allergies. He is outside constantly, when our wonderful Iowa weather cooperates. He works on vehicles, go karts, 4 wheelers, hunts for mushrooms and goes fishing……a lot. If this kid was going to get tetanus, he would have gotten it long ago as he has never gotten a vaccine in all his life.

In order to get tetanus, the tetani has to get into your body. This happens when you don’t allow the wound to bleed, isn’t exposed to the air and doesn’t get cleaned out well enough with something like peroxide. His cut had been bleeding for quite awhile the body took care of cleaning the wound itself.

1768311-aids-vaccine-conference-rotator[1]Now keep in mind, he didn’t sign a consent form for this vaccine. He wasn’t told about the potential side affects of the tetanus shot. He wasn’t told about the pros & cons of getting the vaccine. He also wasn’t told the pros & cons of NOT getting it. We weren’t even given the lot number. Has this doctor ever heard of informed consent?

My daughters fiance’ was told that he was given a Tetanus shot, however, on close examination of the paperwork that was given to him when he left the ER, he was given the dTaP made by Sanofi call Adacel. This is a fairly new one and was tested on less than 6,000 people before going on the market. My daughter told the nurse that she wanted the insert that comes with the vaccine (per my direction), they refused to give it to her. I had to go into the ER area and ask for it. The nurse that was treating him had her name tag turned so we couldn’t get her name said they usually just give out the hand-outs. I told her that its just a glossed over version of the truth and that we wanted the real deal. We were told she would have to clear it with her supervisor before giving it to us (Really? Why?). Finally about 15 minutes later, she came out with the insert, another hand out and her name tag still turned.

I read thru all of their “hand outs” and then I read through the insert. No where in the hand outs does it mention Guilian Barre syndrome, death and certain neurological issues as a result of the neurotoxins that are in this vaccine. It has Thimerosal (mercury) and aluminum. It also has 100 mcg of formaldehyde.

One of the bullets on one of the hand outs is – Your child may also receive medicines to help prevent or treat some minor side affects of the vaccine. Excuse me … minor side affects?


This next bullet that I found on page 2 of their “handout” is quite funny because he was given this vaccine under the guise it would take care of the tetanus if it was in his body. “This vaccine will not treat an active infection. If your child has an injection due to tetanus, diptheria or pertussis, your child will need medicine to treat these infections.”

Why was he told this would protect him from tetanus as a result of this cut if it won’t protect him from an active infection? I read this to him after he had gotten settled into our home for the evening and he just got this look on his face like “say what?”

I took the insert to the local Staples store & had them blow the insert up to a 11×17 size. Much easier to read & easier to highlight. This is one nasty vaccine. It is worse than the flu shot & that is saying a heck of a lot!

As I read thru this insert again I’m seeing more info that is especially damming about this vaccine. Section 6.2 Data from Post-Marketing

May Experience –

Immune System disorders – anaphlactic reaction, hypersensitivity reaction (angioedema, edema, rash, hypertension)

Nervous system disorders – parathesia, hypothesia, guillan-barre’ syndrome, brachial neuritis, facial palsy, convulsion, snycope, myelitis

Cardia disorders – myocarditis

Skin and subcutaneous tissue disorders – pruitis, uriticaria

Muskoskeletal and connective tissue disorders – myotitis and muscle spasms

General disorders – Large injection site reactions which involves extensive limb swelling from the injection site beyond one or both joints.

Is this info in any of the hand outs they gave us? Of course not!

We have the usual info that it hasn’t been tested for carcinogenic probability or that it might impair fertility. It also says that it takes three doses to confer any sort of protection. Who says this kid is going to get any more shots? He’s already been fooled once, I don’t think he’s going to be fooled again.

So far he has been reaction free … thankfully. He and my daughter both asked me, outside the confines of the ER department … How do we detox from this? Hooray … they listen.

c239c88fc816af024d506494b9abd263[1]I had a chance to talk to his doctor today after the graduation ceremony at my local college. (I graduate next Spring) She wouldn’t talk specifics about my daughters fiance’ or even generalities when it comes to vaccines. She kept repeating that she did the “standard” treatment that the CDC recommends. I told her that Big Pharma is deep in the pockets of the CDC and that the CDC do and say what they are told to by said cabal (You do what your sponsor/master wants).

I told her my daughter was 18 and was completely vaccine free. A look of fear came across her face. I went on to tell her that I had been researching vaccines for almost 25 years as she boasted her “medical” education. Keep in mind, doctors receive very little training on vaccines in medical school. They count on pharmaceutical reps to keep them “up to date” on the latest and greatest drugs (including vaccines) on the market.

This woman couldn’t get away from me fast enough. She didn’t want to talk about any potential mistakes she might have done. Had she been in her comfort zone, like the ER area she so eloquently talked about during her commencement address today, I’m sure she would have been pointed about her stance on the issue at hand.

He is supposed to return to the ER this next Wednesday to get the stitches out. Am I going to go this time? More than likely yes as I think they will try to set the date for his next vaccine shot as the one that was delivered earlier this week was the 1st of 5 that he is supposed to receive according to the “hand out.”


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