Will Jan 6th Be Remembered More Like the Boston Massacre?

Will J6 Be Remembered More Like the Boston Massacre?

By: J.B. Shurk

I get so ticked off whenever our contemptible congresscritters or their praetorian propagandists in the press call J6 an “insurrection.” Did the world really witness a bunch of rowdy Americans try to overthrow the U.S. government on January 6, 2021? Would some of the country’s strongest defenders of the right to bear arms really show up for battle bearing none? Did anybody in that crowd — many of whom were retirees welcomed into the Capitol Building by Capitol Police — actually believe that an “insurrection” was taking place? The answer to all three questions is a demonstrable, “No!” But to a federal government addicted to lying about absolutely anything, the “violent attack” on the Capitol was every bit as bad as 9/11, Pearl Harbor, and the Civil War. I don’t know what’s worse — that our government engages in such blatant propaganda against its citizens or that it can no longer be shamed into retracting its propaganda once its lies get called out.

Words matter. They set verbal place markers for the important events through our history, and I do not like this new linguistic gauntlet being cavalierly thrown down by our government. If an unarmed group of patriotic tourists waving American flags constitutes an “insurrection,” then nearly any kind of rollicking assembly of citizen protesters can be deemed an “insurrection.” If free speech, public assembly, and petitioning government authorities for redress of grievances become “treasonous” whenever those same authorities feel disrespected or threatened, then most all political speech and passionate assembly (directed against the government) become acts of “rebellion.” And if anything can be so easily deemed “rebellion,” then the federal government burns all the middle ground between peaceful resistance and forceful revolution. By treating as an “act of war” what should have been rebuked no more severely than would have any other political rally morphing into something between the equivalent of a college naked-mile-run and an illicit riot, the U.S. government pushes citizens’ backs up against the wall. People will think twice before they protest the federal government, but because protest is now synonymous with “insurrection,” once people commit to the former, they will be prepared for the latter, too. I’d say that’s a pretty dangerous place marker for our country going forward.

Among the many moral failings in recent years that should have brought great shame upon federal authorities (e.g., the FBI participating in a fake Russia “collusion” hoax to frame President Trump as a Russian spy, the Intelligence Community covering up Biden family corruption by labeling it “Russian disinformation,” or federal health agencies coercing Americans into taking experimental mRNA “vaccines” against their will), the government’s iron-fisted response to J6 political protesters takes the cake. Mercy, forgiveness, common sense, and any hope for national reconciliation have been thrown out the window, so that the sociopaths running the federal bureaucracy can hunt President Trump and persecute his supporters.

Four people died on January 6 at the Capitol, and all were Trump supporters. A Capitol police officer gunned down Ashli Babbitt in cold blood moments after she was seen trying to de-escalate the pandemonium inside the Capitol. Rosanne Boyland was beaten and trampled, although her death was ruled an accidental overdose from amphetamines. Two other rallygoers died of heart attacks while protesting outside near the Capitol steps. January 6, 2021, was indeed a deadly day at the U.S. Capitol — deadly for Trump supporters.

Instead, congressional liars and their stenographic sheep in journalist-less pressrooms loyal not to truth, but government obeisance, routinely obscure this simple fact, so as to fabricate a narrative that a “Trump rebellion” took innocent lives. In order to perpetuate this falsehood, these same propagandists have pushed an outright lie that Officer Brian Sicknick died from blunt force trauma to the head, when in fact he died from natural causes away from the Capitol after suffering two strokes. Then, in order to tar Trump supporters — some of the strongest supporters of law enforcement in the country — as anti-police, our Ministry of Truth has done everything in its power to transform four subsequent Capitol police officer suicides into J6 “murders.”

With no shame whatsoever, Joe Biden continues to lie to the world by declaring insouciantly that “five cops” were “killed” during the January 6 “insurrection.” It’s a dirty blood libel from a dirty and deranged man whose dementia cannot excuse his vile demagoguery intended to cleave the country in two. When the federal government cannot be relied upon to report truthfully about the deaths of patriotic civilians and police officers, it cannot be relied upon to report truthfully about much of anything. Maybe the feds should add their own dissipating credibility to their already long list of J6 casualties.

I will say right now that nothing good can come from the federal government’s attempts to harass and criminally imperil Trump by demonizing his supporters, siccing the FBI on J6 political protesters for committing vague crimes hardly more serious than ordinary trespass, locking up defendants awaiting trial for years, or denying the accused access to thousands of hours of potentially exculpatory video evidence Nothing good can come from organized efforts to remove Republicans from election ballots because they had the temerity to exercise their First Amendment rights to free speech and assembly during a political rally in support of the sitting president. Nothing good can come from partisan witch hunts conducted by shadowy operatives and anti-American zealots committed to casting shameful, ridiculous, and dangerous aspersions against ordinary patriots intended to render protected political speech as tantamount to the Confederacy’s Civil War rebellion. Nothing good can come from the horrendous gall of the illegitimate congressional J6 Committee in declaring President Trump and his eighty million voters “domestic terrorists,” especially when Trump supporters have disproportionately served in the armed forces in defense of this great land. These kinds of cheap and partisan tactics, bathed in Machiavellian malice, rarely have the effect governing authorities intend.

Right now, it is the federal government’s position that anybody remotely connected to the J6 political rally be scorned and ostracized. It is the federal government’s position that J6 political prisoners be locked up, tormented, and forgotten. It is the federal government’s position that only speech condoned by political authorities may be freely spoken. The federal government’s positions, in other words, are as crooked as the politicians infesting it.

I don’t think Washington, D.C.’s J6 propaganda will succeed. I don’t think the friends and family of J6 prisoners will forget. I don’t think our cancerous political class will get the public relations victory it desires. There may well come a day in the future when the exact opposite comes to fruition — when Americans who were not even near Washington, D.C., on January 6, 2021, nevertheless tell tall tales of their personal participation in such a historic event. J6 may eventually be remembered in a similar vein to other “rebellious” undertakings such as the Boston Tea Party. Remember, when Redcoat soldiers killed five colonials on March 5, 1770, the Crown took the quite defensible position that its soldiers had been attacked in a clear bout of unjustifiable “insurrection.” We Americans, however, have never known M5 as anything other than a terrible incident of government tyranny richly deserving of its infamous branding as the Boston Massacre.


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