By:  TLB Staff Writer  |  David-William

May 9, 2016


Attorney Abraham Lincoln was anything but honest, and he totally violated the laws of the universe whenever he propagated thoughts within that twisted mind of his.  It’s important to state for the record, that toward the end of his life, he did seem to realize what horrifying destruction he did to America, so he should be forgiven, but not forgotten.  As a twig is bent, so shall it grow.  

We must learn from what he did, and unlearn what we were taught by the post-modernist, deconstructionist, socialist, revisionist historians.  Ultimately, his werks toward the end of his life got himself an honorary Jesuit murder.  Everyone was taught that Lincoln was a great man, and fought to free slavery.  It was all a big lie.

The Satanic Jesuit run B.A.R. has been drowning America in the abyss of DEBT in their effort to ruin the Kingdom of Heaven.  The Jesuits have been poisoning America since their conception in the early sixteenth century.  The Crown is still running America toward One World Government in their Pirate Ghost Vessel, the U.S.S. United States of Rome.  The Crown is CITY OF LONDON, which like THE UNITED STATES, is owned and run by the Vatican Jesuits, so if you don’t believe this, the video immediately below by Glenn-Winningham will explain this fact rather quickly.   


Attorney Abraham Lincoln, Esquire, led the charge for Northern Federal Aggression against a free people, then converted everyone into aliens, for the Vatican.  All U.S. citizens are slaves today, thanks to President Attorney Abraham Jackass Lincoln, Esquire.  Article XIII is the law of the land, so what was this jackass doing in office?  To violate State’s rights, was to violate the Constitution, but he did it anyway.  He cared not about the slaves.  Slavery was on it’s way out!  His War was about the eradication of property rights, and Tax/DEBT enslavement.  It was an all out attack on out right to possess alluvial title for property. Our right to own property was taken by Lincoln’s terrorism.  He had those who fought for their rights shot and killed, and he killed even those who were civilians.  That’s not a constitutionally minded President, nor could he be!  He’s was a Foreign Agent, for the Crown.  The DEBT was owed to the Crown.

Free people own property.  Then after 70 years, the king said it was all over, and Lincoln served his master, and killed America.  Today, you still can’t own property, because you don’t have the title, you you are the TENANT, the RESIDENT, who pays taxes.  The land patents are where?  The War had nothing to do with slavery.  Now you are the property.  You’re a slave, white or black.  Look at that filthy fraud, fiction, that was never ratified, the “14th Amendment.”  Stop paying your taxes, if you don’t comprehend 12 USC 95 a 2, and how to use it, you’ll lose your land.  Then, as now, the Crown Temple B.A.R. Attorners are perpetrating this fraud.  During the War of 1812, they decided to burn the records, or most of the records for the real Article XIII.  That Article preserved the rights of the people.  It was the very last Article in the Bill of Rights.  The British conquest of America proved that Article was the enemy of the Crown Temple B.A.R.    

Conquest:  “The Acquisition of the sovereignty of a country by the force of Arms, exercised by an independent power, which reduces the vanquished to submission to it’s empire.  The intention of the conquerer to retain the conquered territory is generally manifested by formal proclamation of annexation and when this is combined with a recognized ability to retain the conquered territory the transfer of sovereignty is complete.”

The people of the conquered state change their allegiance but not their relation to each other.

“After the transfer of political jurisdiction to the conquerer, the municipal laws of the territory continue in force until abrogated by the new sovereign.”  Bouvier’s

Those domiciled on the land became part of the conquered.  There has never been a treaty of peace since the War of Northern Federal Aggression, so everyone is still under Martial Law Rule, and/or the Lieber Code.  Again, the bogus “14th Amendment” was forced upon everyone at gunpoint.  The “Constitution” everyone sees today is not the real Constitution.  The real one of 1787-89 has only three Articles attached to the original ten Articles in the Bill of Rights , so thirteen Articles in all, the last one being Article XIII:

“If any citizen of the United States shall accept, claim, receive, or retain any title of nobility or honour, or shall without the consent of Congress, accept and retain any present, pension, office, or emolument of any kind whatever, from any Emperor, King, Prince, or foreign Power, such person shall cease to be a citizen of the United States, and shall be incapable of holding any office of trust or profit under them, or either of them.”

So, when this was Ratified, why the War of 1812?  Because The United States was (and still is) a Crown Colony???

After the War of Northern Federal Aggression, the Crown controlled Union Army forced the “14th Amendment” and everything changed by the conquering party.  The DEBT cannot be questioned, so the DEBT was increased, the Crown acquired everything, and all people were made into “citizens” as surety for the DEBT.  Thank you, Attorner Lincoln.  He Attorned America into a slave plantation, land, gold, minerals, people, and all.  Attorners/Brokers and the Banksters took our lives from us, then turned us into belligerent combatants on the land.  

Belligerency:  “The status of de facto statehood attributed to a body of insurgents by which their hostilities are legalized.  Before they can be recognized as belligerents they must have some sort of political organization and be carrying on what in International Law is regarded as legal war.  There must be an armed struggle between two political bodies, each of which exercises de facto authority over persons within a determined territory and commands an army which is prepared to observe the ordinary laws of war.  It is not enough that the insurgents have an army.  The must have an organized civil authority directing the army.  The exact points at which revolt or insurrection becomes belligerency  is often extremely difficult to determine and belligerents are not usually recognized by nations unless they have some strong reason or necessity for doing so, either because the territory where the belligerency is supposed to exist is contiguous to their own or because the conflict is in some way affecting their commerce or the rights of their citizens.  One of the most serious results of recognizing belligerency is that it frees the parent country from all responsibility from what takes place within the insurgent’s lines.” Bouvier’s

Belligerent:  “Engaged in lawful war.  A state so engaged.  A body of insurgents who by reason of their temporary organized government are regarded as conducting lawful hostilities.”  Bouvier’s

Militia:  “A corp of volunteers and others who although are not part of the regular army of the state are regarded as lawful combatants provided they observe the laws of war.”   Bouvier’s

Military Occupation:  After the Civil War, title to the land had not been completed to the conquerers, but after 1933 it was… ...The Commander-in-Chief governs the conquered states.”  Bouvier’s

The proof is that The United States today flies the out of proportion U.S. Banner with gold fringe.  4 USC 1 states The United States flag does not a gold fringe on it.  A Constitutional flag has no gold fringe, and the fringed flag is a military flag.  The banner with gold fringe means The United States is in a Military Occupation, therefore under Executive/Administrative Rule, and governed by the Commander-in-Chief.

Military Occupation:  “This at most gives the invader partial and limited rights of sovereignty.  Until conquest the sovereign rights of the original owner remain intact.  Conquest gives the conquerer full rights of sovereignty and retroactively legalizes all acts done by him during military occupation.  It’s only essential if actual and exclusive possession which must be effective.  A conquerer may exercise governmental authority, but only when in actual possession of an enemy’s country, and this will be exercised upon principles of International Law.  See McCloud vs. U.S.  The occupant administers the government, and may, strictly speaking, change the municipal law, but it is considered the duty of the occupants to make as few changes in the municipal laws as possible, though he may proclaim martial law if necessary.  He may an occupy public land and buildings, he cannot alienate them so as to pass a good title but subsequent conquest would probably complete the title.  Private lands and houses are usually exempt.  Private movable property is exempt, though subject to contributions and requisitions.  The former are payments of money, levied only by the Commander-in-Chief.  Military necessity may require the destruction of private property in hostile acts of communities and individuals may be punished in the same way.  Property may be liable to seizure as booty on the field of battle or when a town refuses to capitulate and is carried by assault.  When military occupation ceases the state of things which existed previously is stored under the fiction of post liminium.  Territory acquired by war must necessarily be governed in the first instance by military power under the direction of the President as Commander-in-Chief.  Civil governments can only be put in operation by action of the appropriate political department of the government at such time and such degree that they determine.  It must take effect either by the action of the treaty making power or by that of Congress so long as Congress has not incorporated the territory into The United States.  Neither military occupation or session by treaty makes it domestic territory in the sense of the revenue laws. Congress may establish a temporary government which is not subject to all the restrictions of the Constitution.”   Bouvier’s   

[The principle of postliminium, as a part of public international law, is a specific version of the maxim ex injuria jus non oritur, providing for the invalidity of all illegitimate acts that an occupant may have performed on a given territory after its recapture by the legitimate sovereign.]

The subsequent conquest was in 1933 when the U.S. citizens were alienated by the conquerer in the FDR Amendment to the Trading With the Enemy Act, therefore declaring war against all U.S. citizens.  These acts of land piracy, barratry, and impressment are perpetrated by the Crown Temple B.A.R. via their Executive – Administrative, Admiralty Maritime Military Tribunal B.A.R. Courts, with the gold fringed Banner next to the Bench/Bank where the Attorner/Broker/Bankruptcy Administrator sits.  Crown Temple B.A.R. Attorner Lincoln attorned America by deception to the Crown Banks, so that the next praised hero/ criminal F.D.R. could turn everyone over to the Crown as collateral. 

Attorney Abraham Lincoln, Esquire was arguably the very worst, most destructive, criminal, terrorist puppet of the Crown, that The United States of Rome has ever gagged up to be a President.


Violation of the Constitution and his oath of office by invading and waging war against states that had legally and democratically withdrawn their consent from his government, inaugurating one of the cruelest wars in recent history.

Subverting the duly constituted governments of states that had not left the Union, thereby subverting their constitution right to “republican form of government.”

Raising troops without the approval of Congress and expending funds without appropriation.
Suspending the writ of habeas corpus and interfering with the press without due process, imprisoning thousands of citizens without charge or trial, and closing courts by military force where no hostilities were occurring.

Corrupting the currency by manipulations and paper swindles unheard of in U.S. history.

Fraud and corruption by appointees and contractors with his knowledge and connivance.

Continuing the war by raising ever-larger bodies of troops by conscription and hiring of foreign mercenaries and refusing to negotiate in good faith for an end to hostilities.

Confiscation of millions of dollars of civilian property by his agents in the South, especially cotton, without legal proceedings.

Waging war against women, children, civilians and civilian property as the matter of policy (rather than as unavoidably incident to combat), e.g., Sherman’s March.


A few questions by historian, Thomas Woods, to see if you can guess which U.S. President perpetrated all these horrific crimes and acts of human indecency?

1.)  Which U.S. President launched a massive invasion of another country that posed no threat and without a declaration of war?

2.)  Which President raised a huge army by his own will without the approval of Congress?

3.)  Which President started a war of choice in violation of every principle of Christian war teachings?

4.)  Which President said that he should violate the Constitution in order to save it?

5.)  Which President declared the elected Legislatures of the thirteen states to be “combinations of criminals” that he should suppress?

6.)  Which President said he was “indifferent” to slavery but would use any force necessary to collect taxes?

7.)  Which President sent combat troops from the battlefield to bombard and occupy New York City?

8.)  Which President sent the army in the middle of the night to arrest thousands of “citizens” or people for expressing their opinions, and held them incommunicado in military prisons with total denial of due process of law and had his soldiers destroy newspaper plants?

9.)   Which President was the first ruler in the civilized world to make medicine a “contraband of war?”

10.)  Which President signed for his cronies’ special licenses to purchase valuable cotton from an enemy country even though he had forbidden such trade and punished other people for the same practice?

11.)  Which President withheld food and medical care for his own troops held in the enemy country?

12.)  Which President presided of the bombardment and house by house destruction of cities and town that were undefended and not military targets?

13.)  Which President’s forces deliberately targeted women and children, and destroyed their housing, food supply, and their private belongings?  

14.)  Which President occupying forces engaged in imprisonment, torture, and execution of civilians, and seizing them as hostages?  

15.)  Under which President did the army have the largest number of criminals, mercenaries, and foreigners?

16.) Which President was the first to plot the assassination of an opposing head of state?

17.)  Which President had the least affiliation with Christianity and blamed God for starting the war over which he presided?

18.)  Which President voted for and praised a law which forbade “black” people from settling in his state?  

19.)  Which President said all “black” people should be expelled from the united States because they could never be full fledged citizens?  

20.)  Which President was the first to force citizens to accept legal tender not backed by gold or silver?  

21.)  Which President was the first to initiate and institute an “income” tax?  

22.)  Which President was the first to accumulate a national debt, too vast to be paid off in a single generation?  

23.)  Which President is widely considered to be the greatest President, the greatest of all times, and a world leader for democracy?  

24.)  To which President is President Obama most often compared?  

 Please forgive the harsh words, but as you can see, Attorney Abraham Lincoln, Esquire, was a despicable rat from hell, who destroyed America to save it, then enslaved all Americans.  He was so quick to blame the masters he so willingly served, the Jesuits.  This list of deeds projects his lifetime achievements on grotesque wall of shame.  This Crown servant attacked his own fellow countrymen, destroyed America’s future, lied his way through his presidency, murdered women and children, and robbed our people of their dignity, to tax them as DEBT slaves.  

Now, we have a scoundrel named Barry Soetoero/Attorney Barack Hussein Obama, Esquire, masquerading as President for a de facto, foreign, bankrupt, Crown Corporation, who follows in Lincoln’s footsteps, with the  perfected gait of a jackass extraordinaire.  



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