By Christopher Wyatt | TLB staff writer/documentary producer

As many reading this may or may not know, I belong to over 100 groups on Facebook where people discuss the dangers of vaccines and other world critical issues such as GMOs. I am also an active twitter user who has been known to skip the gym to get on social media. I also have a personal blog and I am on Instagram. I even can be found on obscure sites such as mewe. As anyone can see I have my bases covered on social media.

In recent weeks people have seen less of me online than usual and while part of that has been due to a dreadful internet connection and personal issues, there has been something deeper behind my absence…

The cold hard truth is I am burned out with “passive activism.” Sitting around on social media rehashing the same topics daily with like minded people is not doing enough to change the world. After long talks with several friends I am starting to understand that social media is a very powerful tool that is woefully being misused. Social media should be the starting point for the meeting of like minds and sharing ideas regarding activism… but it should not be the place where people stop.

On Facebook the majority of groups I belong to are “secret” meaning they do not show up in any search and are only discovered if you are lucky enough to be told about the group. This leads to Facebook groups becoming a collection of people who are already in the know about the dangers of vaccines posting over and over.  How many times can I read that vaccines are deadly??? I know this already and I am not the one in need of this information. The ones who need this information the most are being left out in the cold.

In the past I have had more than a few anti vaccine activist scold me for mentioning the benefits of childhood illnesses and natural immunity. I was told it made us all look like fringe lunatics! One person even told me because I was not a mother I should simply stay quiet because vaccines were a mothering issue… WHAT THE HELL??? I am sick of self righteous people who come online thinking a few postings on social media makes them an expert. Why are they not outside fighting to make the world a better place??? Why are they so upset that I mention a proven link between having the childhood illnesses and a lower risk of cancer and auto immune diseases. Do they just not know any better??? Are they a paid shill??? Or are they one of these people that has to find fault with everything??? I am still at a loss for anything that resembles the fury over me being a man and caring about vaccine injury, especially since I have “a dog” in this fight.

I am an activist against vaccines because I am a victim of a vaccine injury. Several years ago on the advice of a doctor I took the first dose of the hepatitis B vaccine and by that evening I was in the emergency room violently vomiting, I was shaking, and had a very high fever. They told me I had the flu! My fever was so high that they were putting ice packs on me and insisted that I stay in the hospital over night. Who the hell gets the flu four hours after a vaccine? I was perfectly fine that morning and deathly ill by evening.

I have neurological issues that started after that vaccine and for over a year I had to use plastic cups because I was dropping every glass I owned. Drinking wine with friends at dinner became an impossible chore because I  could not hold the glass. I have difficulties speaking at times and  I  have had to retrain myself to pronounce certain words. I can no longer play video games and I have to treat operating a camera as if it is going to be a life or death experience, this makes me damn good with video but it takes an emotional toll.

I am much better than  I was and I consider myself healthy but there is lingering damage, sometimes it seems totally gone, other times things are just not right. This is why I fight to educate others. This is why I know we can not shy away from the truth. Before my vaccine injury I never thought vaccines were anything but good. I learned the hard way that  I was wrong.

Today a person on Facebook told me my views regarding vaccines were too intense and they then had the nerve to demand I tone down my language. Toning the TRUTH down is the last thing any of us fighting against vaccines should be doing.

Try telling Dr. Andrew Wakefield to tone down his research. Try telling Dr. Brian Hooker to tone down the language from a CDC whistle-blower about vaccine research. Try telling Curt Linderman Sr. to tone down his voice when he talks about his vaccine injured son. Try telling the many other thousands of parents to tone down their language when telling their story. Try telling Del Bigtree, Producer of VaXXed the movie to tone down the facts found in the interviews with pharmaceutical insiders, doctors, politicians, and parents of vaccine-injured children that reveal the alarming deception that has contributed to the skyrocketing increase of autism and potentially the most catastrophic epidemic of our lifetime.

Pro-Vaxers (usually guided or paid by Big Pharma) are always going to think of us as future victims of their products and it is a waste of time to care what they think. Our focus has to be caring for the victims of vaccine injury and working to protect the masses from further harm.

Negative experiences with supposedly like minded people and encounters with those who refuse to get involved with real world activism are why I am frustrated with social media. Actually I am much more than frustrated… I am profoundly sad. Until just now I thought it was anger that I was feeling but I realize that it is a deep sadness that comes from actually understanding what the lack of true real world activism means.

I am at a loss for words to express anything other than to beg people to look at the actions that won back the rights of the oppressed throughout history. Civil Disobedience in the form of disobeying unjust laws, educational protest as well as protest demanding equality, and an unwavering desire to win back repressed freedoms have all done wonders in reshaping history. The clock is ticking and people need to decide now if they are going to spend life online talking about the problems of the world, or are they going to get up and take the fight out into the real world where it happening. I am praying for people to do the right thing. (CW)


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