Are We Succumbing or Attacking?

And Some Ideas for Winning

Are we Succumbing or Attacking?

And Some Ideas for Winning

Commentary by: TLB Staff Writer Lucille Femine

Isn’t that the question on everyone’s mind during this world-wide act of extreme oppression? Do we give up or can we possibly fight back? I don’t mean with riots and guns. Unfortunately, that’s the first reaction in desperate times. But it doesn’t have to be. We can’t beat it that way, anyway. Using guns today is like fighting with sticks and stones during World War One or Two. This is the most unique and covert war any of us has ever experienced and we need a whole new set of tactics.

One thing I’ve always held onto is the toughness and resilience of this country’s people.

It’s not just a Ra Ra pep talk while the flag is waving or from Trump’s speeches – which I truly believe are honest and heartfelt. He’s our main go to guy for help, support, hope and inspiration. Yet to witness how much he is being attacked is the most frightening part of this. But the plus side of that it is making a lot of people very pissed off.

Too many people believe the lies, however. The powerful media, bought by the Deep State is having its way. So what do we do instead? The main way to fight suppression is by exposing crimes. Sure, Hillary, Pelosi and others haven’t been convicted but that doesn’t mean they won’t be. As you drain the swamp, you see what’s beneath it.

From the time we stepped foot here way back when, our culture developed with this mindset firmly placed – we are tough survivors. We all grew up with that. Could it be it still exists? Granted our young people are being trained out if it, partly by negating and altering our constitution and substituting socialism, there’s still enough of us left to counter the damage. Who knows, maybe this war will be won with a bunch of middle agers and seniors. But life and energy is always there when you have a motivating, high purpose. Age dissolves.

The easy answer is to say – Just don’t give up! Of course, we need to believe it will all be alright.

That goal does always have to be uppermost. But what is that goal or goals? We need to imagine that. Not glibly but with fervent emotion which is the fuel that makes things happen and manifest in the physical world. Agreeing that we are doomed to poverty and slavery will surely make it happen. The only things that occur are those you agree to, no matter how much you abhor or protest them.

The envisioned goals are independent. We are all individual and have our own images of survival. If you simply sit down and write down how you think the world should be, it will be. That is, if enough of us did the same thing. And then go about joining forces to beat the hell out of this disaster.

Many people do this with success. It’s taught in so many lectures and courses on how to achieve success and happiness. Here’s a concrete example: A friend years ago wrote down exactly what she wanted in a husband. Two weeks later, she met and married him. There are many other examples.

So it’s not hockus-pockus. It works!

But getting back to “joining forces”. You’re probably thinking – Yeah right, how do we do that when we are forced, maybe under gunpoint, to stay home and isolated. Good question. It’s part of there master plan, isn’t it? Keep us separate and very alone while that condition grows more anxiety and helplessness.

Well, one crucial thing that handles that is the powerful tool of the internet which, these days, is getting more and more powerful each day. In fact, I’m thinking right now I should start a Facebook page called “How do you envision the World Should Be?” Would you contribute to that? Should we give prizes for the best one weekly? You know, make a game of it. No matter how bad life gets, it’s still a game. It’s just that a few of us play very mean games.

Here’s a question: How many people have you met on Facebook you never met in person? And you truly cherish or love them? I have quite a few. There’s always hot debate over the real worth and safety of the internet and how it’s such a waste of time. Sure, lots of people are glued to social media talking about cats and what they did today who switch it off when the boss walks by (if they still have a job) but that doesn’t take away from the fact that you can reach millions with a vital message. More importantly, consider how much income you can make these days online while stuck at home.

Here’s a link to a site from a man who has made many millions online, starting with selling bed sheets on Amazon. This course costs $2000 but for the sake of helping others in this crisis, he is offering it free until April 30th. And it’s fantastic.

The free main course is Facebook marketing.

So while we speed up the adrenaline to create the counter-attack, we make money to survive, selling whatever we can.

If stocking up on toilet paper didn’t handle your anxiety, maybe these ideas will.


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