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The following was posted in the Facebook group, Awakened Pages, which we highly recommend.

And their website here.
from Professor Mattias Desmet:
It feels important to understand this information
It’s not easy to realise what’s happened to our once intelligent and balanced, even conscious friends, but there is a hope and a solution. To work on the solution, it helps to understand the problem.
Below is a summary from Professor Desmet, a leading psychological expert on tyranny and totalitarianism and how a crowd hypnosis forms.
“Parents who are vaccinating their kids so eagerly are stepping into the crowd consciousness called ‘mass formation’. This social change happens when there is or has been a period of free floating anxiety – and it is a step on the road to a totalitarian state.
Totalitarianism always starts with a mass formation inside the population – it is not the same as dictatorship.
In a dictatorship people obey out of basic fear of the dictator at the top.
Totalitarianism is the opposite -people are hypnotized into obedience ‘for the good of the collective’.
We see this mass formation finding a new solidarity together as a collective. It helps to provide a solution for their anxiety.
The narrative and ideology around the pandemic and v has become ‘the object of anxiety’ where the free floating anxiety has found a target, an object.
All they know is their anxiety is gone and they now have an answer to their anxiety and have new meaning and a new sense of solidarity.
They are changed when this happens.
They are not rational anymore and not thinking critically like they once did.
This is why we all know once intelligent and compassionate friends that are now dumbed down and won’t listen to any different voices.
They are intolerant and even cruel.
In hypnotism the focus narrows and narrows until the subject cannot see outside their very narrow view of what is real.
Mass formation needs four conditions to take place. This has now happened.
The anxiety and lonely isolation many felt before the pandemic and during the pandemic found their perfect ‘object of anxiety’ and is solidly locked on to the pandemic and v narrative.
They cannot be tolerant or allow dissent or different voices and don’t want to even hear any questioning.
If they wake up their ‘terrible anxiety’ will return.
And the leaders of the mass formation cannot allow the mass to wake up either because when the mass wakes up and sees the true damage and loss, they will be angry at those that did the damage.”
This is currently a social crisis.
And we do have a part to play.
Professor Desmet explains:
“30% of people are deeply hypnotized.
40% are not, but go along with the crowd. If this 40% stop hearing dissenting voices of reason, they will unite with the hypnotized to go along with the plan.
We are the last section, the 30% that cannot be hypnotized.
We must keep speaking out.
In totalitarianism when the last voices of dissent give up and become silent – the mass then starts committing atrocitiesfor the sake of the solidarity and of the collective.
The unhypnotized 30% are a mixed band of different groups and varied religion and politics.
If we don’t find common ground to unite we lose.
And without the brave and continued voices of dissent those 40% fall.
Professor Desmet says the hypnotism and mass formation he now sees is a condition clearly leading to totalitarianism.
In a totalitarian state once normal people commit atrocities thinking they are righteous.
If we unite the 30% who are awake and we stand together speaking every day to everyone we meet against the mass formation – against the narrative – the mass formation dissolves and the crisis is ended.
You don’t have to say a lot, just little things like:
‘none of this makes sense’
‘the figures tell a different story’
say it to the cashier
say it at the petrol station
say it to the repair man
say it to a policeman
say it to a nurse
go out of your way to say it.”

Thanks and credit to Sarah Sophia Julian

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