Is FBI Director James Comey a ‘Dirty Cop’?

Is FBI Director James Comey a ‘Dirty Cop’?

by Patriotic Viral News Staff


Is James Comey, the Director of the FBI, a “dirty cop”? According to many agents in the FBI and outside analysts and prosecutors, he is.

The fact of the matter is that Comey did things in the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s email server that no other Director of the FBI would have allowed. And what he didn’t allow was even worse — he didn’t allow agents to question witnesses using standard procedures, he didn’t allow agents to join the case without signing nondisclosure agreements, and he specifically prevented anyone from recording his questioning of Hillary Clinton herself.

The fact that no subpoenas were issued by Comey to those under investigation, that no grand jury was convened, that key evidence such as laptop computers was allowed to be destroyed and that prosecutorial immunity was given to at least five individuals who held key roles is proof that Comey was determined not to permit anyone at the FBI to put Clinton in a tough spot.

In fact, it’s very tempting to say that Comey has been in the Clintons’ back pocket all the time. Comey’s role as a director of the Swiss banking arm of financial giant HSBC put him in very close proximity to the Clinton’s, their foundation and its shady billionaire donors, both of which used HSBC extensively for their business dealings.

It should now be clear to almost anyone that Comey was about as far from his self-professed “impartiality” in this matter as Bill Clinton was from Monica Lewinsky the day she wore her infamous blue dress. It’s long past time that Congress hold Comey accountable for his actions (and lack thereof) in this probe.


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