Ideological Cleansing?

Ideological Cleansing?

I thought I was just writing fiction. I had no idea that within two years it would become real in this country.”

By TLB Contributing Author: James N. Miller

Several days ago, James Hodgkinson, a known political activist, with malice aforethought, targeted congressional lawmakers and political aides for death because their views differed from his own. He opened fire on them at a baseball practice field in Washington. Was he just a deranged individual who acted independently? Yes, he was deranged, and yes, he acted alone as far as we know.

Hodgkinson was carrying a political hit list. Although he injured several, the good news is that police were able to stop him before he killed anyone. Still, the incident raises questions that some may be afraid to ask. How many other James Hodgkinson’s are waiting for their moment? Does this cold-blooded attack signal an escalation in the political warfare that is strafing our nation to shreds? Does this final solution approach run deep? Do we dare call it ideological cleansing?

In Part 2 of the novel No Pit So Deep, which I penned over two years ago, former US Marine Cody Musket encounters a shadow division within the government called the Ideological Cleansing Network. Here is an excerpt:

An unknown witness had turned over evidence exposing an “ideological cleansing network” made up of political figures, celebrities, law enforcement officials, and known crime bosses.

The well-organized conspiracy involved the character assassination and murder of politicians and prominent activists whose views were in opposition to those of this sinister network.

Does that sound familiar? I thought I was just writing fiction. I had no idea that within two years it would become real in this country. Will we see more ideological cleansing — Americans killing Americans over political differences — in the near future?

And what about the other part of it, the character assassination? I have lived through ten presidencies. Each election was called the “most important one ever.” Each one produced temporary exhilaration for supporters of the winner, and momentary disappointment for those on the losing side.

But always before, Americans found the virtue to respect those with opposing views. A period of good will and cooperation always followed a general election — the honeymoon period of a presidency, or so it was called. Though this period was short-lived, it always reminded us that we are Americans with common goals and a heroic heritage. We were never asked to lay our political views aside, but we tolerated our differences because we remembered that unity is our most treasured asset.

Today it has become a practice among many politicos to demonize anyone who disagrees with them. The idea is to not cooperate, make sure the leader who wears a different political hat does not succeed at governing, because that might make him/her look good. Some, it seems, would rather bring the nation down than give credit to a political opponent.

The idea is to ruin reputations, destroy character. The strategy involves inflammatory rhetoric, as opposed to conciliatory language. It means criticizing and never offering to help, using innuendo, lies, anything for the greater good.

Last week, James Hodgkinson shoved it right down our throats; just one small taste of what this “greater good” will eventually bring us — murder in our streets.

I prayed for President Obama when he was in office. He was the captain of my ship. I pray for President Trump for the same reason. Naïve you say? Grow up! Real enemies are at the gate! Political rivals are merely opponents, not enemies. Our real enemies want us all dead, and they laugh at us because they understand something that we do not; disunity will sink us long before political policies will.

Is there an organized group within our government made up of both major political parties which would see our current president destroyed by whatever means possible? A bipartisan ideological cleansing network?

I’ve never been a great fan of conspiracy theories, but you don’t need to be a trained firefighter to recognize a fire. Take a whiff. Smell the smoke.

Authors Note: My opinions are my own and may not reflect the views of The Liberty Beacon.

TLB Note: Except that we at TLB DO share your views on this matter James … Well said!


James N. Miller is the  Creator of The Cody Musket Story

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