TLBTV: Lorana Writes the World with Guest Author, Thomas Conner

Lorana Writes the World with Guest Author, Thomas Conner


By TLB Staff Writer and TLBTV Show Host: Lorana Hoopes

On this episode of Lorana Writes the World I offer you another dynamic discussion with an outstanding author, Thomas Conner.

Thomas Conner may be living in current times, but his heart belongs in the past. His book Goodbye Saturday Night takes place back in the 50’s in his home town, which no longer looks the same. However, in his book, he reconstructed the way the town looked. The story is loosely based on his hometown and characters he knew and loved. Though he started the book in 1979, it took over thirty years for the book to come to light.

Thomas Conner is also a fan of old movies as you can tell from the movie posters on the wall behind him. John Wayne and Roy Rogers were two of his favorites. Those old movies also play a large part in his book. His book touches on the topics of segregation, friendship, and betrayal. It’s a great Southern novel, and if you have a heart for things from the south like I do, it’s one you won’t want to miss.

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Thomas’s book

Goodbye Saturday Night Tickler:

A Southern story of love and friendship, of betrayal and redemption. Growing up gay in the 1950s was very difficult. Growing up gay in the 1950s in the Deep South was a horse of a different color. It’s early May in 1956 in the small South Alabama town of Farmington and eleven year old Bobby Crosby’s life is about to change forever. He’s still anguishing over the death of his father even though it’s been five years and he’s come to despise the life centered around his mother’s cafe, a place that becomes the revelrous hot spot of the community when the sun goes down. Bobby escapes his real world by going to the movies every night. There, sitting alone in the dark, he leaves Farmington far behind and melts into the world of the silver screen. Bobby’s best friend is Hucker Nolan, a twenty-two year old drop-out from the swamps across the tracks who drives a taxicab in the daytime and works concession at the movie theater at night. Now, Bobby’s world seems to be collapsing and there’s nothing he can do to stop it; his mother has a boyfriend Bobby deeply resents and his feelings for Hucker are confusing and ever changing, often filled with anger and jealousy Bobby doesn’t understand. Then, the worst thing possible happens to Bobby— He’s betrayed by the person he trusts the most.

Book Trailer:

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Amazon link to buy Goodbye, Saturday Night

Foundations link Goodbye, Saturday Night


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