Inflation, Invasion, & Crime — Oh, My!

Inflation, Invasion, and Crime — Oh, My!

By: J.B. Shurk

Inflation, invasion, and crime — oh, my! The next few months and years don’t look particularly appealing. As central bank money-printing and unsustainable U.S. government spending combine with the world’s nascent decoupling from the dollar as the global reserve currency to reveal just how worthless greenbacks are when not linked to real commodities such as gold, it is becoming undeniable that tough economic times lie ahead. Let’s go, Brandon!

The Biden-Obama Gang have decided to respond to this unfolding crisis by spending more money on interest group welfare and crony capitalist pork-barrel projects, drilling for far less energy here at home and becoming more dependent on the energy production of our enemies, including those we’re already none too subtly engaging in open warfare.Not surprisingly, these moves will only usher in greater inflation and dollar debasement.

At the same time, the Marxist left’s strategic use of mass illegal immigration to destroy American communities, weaken political opposition, and dissolve national unity is set to get much worse as the few remaining Trump administration security checks on an otherwise open southern border are replaced with overt inducements to break U.S. immigration law, including federal promises of free health care, cross-country relocation services, and public indoctrination (I mean education).

Homicides, thefts of personal property, and other violent crimes — already reaching grisly record milestones in cities across the country — will naturally continue to skyrocket as the combined effects of our economic and illegal immigration crises snowball together. This is not a pretty picture. It’s the kind of opening movie text you expect to read before sitting back with a tub of popcorn to watch Snake Plissken struggle to survive post-apocalyptic America during his Escape from New York or L.A. (both pretty good life moves right now, by the way).

So here’s our sobering reality: the economic system, as we know it today, is headed for a crash. The political system may well follow suit. Both crashes have been in the works for some time. And many of America’s most wealthy and politically powerful have helped put the whole catastrophe into motion. It is true that power is like a pyramid whose apex is reached only by two kinds of animals: eagles and reptiles. Unfortunately for Americans, the reptiles have flourished and devoured our eagle population to near extinction.

If you’re not certain which of our tormentors have their fingerprints on this mess, look for the same people who build walls and security perimeters around their offices; engage in unbridled censorship; habitually call their fellow Americans “traitors,” “extremists,” or “terrorists”; and routinely escape punishment for their own crimes while using the same criminal “justice” system to persecute their ideological foes. Generally speaking, if an individual is regularly addressed in government committee hearings as “the Honorable so-and-so,” it is more likely than not that the same person has acted dishonorably to subvert the United States Constitution and distort the rule of law during the course of “so-and-so’s” career. In American politics these days, just as within American finance, the worse you are as a person, the better off you will become.

This last observation is not unique to our time. One of the remarkable achievements of our Founding Fathers was their profound appreciation for human nature and sin. In their writings and committee debates, they surveyed thousands of years of human history and took ample opportunity to note the recurring deficiencies in government systems that eventually triggered those systems’ collapse. Among their considered observations regarding the events leading to their break with England, as well as those events that had led to the fall of great nations in the distant past, they were in agreement that concentrated power always begets outright government tyranny and the surrender of God-given personal freedoms.

In contrast to the Biden-Obama Gang’s celebration of institutional authorities, our Founding Fathers went to great pains to recognize that delegated powers remain at all times a threat to the lives and liberties of those governed. Rather than adoring professional government as the Marxist Brandon-Obama Gang does, the men who laid the bedrock of our current system saw it as a necessary evil. From this vantage point, they struggled to devise a government that was exceptional due not to its various powers, but rather to its functional limitations. Our Constitution is explicit in describing the few duties to be performed by government agents and equally explicit that, except when performing those few delegated responsibilities, the government has no power to abridge the innumerable inalienable rights and liberties of each citizen, whether or not those inherent freedoms are enumerated explicitly in the Bill of Rights. The U.S. Constitution is both a ball and chain intended to keep government power in check and a revolutionary document safeguarding powers held solely by the people. That its clear intent has been abrogated by an activist Judiciary, a corrupt Congress, and the authoritarian overreaches of several presidencies without a proper reckoning from the people has only emboldened the U.S. government to further betray its own charter.

In effect, the Founding Fathers grasped that the only way to prevent tyranny and preserve liberty is to diffuse power as much as possible across the entire population. For those obligations that require the formal architecture of government, the answer is to maintain an equilibrated system that keeps power balanced by forcing officeholders to remain in continuous competition with each other. As Milton Friedman noted two centuries later, “Unless it is politically profitable for the wrong people to do the right thing, the right people will not do the right thing, either, or if they try, they will shortly be out of office.” In other words, when the deficiencies of human nature are directed against each other to prevent the aggregation of abusive power, the people benefit. When institutions of power are allowed to conspire against the people, however, the system will collapse.

This simple yet shrewd principle has long been the lynchpin to America’s historic success. Likewise, the abandonment of this mechanism in exchange for an “Expert Class” system of government that operates above the law at the behest of lobbyists and bureaucrats beholden to no one has invariably led the United States to its current inflection point and myriad crises. Just as no manipulable fiat money system has ever survived for long, no governing system dedicated to its own powers and preservation, rather than the protection of those powers possessed by the people, has ever not ultimately devolved into tyranny. After two years of COVID-1984 madness, the reckless attempts by one-world-government globalists to expand and sustain their leverage through a “Great Reset,” and the coming currency collapse and food shortages they’ve intentionally set into motion, the fruits of that tyranny are visible all around us.

What happens next is entirely in our hands. The more that Westerners understand what the Marxist globalists have wrought, the more unwilling they will be to allow those same Marxist globalists to remain in power after our current troubles pass. When that time does arrive, Americans will benefit most by returning to the principles of government that first set them free. Other Western nations wishing to prosper would do well to follow in America’s footsteps. And the Big Government parasites that have long worked to precipitate our current calamities would be wise to take seriously their dwindling options: get lost, get out of the way, or get run over.


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  1. This is correct from my own experiences. Within each one of us, there in an inner knowledge that all these systems we have come to accept has to fall hard and completely. It will be a reset but not by the psychopaths called Globalists but by the people. There is a war for our minds, hearts and spirits and as we awaken they stand no chance. What is freedom: freedom is letting go of this world’s ideas and thoughts that do not serve the purpose of life which is everything that is not love based. Let go and be happy as it all falls.

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