Just Playing By The Rules They Set

Just Playing By The Rules They Set

Commentary by: Bill the Butcher

Hiding in plain sight. That’s how the powers that control me and you do what they do. Call it the shadow government, call it the New World Order, the Deep State, or The Illuminati, just don’t call ‘em late for supper. And they have been feeding on us for too long. And don’t believe anything they tell you. Conspiracy theorists take a bad rep. And I’ll admit it. At times they look crazier than an outhouse rat, but here’s the rub. Why do they consistently have so much to theorize about? Why are volumes of documents on the Kennedy assassination still top secret? Why is Edward Snowden still in Russia, and why is Julian Assange still in jail? Are we so mentally deficient that we can’t understand facts. Of course, spies, and counter spies must remain clandestine at times for their own safety or to allow them to gather information pertaining to national security, but what security did the perpetrators of the Tuskegee Experiment protect?

Does the phase We The People ring true, or is it just a sound bite? Are the citizens in our country “We The Subjects” or “We the domestic terrorists.” It was We The People who hired the Government to RUN the government. Not run OVER the Constitution we gave them that always seems to get in the way of their grandiose plans. Little things like Freedom of Speech becoming Freedom only in a properly defined area as approved by people in charge of approving such nonsense. Or The right of the PEOPLE to keep and bear arms applying only to Government People. What about the right to assemble as long as you assemble outside of pistol range. Actually, I can see why some politicians might be a little worried about that.

You could run through all ten amendments and find the government’s dirty fingers in every one. And they sit up there inside the Beltway and if the amendment can’t be totally perverted, they just refer it to the Supreme Court and voila! Tigers can marry chairs. Think I’m wrong? Did someone say, “Wedding Cake?”

And this mindset is so entrenched, so accepted that we NEED conspiracy theorists. Refer back to the movie “Men In Black.” During one scene one of the protagonists starts going through a rag newspaper in the checkout line at a supermarket. The other one asks why he’s reading that as opposed to the Mainstream papers just outside to which he’s told that only sometimes do they get it right while the so-called “rags” are usually spot on! That was funny in the movie. Not so funny now, is it?

Highly respected government institutions such as the FBI, CIA, FDA, The Justice Department and the most revered CDC enjoy the comfort of anonymity should one of their Papal Bulls not exactly line up with the facts. Usually right along the party line depending upon who’s paying for the drinks.

That’s how you force people to wear masks, or take undeveloped vaccines, buy electric cars, or convince the public that the front runner in a presidential campaign is a bigger crook than, oh let’s see . . . Joe Biden? Now I’m not saying Donald Trump doesn’t have his ways. Let’s look at his qualifications upon entering the White House the first time. Here’s a guy that had never run for dog catcher ending up in the Oval Office. Did he make mistakes? You bet your daughter’s make up kit he did! Bunches of em! As the gas prices went down, the wall got built, and One Hun Lo over in North Korea traded his nuclear missiles for bottle rockets there was wailing and the gnashing of teeth. And “They” got him!

So, who are “They?” “They” is the monstrosity that has been hiding in plain sight. The thing the conspiracy theorists have been trying to tell you about. And by the way, my use of the plural “They” as a singular is not a syntax error. “They are Legion, for “They” are (is) many! They who understands, let them read!

Getting Trump out of office was only the first part of the plan. Now “They” must KEEP him out of office. By any means possible! Because his plan to drain the swamp was unthinkable for them, and by the time his re-election rolled around “They” could hear the sucking sound on Pennsylvania Avenue.

So, the concerted effort began. It started with Trump paying a woman of the evening for “favors.” “They” made a big deal out of which pocket the money came from. Now, being a former real estate agent, myself, I’ve never seen a broker pay for something with company funds and kinda hiding what was really going on. Oh no! Heaven forbid! It’s called “commingling,” and we all did it! Never mind these Sodomites charging Trump kill unborn babies by the barrel full. Oh, sorry, I mean zygotes. Gotta keep our pronouns right.

From there they migrated to his approximation of the value of some of his holdings to acquire loans. Never heard of a Real Estate Broker fluffing the pillow either. Let me let you in on a secret boys and girls! The banks approved the loans and gave him the money. Jus’ Sayin’.

Then we get down to the nut cutting. He tried to influence an election. Duh! Well of course he did. It was cooked. He knew it. An Alzheimer’s patient sat in his basement running for president and “won?” He can’t climb a flight of stairs, falls flat on his face after giving a speech (Where he blesses the dead queen of England) and licks little girls’ hair until their eyes pop out of their little heads . . . right on camera!

And here’s the diabolical part. “They” is accusing Donald of doing what “They” is doing itself! And, as usual, “They” is using overkill. Instead of filing one or two charges, and making them work, ““They” is stacking charges like more makes better. Remember that house of cards? If you have a little dog poop in your hand you STILL have dog crap in your hand.

And what is The Donald doing? Just playing by the rules “They” set. Another real estate term. Dual agency. Talking out of both sides of your mouth. Always confuses your opponent when you use his own voice. Is this all Kosher? Well, no. Is it going to take this to Make America Great Again? Yes. Trump is not so much a man as he is a movement. A philosophy. A rebirth of The American Dream. When Washington, Lincoln, or Teddy Roosevelt died, their ideas and words lived on. The Wokesters simply don’t understand that you must take the bad with the good. For the greater good, which is We The People. It may not be a more perfect Union, but we must unite toward a common goal which is a greater, more unified America. You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you just might find . . . you get what you need. And my fellow Americans, at this time in our history we NEED Donald Trump.



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