Remembering Freedoms & Rights Beyond The 4th Of July

Remembering Freedoms & Rights Beyond The 4th Of July

By: Joseph M. Lenard

Yep, you probably guessed it, this will be based upon and basically a follow-up to the “Honoring the Fallen beyond Memorial Day” (released Sat June 3rd, as again I drop a TLB piece each Saturday) piece I did following Memorial Day Holiday (but don’t call that one a “Happy Holiday” it is not really an “Anniversary” but more-so a fond and somber REMEMBRANCE or COMMEMORATION day. The 4th of July is indeed more a CELEBRATION HOLIDAY of our Freedoms and Rights, if we’ll be lucky to retain them much longer. As Reagan said: “Freedom is never more than one Generation away from extinction!” Note that this is part 1, of planned 2 part series, this and next week, so please watch for part 2 coming next Saturday July 15th 2023.

As I said in my “Memorial Day Remembrance/Commemoration” piece – add FEDERAL HOLIDAYS ACT ((Officially “The Uniform Monday Holiday Act” (Pub. L. 90-363, 82 Stat. 250, enacted June 28, 1968)) which moved most Remembrances/Commemorations to Monday observances and long Holiday-weekend creations) to long list of Laws/things (like 17th Amendment (final nail in 10th Amendment and States Rights and the Founders check-and-balance of State/Federal power)) need be repealed (as had reasonable “intentions” when proposed, major unintended consequences, like all our Holidays now mostly forgotten as to why we have then with SNOWFLAKES prancing about with no clue why/how they have the long weekend of Freedom)….

VIDEO (1m 8s): POTUS Ronald Reagan on Freedom/Rights:

Yes, we Celebrate our Freedoms and Rights on 4th of July (if we will keep them much longer) but regarding Memorial Day and other Commemorations of our Fallen – I say the same thing about 9/11…. do not dare call it an Anniversary, “Anniversaries” are for HAPPY THINGS and the commemorations are indeed either commemoration days or remembrance days!!!

Remember our words have meaning! We have to be more careful in our word-choices. Cannot be as loose and warping of intent of word meanings as the Left. Holiday and Anniversary are upbeat, positive implication, words (like for 4th of July Celebration of our Freedoms, though yes too we honor those who fought and many died and maimed in the Revolution for us to Celebrate such Freedom) – versus Commemorations and Remembrances.

VIDEO (26s): POTUS Ronald Reagan on FASCISM coming to America (it’s here):

Gone, not forgotten. Forever in our Hearts!!! Far too many have given that “last final measure” of sacrifice. We are failing our Nation and our own Children not properly Educating them!!! In the USA the Indoctrination factories (and other supposed Free Society systems) are peddling Radicalism, Raunch/peRversion (tRans, pedophilia), Racism (cRt), and anti-ameRicanism – the new “R’s” – to our entitled/lazy, participation tRophy overblown self-esteem buffoons, know nothing brats; meanwhile China is teaching their Children the traditional “R’s” of Reading, wRiting, aRithmetic, histoRy, scRience (see what I did there, cuz our kids are so dumb they wouldn’t know the R doesn’t belong there), biRology (not fake gendeRism), honoR, Respect, woRk-ethic, etc… Americans taught only the flaws of our past (when/where taught History at all, taught to Hate America so Leftists can “fundamentally transform” us to another failed State), not the countless great accomplishments (and how the World would look so different without her).

Every 4th of July I re-watch the great film “An American Carol” which, you should have guessed it based on (an important message via comedy/spoof of) “A Christmas Carol.” The snippet about it from YouTube’s “Movies & TV” channel says: “From David Zucker, the director of Naked Gun and Airplane!, comes a bare-knuckle comedy where no one is safe from the onslaught of lunacy! When obnoxious Hollywood director Michael Malone (Kevin Farley) organizes a “Ban the 4th of July” campaign, his efforts are upended by a gang of spirits from America’s past. Zucker roasts a herd of sacred cows in this latest parody featuring an all-star cast. MPAA Rating: PG-13 An American Carol, LLC.” Farley does a great job spoofing Mikey Moore-on and his Mockumentery Leftist Spin and Propaganda pieces, and so many great Conservatives cameo appearances; and a few surprises of Hollywood Leftists too (I won’t give SPOILERS, by giving their names; one very famous Lefty in the ”Court scene” is all I’ll say) that decided while the Film was clearly poking fun at his/their Politics and their very good friends all through Hollywood could not pass on such a brilliant script and production. And a Patriotic tribute to America, our Troops, more, I watch every #4thOfJuly Holiday and I recommend others do too (even more relevant today than when it was released, as the Left just keeps getting more Fascist, hating on USA and aiding/abetting our enemies).

VIDEO (1h 22m 19s): An American Carol (YouTube Movies & TV channel (Freeview)):

Always remember: #PrinciplesNotPersonalities

Source: TheLibertyBeacon “Republic, if you can keep it” article

And so happy to re-announce/repeat, for those not heard YET, yes the ChristiTutionalists Politics podcast is indeed now ongoing on a weekly (weekends, originally announced as only going to be monthly on 1st of each month basis) News/Opinion-cast

I have started a weekly Podcast of my own (though, no, I will NOT be leaving my Savaged Unfiltered Podcast co-host duties) mostly to discuss items in my latest TLB pieces) which will introduce TLB pieces to “others” outside the TLB current sphere-of-influence. As Reagan said: “Freedom is never more than one Generation away from extinction” and we must all do more (if we can, do all we can) to (#ROAR) Restore Our American Republic! Joseph M Lenard’s new ” #ChristiTutionalist #Politics ” #Podcast is NOW #LIVE. (SUBSCRIBE)

Image Source: Joseph M Lenard Media

ChristiTutionalist Politics podcast S1E3 will be on the very topic you just read. Yep, promote, Promote, PROMOTE!!! Hope those of you that read this article will check out the podcast (really appreciate if you’ll help me get the Show off-the-ground, as all podcasts unless done by Celebrity with large already developed following, have to start somewhere and usually fairly humble beginnings. And, of course, since the episode will be on this topic, I’ll be asking the podcast listeners to check this piece for more detailed outline of the subject-matter; and for next week which will be a continuation part 2 of this piece.

The ChristiTutionalist Politics podcast S1E3 Show will be uploaded shortly after this TLB piece is made available (and, of course, that pattern will continue for other TLB and ChristiTutionalist Politics podcasts going forward) so I can add the TLB link to the CTP S1E3 Show Notes when uploading to my Podcasting Host platform (and it takes a few hours for it to matriculate out to all the other Platforms from there):

VIDEO (32m 25s): ChristiTutionalist Politics S1E2 “Ranked Choice Voting” (@JLenardDetroit YouTube channel BEHIND-THE-SCENES Video peek):

Thank you for checking out this TLB piece, also please see recent #BeforeItsNews (B4IN “Christian News” articles/section) exclusive (for now, may get a TLB reprint with TLB exclusive updates in coming months) about latest LEFT DELUSION RESPONSES to the absolutely correct #RuleOfLaw and #Constitution sound decisions (they cannot argue their case on merits but instead, as always, try to stoke EMOTIONAL HYSTERICS response).

The “#ChristiTutionalist Politics” podcast is now on the air!!! Finally get your News from a purely Christian U. S. Constitutional perspective…. Plus recent SCOTUS Rulings discussion...

And, now, having said all this, I am thinking I’ll be closing any/all future articles with a tribute to our Fallen (in so many different senses of the word/term) that allow me to be Free to speak my mind and for you to be able to read my pieces without threat of Leftists Gestapo (yet) from beating down your door for (Orwellian style) WRONG THINK!

Check out this article’s corresponding ChristiTutionalist Politics podcast episode S1E3.

All gave some, some gave allhonoring fallen beyond one “Memorial” weekend (LEO’s, Military, others that faithfully PROTECT AND SERVE to preserve Freedom and Security under our Constitution (equally/equality) for all. They make it possible for me to be able to freely post this, and you to read it without threat of FASCICRATS beating in your door for (Orwell style) WRONG-THINK (at least, SO FAR, for many/most (some illegally, improperly, held as Political Prisoners on trumped up charges that is happening already) sadly many refuse to do even the bare-minimum to preserve our Freedoms/Republic so many fought and died for). Remember those Fighting, fought, or died in Service to our great Nation


Image Credit: Graphic in Featured Image (top) – Pixabay License.

About the Author: Joseph M. Lenard was a former writer for Super Simple Computer Enterprises, REDSTATE, Grassfire, and Rattle With Us – MI TEAParty (where he was Writing Committee Chair) and others. Joseph is a current content provider at Before It’s News and The Liberty Beacon. He is also the Author of: “Terror Strikes: Coming Soon to a City Near You”!

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