Rick Perry, End the Alien Invasion!


By TLB Contributor: David Zuniga

Even before its newest illegal alien seeding operation, Congress has been violating taxpayers by encouraging the influx of aliens, now 12-15 million strong, as a corrupt payoff to industry.

D.C. Coyotes Help the Rich Get Richer

A ‘coyote’ is a smuggler who charges several thousand dollars to smuggle illegal aliens across the border. This present operation exposes Washington D.C. as the most brazen coyote on earth.

As more aliens pour over our borders, we increasingly resemble Mexico and other corrupt societies: a small, corrupt aristocracy and a massive lower class.  No middle class can exist in functional fascism; an insanely greedy upper class and bloated bureaucracy consume the majority of economic output.

In American fascism, government extracts property and income taxes from homeowners to feed its massive bureaucracy plus much of the food, clothing, and housing — and all of the healthcare and education — for 12-15 million illegals.

Meanwhile, the wealthy get cheap servants, gardeners, and other help.  In return, they pay off the politicians at re-election.

Yes, America is becoming Mexico — but not in the way you believed.

America’s Consummate Illegals

The D.C. coyotes are charging you not once but twice for their criminal activity.  First, they will have you pay for the vans, buses, airliners, fuel, personnel, food, clothing, medical, and more — their entire coyote overhead — as they seed tens of thousands of illegals across our heartland, for business and industry.

Next, they will make you foot the bills for infectious diseases, crime, and culture shock introduced into your community.

Coyotes in $10,000 suits, driven around D.C. in limousines will arrogantly risk our wrath because they and their bureaucrat minions are building a massive population of lifelong clients for every Marxist program.

The Simple Solution

We can end this crime wave with a simple solution.

I herewith challenge my governor, Rick Perry, to get the ball rolling.

The first idea is not mine: we force the federal servants to fly the aliens back to their home country and deliver them to their embassy.  The alien’s own government can unite him with family.  It is humane, diplomatic, and discourages repeat offenses.

The second aspect of the plan avoids cost to taxpayers and teaches D.C. coyotes a valuable lesson: all repatriation airlift operations will be audited by a committee of CPAs appointed by our border state governors.

Costs of the airlifts plus committee operations will be deducted from the following payrolls in equal proportion: Congress and its staffs, Barack Obama and his White House staff, and all cabinet officers and their staffs. Monthly audits of the airlift operations and audit committee will be submitted to The Drudge Report and to Edward Snowden.

Boom. The illegal alien problem is solved.

Prison Terms For Congress

Of course, Rick Perry will probably ignore my challenge.  But D.C. organized crime is much bigger than just their illegal alien racket. See how AmericaAgain! will turn the tables on D.C. organized crime, bring Congress home to work under OUR watchful eyes, and put We The People back in control of our lives, property, and payroll accounts.

Two Obama elections proved that the majority electorate prefers Marxism. The daily news proves that both parties are functionally fascist and Marxist.  Elections will not restore rule of law.  Even Ronald Reagan couldn’t make a dent in D.C. organized crime, so forget Rick Perry, Ted Cruz, Allan West, Ben Carson, or any other political savior.

We The People have been chumps.  Our servants have hijacked our republic and our lives, making life in America a bizarre nightmare.  But with less than 1% of the adult population, the AmericaAgain! Indictment Engine™ can pursue criminal indictment against any member of Congress in his State court.

Popular sovereignty can end the nightmare.  Buy the bumper sticker, Join AmericaAgain! and let’s roll.

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