Socialist Bureaucrats Destroyed the Credibility of U.S. Intel

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Unelected and Unprincipled Socialist Bureaucrats Destroyed the Credibility of the U.S. Intelligence Apparatus

Every bureaucrat involved in destroying the public’s trust in these institutions should be kicked out of government and banned from ever holding a government position again

By Charles Wills

Democrats and their media accomplices are making a big deal out of the President replacing the Director of National Intelligence with Ambassador Richard Grenell. According to an article in the Hill, President Trump “moved to oust acting Director of National Intelligence (DNI) Joseph Maguire after a senior DNI official briefed the House Intelligence Committee about Russian efforts to aid his reelection.”

Time, the magazine for communists on the go

According to Time, the magazine for communists on the go, the CIA, National Security Agency, and the FBI got together and agreed that “Russian hackers aren’t just meddling in this year’s U.S. elections, they’re trying to help Trump win re-election.” Earlier this month, FBI director, Christopher Wray, went before the House Judiciary Committee and testified that Russia is still meddling in our elections.

Democrats are resurrecting the Russia hoax just in time for the next election, and the FBI director is on the hoax band wagon, along with his comrades from Spooksville. Wray knows the Russians are meddling in U.S. elections by supporting the President on socials media, but he can’t do anything about it because of the Constitution. The FBI’s hands are tied because the people supporting the President on social media are U.S. citizens, and they have a right to free speech.

However, the FBI and intelligence agencies classify anyone who supports the President as a Russian agent, even if they are a U.S citizen. As a matter of fact, I doubt any Russians want President Trump reelected. It more likely that spooks, from within our own intelligence community, went on social media and pretended to be Russians supporting the President to give credibility to the hoax. The intelligence community has a reputation for dishonesty.

The Intelligence community can’t be trusted to tell the truth

Furthermore, the same intelligence agencies, that told us Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, are now telling us that Russia is meddling in our elections again. Where were all the infallible investigators, the intelligentsia, in the days, weeks, months and years leading up 9/11? As a matter of fact, they were nowhere to be found until they were needed to mislead the America people into a war with Iraq

After it was revealed that the intelligence community lied about Iraq having weapons of mass destruction, the wizards of misinformation, the intelligentsia, disappeared. They disappeared until they were needed to spawn and spread lies about someone they all hated- the winner of the 2016 presidential election. Funny how the intelligence community disappears when exposed and then reappears just in time to give the public another snow job.

The Intelligence community can’t be trusted to tell the truth. On top of that, military intelligence can’t be trusted either. That’s because Obama fired every senior officer that made the mistake of disagreeing with his communist agenda. Obama fired Gen. Stanley McChrystal for disagreeing with his policies during an interview with Rolling Stone magazine. By 2013, five years into his 8 year reign, Obama had fired 197 senior military officers, and the media, Democrats, the FBI and intelligence agencies were all fine with that.

Destroyed the credibility of the U.S. intelligence apparatus by using it to propagate and disseminate lies and deceptions

Obama also fired a White House national security aide, Jofi Joseph, for criticizing his policies on Twitter, and nobody expressed concern over that either. However, when President Trump fires anyone, regardless of the reason, the media and Democrats go completely bananas and imagine all kinds of crazy conspiracies. On top of that, the FBI and U.S. intelligence agencies have their own certifiable nuts that exhibit symptoms of Trump Derangement Syndrome every time the President appears on camera.

Finally, unelected and unprincipled socialist bureaucrats destroyed the credibility of the U.S. intelligence apparatus by using it to propagate and disseminate lies and deceptions. The same bureaucrats destroyed the credibility of the FBI and the DOJ by using them to frame and prosecute political opponents. Every bureaucrat involved in destroying the public’s trust in these institutions should be kicked out of government and banned from ever holding a government position again. I only wish the President would fire every socialist/communist within the government. They should be easy to identify because the vast majority of them identify as Democrats.


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Charles Wills is a retired Engineer. Since retirement, he has devoted much of his free time to reading and researching world and biblical history. He enjoys reading and collecting old books, especially textbooks published before the turn of the 20th century, as well as writing about the wealth of information hidden in them.



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