Stanford: Controlling the Population Won’t Stop ‘Environmental Issues’

Bill Gates

By TLB Contributor: Susanne Posel

According to researchers at Stanford University say that “the planet’s large, growing, and over-consuming human population, especially the increasing affluent component, is rapidly eroding many of the Earth’s natural ecosystems” and controlling the growth of the world’s population will not save these ecosystems.

The study asserts that not even a catastrophic event that killed billions of people would affect the impact humans make on the planet.

Corey Bradshaw , professor and director of ecological modeling at the University of Adelaide (UA) explained: “We’ve gone past the point where we can do it easily, just by the sheer magnitude of the population, what we call the demographic momentum. We just can’t stop it fast enough.”

Bradshaw goes on: “Even draconian measures for fertility control still won’t arrest that growth rate – we’re talking century-scale reductions rather than decadal scale, because of the magnitude. Even if we had a third world war in the middle of this century, you would barely make a dent in the trajectory over the next 100 years.”

This study points to resource depletion based on population booms have caused “environmental challenges” that cannot be righted because there are just too many of us.

Barry Brook , chair of climate change at UA added: “Our work reveals that effective family planning and reproduction education worldwide have great potential to constrain the size of the human population and alleviate pressure on resource availability over the longer term. Our great-great-great-great grandchildren might ultimately benefit from such planning, but people alive today will not.”

The areas mentioned by the study include “biodiversity hot spots” such as Africa and South Asia as being most at risk for the “greatest pressures of future ecosystems”.

In 2013, Melinda Gates pushed family planning to make sure that she does her part to reduce the world’s population.

In an op-ed piece , Gates wrote: “Contraceptives unlock one of the most dormant but potentially powerful assets in development: women as decision-makers. When women have the power to make choices about their families, they tend to decide precisely what demographers, economists, and development experts recommend. They invest in the long-term human capital of their families.”

Gates claimed that it is a struggle to bring enough of her favorite human sterilizer, Depo-Provera, to under developed nations. Because of this problem, Gates has made it her mission to bring contraceptives to those countries over the next 10 years.

In order to depopulate third world countries under the global health agenda, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) has invested $560 million and expected to contribute $1.1 billion over the next 7 years to the cause.

At the 2013 Women Deliver Conference (WDC), Gates was accompanied by speakers such as LeRoy Carhart, a late-term abortionist and Peter Signer, author of “Rethinking Life and Death” and a pro-infanticide philosopher.

Carhart sued to have the ban on partial-birth abortions lifted. During an abortion, Carhart murdered a child after an abortion procedure by stabbing the fully formed child in the neck and using a suction apparatus to remove their brain.

Gates, who spends quite a bit of time with under-developed nations like Africa, said that she can prevent 40% of people who would otherwise have been born, there by justifying family planning as a scheme to make women healthier who have “families are more successful and their communities are more prosperous.”

In Senegal, Gates explained the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) “are investing in a pilot project to ensure that health clinics are always stocked with the full range of modern contraceptives, including implants, injectables and IUDs” to make sure their depopulation agenda is secure. The more sterilized women in poorer nations, the faster the overall human population will decrease.

BMGF has partnered with drug corporations like Shanghai Dahua Pharmaceuticals in China to develop implantable fertility controls that will be used in over 20 developing countries to curb population growth.

Gates has created a propaganda cartoon where the campaign to sterilize millions of women with Depo-Preovera is celebrated. She also remarked at a TEDxChange conference that Depo-Provera is best because its enables women to receive a shot behind their husbands back. Gates says: “Unfortunately this year a billion couples will have sex with one another . . .” and Gates’ only contention is that sterilization by way of contraception would “give them the right to decide” whether or not to have a child.

In the propaganda cartoon, the depiction of brown and black women as disfigured potatoes having much more fun because they have fewer children is not only offensive, but telling of how these global Elite view the people they purport to be “saving”. By preventing births, the film says that 600,000 people would not be born. Contraception as a first step in the global Elite’s plan to depopulation by appearing to help save lives of women could be quite effective.

The racial slurs in this “promotional video” are offensive to even supporters of the BMGF, who said that it is “condescending, inaccurate, and racist to imply that only dark-skinned people need our (white-skinned people’s) help,” and “loses all credibility the way it is.”

The future has no fathers, according to Gates. Only one child, only one woman.

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