The Deep State: Embedded Democrat Party Fascists

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The Deep State: Embedded Democrat Party Fascists

by TLB Contributing Author Bill Muckler

The liberal media (SSM) is working overtime to harm President Trump. The propaganda arm of the Democrat Party (GOATS) is receiving leaks from sympathetic holdovers in the federal bureaucracy to promote their opposition to President Donald Trump. But they are not the Deep State; they are the enablers of the Deep State.

“There is No Deep State”

David Remnick, editor of The New Yorker, told readers that the issue is Trump, not his enemies.  He said,  “The problem in Washington is not a Deep State; the problem is a shallow man.” He then went on to say, “Only if government officials take to heart their designation as ‘public servants’ will justice prevail.” 

Hypocritically, he then admitted there is a shadow government. His obvious message to the“permanent government,” Get rid of the 45th president.

This is not just on the left. Some of the Bush 43 political establishment are just as determined to deny the “Deep State” by collaborating with the Democrats. Michael Gerson, a columnist for The Washington Post, on March 13th rejected the Deep State and then turned around to confirm it:

“Trump’s allies, with the White House’s blessing, have alleged the existence of a ‘deep state,’ conducting what talk radio host Mark Levin calls a ‘silent coup.’”

The Deep State is only a figment of alleged imaginations. But it is real: “If the Deep State refers to federal employees who are ‘unhappy’ with Trump, then many would gladly claim such citizenship.” 

Ready on the Right, Ready on the left: Ramp up the Deep State

Both the left and the right deny the existence of a “Deep State,” yet they both implore the “Deep State” to destroy the current administration. This dichotomy of thought is subversive treason. These are spies within the federal government working to overthrow the United States government because they are upset that they lost an election. These sore losers don’t deserve government jobs, they deserve federal prison.

Digging Deeper into the Deep State Desires

Are you on board with a “Shadow Government?” I’m not. What happened to transparency? Just another Democrat double-dealing slogan. It is said to be a system composed of high-level elements within the intelligence services, military, security, judiciary, banking and organized crime.Does anyone read? I do. Every day.

The Shadow Government

But what does it say about a country where forty percent of the citizens want socialism instead of free market capitalism? It speaks to the success of the “Government Indoctrination Centers” in creating an ignorant population over the past 48 years of Department of Education duplicity. Americans have lost the ability to think critically. Sadly, that is the goal of the Democrat political party and the GOATs not only accept it, they gleefully promote it with all manner of nonsensical reasoning.

In John le Carré’s recent novel, A Delicate Truth, a character in the book describes the Deep State as: “the ever-expanding circle of non-governmental insiders from banking, industry and commerce who were cleared for highly classified information denied to large swathes of Whitehall and Westminster.”

The novelist, was referring to England, but this certainly applies to the shadow government within the United States federal government as well. I use the term to mean a hybrid association of key elements of government and parts of top-level finance and industry that is effectively able to govern the United States with only limited reference to the consent of the governed as normally expressed through elections.

The Founders would have never accepted a shadow government; but it is real and the political establishment, that we vote for, not only supports it, but contributes to it. Many refer to it as“Communism” but although a similar philosophy, it is not the same. It is a means to establish socialism in the United States of America. It is what Mike Lofgren writes in his book, “The Deep State.”

It is the red thread that runs through the war on terrorism and the militarization of foreign policy, the financialization and deindustrialization of the American economy, the rise of a plutocratic social structure that has given us the most unequal society in almost a century, and the political dysfunction that has paralyzed day-to-day governance.”

This is the objective of a political party that has torn itself apart over whom it would nominate for president, and when that failed, how it would go about destroying the foundation of freedom and liberty and the “American Spirit” through religious and racial bigotry.

The Muckster is here to reveal the misinforming deep state and to lead you out of the dishonest present into a bright future with 20/20: A Clear Vision for America.

Read more of my “casually sarcastic” articles to discover that I am an equal opportunity critic of all types of anarchy and nonsense. Check out the blog.

Spiritus meus es tu. Ego semper fidelis.

God Bless us all and God Save our American from the Deep State. Our Constitution, our Bill of Rights, our American Flag, our culture, our country, our civilization, our children, our liberty, our safety and our future need you now more than ever. ~Bill

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