The FDA Is Big Pharma’s Best Friend

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Preface by TLB Staff Writer: Christopher Wyatt

The following video of Jonathan Emord does an amazing  job of breaking down why we the public shouldn’t put any faith in the US Food and Drug Administration! The corruption runs so deep that it is time for the agency to be abolished and replaced with something entirely different that has no financial incentives to prop up big food or big pharma. For far too long we have all sit back and allowed our society to become fat, lazy, and dumbed down!

Mumps and measles have been replaced with childhood cancer, autoimmune diseases, and learning disabilities. Few if any people cook real food anymore, instead it comes from a box, or they simply eat out with fast food and chain restaurants being the usual choice!

WE THE PEOPLE can change this by rejecting the vaccines and the poison food they offer us! We can encourage others to reject vaccines and to buy and grow organic fruits and vegetables! Those who know how to cook and garden can offer to teach these skills to others! We can put changing our lifestyle over eating toxic crap and running to the doctor for a pill to fix what we have broken!

The toxic food supply, chemtrails, ending the vaccine lie, unsafe drinking water, the wasteful society that we have created, ALL of these things are fixable! I have faith in people to do great things and I support a strong government but NOT one full of tyrants and liars who twist human decency into political issues! How the hell did not poisoning humanity and not ruining the world around us became political? At some point WE THE PEOPLE allowed this to happen!

WE THE PEOPLE HAVE THE POWER TO CREATE CHANGE! We can do this on a personal level, we can do it on a federal level, and I believe that we can do it on a global scale simply by starting with ourselves and empowering others! (CW)

(video has no initial screen shot but it is active and will play)

The FDA Is Big Pharma’s Best Friend


Constitutional Attorney Jonathan Emord discusses how corruption within the Food and Drug Administration results in unsafe pharmaceutical drugs becoming available to the public.

“When a republic has been corrupted, none of the ills that arise can be remedied except by removing the corruption and recalling the principles; every other correction is either useless or a new ill.”     – Montesquieu

Jonathan Emord is the author of The Rise of Tyranny: How Federal Agencies Abuse Power and Pose Risks to Your Life and Liberty. The book breaks down what the original mission of federal agencies were to be under our founding fathers. Clearly, greed and corruption have dismembered the original goals.

Watch the below video.

“Americans must come to the realization that the Congress of the United States and the agencies and commissions of the federal government are infested with a corruption born of the self-interest of those in power and the infection is widespread. They must come to realize that abysmal failure because it ceded governing control to industry, has witnessed industry use regulation as a vehicle to create barriers to competition, block competition, and punish competitors, and has been given a large part of the nation’s purse to the biggest monopoly government has ever created, the pharmaceutical industry.”

”Those appointed to run agencies and commissions have an inherent conflict of interest. They are aware that the decisions they make will either please of displease favored regulatees. They are aware that their decisions will either enhance or diminish their prospects for employment and business opportunity when they leave government.”

The question now is, will Trump listen and take action?


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