The Obama Administration Is Forcibly Discharging from Hospitals People with Pandemic-Causing Diseases

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rebecca-scottBy TLB Contributor: .

She is an author, an activist and a music performer. She is articulate and intelligent. However, she puts forth a conspiracy theory that is largely unsubstantiated and mostly unbelievable.

The woman pictured here has been on a crusade against the New Wold Order and has produced many telling videos and documentaries on the subject. Her name is Rebecca Scott and she claims that she is being used by elements of the U.S. government to infect as many people as possible with a virulent strain of TB that has infected her. On the surface, her claims seem outrageous and unsupported until one considers the conditions of her discharge from the hospital.

Scott was initially hospitalized and tested for TB. Her diagnosis came back with a positive confirmation that she has TB. However, her type of TB is a latent type and more testing is required. Quite unbelievably, under Obamacare’s mandate for Medicare, Scott cannot remain hospitalized as she awaits a confirmation that she is contagious. Therefore, the hospital at New York University discharged her against her wishes. In the meantime, Rebecca Scott is on the street and is very probably infecting many people that she comes into contact with. The following video tells the story of reckless discharge from the hospital.

Rebecca Scott‘s Facebook page can accessed here and a very telling video made in her hospital room, prior to her discharge is on the page.

Imagine, if you will, that Rebecca Scott was awaiting advanced testing on whether she had Ebola, which of the five strains she has and how contagious her type of Ebola was. Would the same Obamacare hospital discharge rules still apply? As insane as it sounds, these same rules would still apply.

One has to wonder how many Rebecca Scotts’ have been cut loose to be in a position to infect the general public with a potential disease or virus which could lead to a pandemic. The citizens of this country should be asking why Obamacare, under the label of Medicare, is being allowed to be so reckless with the people’s health and well being?

At the end of the day, one does not have to believe that the government deliberately infected Rebecca Scott. One does not have to believe that she has been designated to be a carrier in order to take her story seriously. All that is needed to prove that Scott’s warning should be taken seriously is that it is policy to release a person with a possible pandemic condition while awaiting test results. This is reckless at best, or is it that this scenario has criminal intent written all over it?

Scott’s Facebook page provides more detail about her story as well as her work in opposition to the New World Order.

Why Are Illegal Immigrants Being Resettled in Quarantine Center Zones?

Some evidence needs very little elaboration. Take a look at the following short video which displays two maps. The two maps are the locations for the 2o CDC quarantine zones in the United States. The second map show the resettlement areas for illegal immigrants. The two maps align almost perfectly. Why would the Obama administration relocate unscreened illegal immigrants near CDC quarantine zones?


Dr.Jane Orient, myself and a growing chorus of researchers and advocates have called for proper health screening of illegal immigrants before sending them into the country’s interior. Ebola for example, can incubate for up to 21 days before symptoms may manifest. Therefore, three weeks should be the minimum time that an illegal immigrant is detained and observed. Anything less, is totally irresponsible and puts the public’s health at risk. Yet, under this President’s leadership, proper and precautionary health screening has not happened. As we now know, the Border Patrol has had some of their own contract drug resistant TB, scabies and bacteriological pneumonia. This should be considered to be the proverbial canary in the mine.

Our southern border has collapsed and anyone from terrorists to disease infected individuals can cross the border. Again, this depraved indifference on the part of the Obama administration may be more than neglect, it could constitute criminal intent because of how widespread the problem is.

Dead Microbiologists Can Produce No Cures Or Challenge the Safety of Impromptu Ebola Vaccines

For over two decades, Steve Quayle has cataloged the “mysterious” and not so accidental deaths of top scientists around the world. The number of dead scientists is well over one hundred and still growing. Many of these scientists are microbiologists which are the very people that would be called upon to help save humanity in the midst of a global pandemic.

Of course, some will say that this link is simply coincidental. Would this be the same coincidence as we now are forced to consider the fact it is now policy to release from hospitals potential carriers of a disease which could trigger a pandemic while the test results are in limbo? Would this be same kind of coincidence that has opened our southern border and given unbridled admittance to people who are not being health screened for diseases and viruses for which we Americans have no immunity? Would this be the same coincidence in which the resettlement of unscreened illegal aliens mostly matches the same 20 locations as the CDC quarantine zones?

And the crickets continue to chirp as we rapidly approach the beginning of the NFL season in three weeks. This might also match the opening of a new season, the widespread outbreak of Ebola. We should know by Labor Day if Ebola is uncontained and is in the U.S. because the incubation period for many unscreened immigrants will have come and gone. Certainly, the CDC will likely suppress any media reports of an outbreak of a potential pandemic on American soil. However, as the virus grows exponentially, there will be no hiding an outbreak at some point in time. The reasons to impeach this president seem to grow by the day.

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