The Right of Revolution

The Right of Revolution

By TLB Contributing Author: Rico S. Giron

The singular question of our times is this, “Do the people of the United States have a right to Revolution against a tyrannical, false corporate “government” that has become destructive to the welfare of the people of the country?” What then is a right? Are rights given by men to other men? Are rights given to men by their servant government? First, let me establish the correct chain of command. God created man to serve him. Man created government to serve him. Government is the servant of man. Government is a mental construct, it is a fiction agreed upon. Governments have no authority save that given to them by men. Governments of men are fallible, and susceptible to corruption thru unchecked power. Historically, it has been proven over and over again, that Power Corrupts, and especially unchecked absolute power corrupts absolutely. That is the gravest danger in human nature. Men with unchecked power become despots very quickly. Vain, greedy men seek unlimited power to self-aggrandize and inflate their Ego. The criminally insane crave Power, Prestige, Status and worship the power of money. I would invite you to read my flagship chapter titled, “Government as an Agent of Plunder and Violence.”

The militia is the natural defense of a free country against sudden foreign invasions, domestic insurrections, and domestic usurpation of power by rulers. The right of the citizens to keep and bear arms has justly been considered, as the palladium of the liberties of the republic; since it offers a strong moral check against the usurpation and arbitrary power of rulers; and will generally … enable the people to resist and triumph over them.” —Joseph Story, Supreme Court Justice, Commentaries on the Constitution of the United States, p. 3:746-7, 1833

God made man in his image to glorify himself. In order to glorify himself, God endowed man with Rights to glorify his own creation. As God is perfectly free, he made man perfectly free. Yes, I do get it. If you are a female writer, you can write, “She made woman perfectly free.” Our language is tainted with patriarchy and division. Rights are established by our Creator. Every human in the entire world is born with the same exact human rights as granted by our Creator. The Bill of Rights does not spell out American Rights, but rather human rights. The Bill of Rights spells these human rights out for the Chinese, the Russians, the Australians, the Indians, the Africans, ad infinitum. But know this, one powerful, and all-encompassing element may give us solace… our civil Liberty is not granted by men. Our Constitutional rights were given to us by our God, and that is all the strength our souls will need to overcome. Liberty was defined when God created our soul, with a consciousness, and a will that was free to choose ones own destiny. It was a great and powerful gift, and one that can sustain us now in our final hour.” Ken La Rive, TLB

“By the ‘absolute rights’ of individuals is meant those which are in their primary and strictest sense, such as would belong to their persons merely in a state of nature, and which every man is entitled to enjoy, whether out of society or in it. The rights of personal security, of personal liberty, and private property do not depend upon the Constitution for their existence. They existed before the Constitution was made, or the government was organized. These are what are termed the ‘absolute rights’ of individuals, which belong to them independently of all government, and which all governments which derive their power from the consent of the governed were instituted to protect.” Words and Phrases, Volume 1, 1968 West Publishing Company.

Among the natural rights of the Colonists are these: First, a right to life; Secondly, to liberty; Thirdly, to property; together with the right to support and defend them in the best manner they can. These are evident branches of, rather than deductions from, the duty of self-preservation, commonly called the first law of nature.” Samuel Adams.

Jefferson’s philosophy held that an individual’s unalienable rights are not given to one in a document, but by their Creator (and subsequently codified in the Bill of Rights “in order to prevent the misconstruction or abuse of its powers” as it states in the preamble.) In other words, an unalienable right is God-given. It isn’t granted by a president, a king, or any government – otherwise it can be taken away. TLB. Anything that can be taken away is thus a mere privilege.

You cannot love freedom for yourselves alone and quietly agree to a situation where the majority of humanity, spread over the greater part of the globe, is subjected to violence and oppression.” Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Warning to the West . It was Martin L. King that stated, “An injustice against one man anywhere, is an injustice against all men everywhere.”

In the written word, the Bill of Rights did not differentiate among the human races, but clearly these are inherent Human Rights that our Creator endowed all of humanity with. Rights then are pre-political and thus pre-government. Rights inherent in our humanity, in our very essence of being human. Natural Rights are coded into our very DNA by the finger of Prime Creator. Additionally, Rights are Natural Rights. Rights are antithetical to privileges. Rights are diametrically opposed to privileges.

However, the American people are total hypocrites simply because they believe that the Bill of Rights is for them exclusively. This hypocrisy has resulted in an absurd arrogance and egocentricism that has given birth to an infantile and imbecile behavior. The American steeple have reached a point where they have fallen in love with their own image, like Narcissus. “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” Can it be made any clearer? “Where an open war is impossible, oppression can continue quietly behind the scenes. Terrorism. Guerrilla warfare, violence, prisons, concentration camps. I ask you: Is this peace?” Solhenitzen, Warning to America. Since 1871, the United States “corporate government” has been waging a secret war against the American men and women of flesh and blood of this nation by insidiously and secretly enslaving them to a Matrix of Deception, where the men and women have been surreptitiously converted into POWs and slaves on an invisible corporate Plantation. U.S. v. Mattheson, 1976.

The American sheeple have a psychotic belief that the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights are an exclusive American phenomenum. “One should not consider that the great principles of freedom end at your own frontiers, that as long as you have freedom, let the rest have pragmatism. No! Freedom is indivisible and one has to take a moral attitude towards it.” ― Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Warning to the West. Just part of the Matrix of Insanity on the USPOWSCC.

Jefferson warned the American people that the only two enemies of the people are the government and criminals. He warned us to chain down the government with the Constitution so that it did not become the criminal. The question is, “Have we failed and allowed our servant to become the criminal?” Have we thru our own inactivity and complacency and child-like trust in our “leaders” participated in the devolution of our Rights and conspired against ourselves while “pursuing our own happiness” and indulging ourselves in the “empty pursuit for more?” Have we as a nation failed? How did we allow our “servant government” to become our “master.” Are we the New Babylon Whore? Are then governments simply a reflection of the inner core values of it’s peoples, a reflection of the emotional and psychological state of being of the populace? Do governments mirror our own reality at it’s very core? Corrupt government are simply a reflection of the vanity and criminal insanity of the very people it is pretending to represent. As such then, we are responsible for this Leviathan that we have created in our hearts and birthed on our Land. We are complicit in our own destruction.

If then our Creator has endowed humanity with these Rights, who among us can remove, abrogate, diminish or legislate these Rights? Can a group of men that organize and call themselves “government” legislate these Creator given Rights? The tyrannical, corrupt, fake, foreign owned, corporate government of the United States would have the sheeple believe that indeed they, the government, have the right to legislate and whittle away God given Rights by insidious legislation and incrementalism. All totalitarian “governments” declare themselves the People’s new “god.” The Patriot Act being the most perverse legislation ever enacted on the face of the Earth. The Patriot Act is the Great Pimp of Tyranny. Dictators like Lenin, Stalin, and Hitler would have been envious of the Patriot Act. All politicians spew lies from their mouths every time they speak. Governments and politicos want a pacified and narcotized population nicely corralled and coming to them for every decision to be made, just like children. Baaaa, Baaaaa!!! Daddy, Daddy, please protect me from the Corona!! Politicians and governments use words to deceive, to pacify, to coerce, to make the sheeple fearful of their perceived Power. Indeed, a government without deceit and betrayal is more rare than the mythical Unicorn.

Our Rights given to us by our Creator are ante-decent and pre-cedent to government. My Rights exist outside of government. Neither the Declaration, nor the Constitution, nor even the Bill of Rights granted me a single right!! No piece of paper grants any rights. No man can define what another man’s Rights are. Either you understand your inherent Rights or you are too stupid and ignorant to be a Freeman. The fact that the founding fathers felt the need to express their sentiments as stated in the Bill of Rights, did not create these Rights. These Rights existed and exist outside of politics and government. The Human rights will continue to exist till the end of time and always out of the purvue of any government. Again, Rights are pre-political. Politicians have always relied on ignorance to rule the sheeple. In Hoseah, it is stated, “My people are enslaved for lack of knowledge.”

Politicians would have the sheeple believe that the government gives rights to people. Pieces of paper only grant privileges to slaves who come on their knees begging for scraps. Pieces of paper grant permission to slaves from the Master. I must state unequivocally, Rights involve the totality of our very Being as a humanity. We are born with these God given Rights. Our human Rights are imbedded in our very DNA. We must never allow any man or government of men to trample or abrogate these Prime Creator granted Rights. If we are not willing to fight for, defend and die for our own Rights, who will protect them? Judge Andrew Napolitano stated, “I would rather die fighting for freedom than to live as a slave.” Only time will tell what kind of men we are. The question that every man will have to answer for himself is this, “Will I stand, fight and die, for freedom, or will I betray myself and get on my knees when the “government” militarized SWAT team comes calling on me?”

For any man or woman to “give up” their Rights is a basic self betrayal. Only a population in fear will willingly betray themselves. It goes against the Law of our Creator and the very Law of Nature. In a Godless country or nation, an easily corrupted and deceived populace will “obey” the government like sheeple. Thus, the government becomes a government of Wolves, a predator government insuring only its own survival and hegemony.

The Christos tells us, “Let no man tear asunder that which God hath given.” For any man to stand by idly while his rights are torn to shreds, think Patriot Act, is to dishonor God. By allowing the treasonous passage of the Patriot Act, we the American people have dishonored our Creator. And we will pay the price when we face our final judgment. The passage of the Patriot by our cowardly and traitorous “Senators and Congressmen” is a Dark, Satanic stain on the fabric of Liberty and Freedom. May god forgive us!! Our Creator hath given us the Right of Revolution against tyranny. In a moment of brilliance, Franklin stated, “Revolution against tyranny, is obedience to god.” In fact, Franklin’s first proposal for a Great Seal of the United States, included the phrase, “Rebellion against Tyrants is Obedience to God.” So the question then becomes, “Whom will you serve?” A government of corrupt and treasonous men, or your very Creator? If we obey men, and go against our Creator’s will, how will we stand before our Creator and give an account of ourselves? The final judgment is merciless and just, no whining allowed, bitches and sires !!

There is an Inner Freedom that comes from defiance. To resist Evil is the highest achievement of Human life. It is the Supreme Act of Love. Those who resist stand regardless of the cost. The rebel does not define success the way the Elites define success. Those who resist refuse to kneel, before the idols of mass culture or the powerful elite. In every act of rebellion, we are Free. The Rebel will always be an outsider. The inversion of the world’s value systems makes Freedom possible.” Hedges,supra.

Did the so-called Founding Fathers recognize the Right of Revolution? In the very Preamble of the Declaration, the FF forcefully expressed the Right of Revolution, That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government.” But they also recognized that humans can become complacent and lazy, thus used to even an evil empire in their midst. Again, the act of writing this phrase in the Declaration did not create the Right of Revolution. The Right of Revolution exists outside of government. The Right of Revolution is inextricably linked to our most basic right, the Right of Self-Preservation. We are endowed with Rights from our Prime Creator. The Bill of Rights and this statement in the Declaration were meant as warnings to the newly created government of the United States. However, Power does not concede without an ass kicking. Bullies do not play nice. Power uses all means necessary to usurp authority granted it by the “people.” Power can be both secretive and blatant in your face. The United States fake, foreign owned, government is the American people’s greatest Bully and greatest enemy. And it is in desperate need of an ass kicking by the American people. This government has become a psychotic group of pigs, whores, cowards, snitches and Traitors. The only question left to be answered is this, “Are the American Men man enough to give a good ass kicking to this corrupt piece of shit government?” If you have not read my chapter titled, “The Hollow American Male”, I suggest you read it now.

Governments in power will not remove themselves, for power is addicting. Governments will not reform themselves, they only serve their own hegemony. The Patriarchal, Hierarchical system of “corporate government” of the United States will protect it’s power base at all costs using any and all means necessary, including imprisoning and killing it’s own populace. Think Edward Snowden and Julian Assange. The United States corporate “government” has thru usurpation, coercion and deception managed to convince the sheeple that they are the Sovereign. ““A state, is called the coldest of all cold monsters. Coldly lieth it also; and this lie creepeth from its mouth: “I, the state, am the people.”

It is a lie! Creators were they who created peoples, and hung a faith and a love over them: thus they served life. Destroyers, are they who lay snares for many, and call it the state: they hang a sword and a hundred cravings over them. Where there is still a people, there the state is not understood, but hated as the evil eye, and as sin against laws and customs. Everything the State says is a lie, and everything it has it has stolen.” F. Nietsche.

They have reversed the Natural Order of things thus creating a Dark, Satanic Bizarro Opposite World where everything in “government” and politics is reversed. “Governments” are parasites and bloodsuckers that feed off the Ignorance and Plunder of the flock. Deception is the very nature of all governments. Indeed, a government without deception is more rare than a fish without bones. Governments are private corporations, Maxwell, supra, that want one primary thing, MONEY. They need your money in order to survive. This is done by PLUNDERING THE SLAVES disguised as taxes. Like Ceasar stated, “With money we can get men, and with men, we can get money.” Ceasar recognized early on, that politicos are money whores, just name the right price. Have you ever wondered about that indoctrinating TV show, “The Price is Right.” Just food for thought.

Governments are of men. All earthly governments are based on conquest and domination of a people by a small minority of ruthless and sagacious Plunderers that are extremely cruel, violent and aggressive. This small minority will establish a type of government that will enable them to live off the Plunder of the governed. Governments and politicians are dishonest by their very nature. All governments engage in the absurdity of Criminal behavior while hiding behind elaborately created facades. All governments exist for one purpose, to Plunder the sheeple while hiding behind the facade of “public service.” “Man can live and satisfy his wants only by ceaseless labor; by the ceaseless application of his faculties to natural resources. This process is the origin of property. But it is also true that a man may live and satisfy his wants by seizing and consuming the products of the labor of others. This process is the origin of Plunder. Since man is naturally inclined to avoid pain and since labor is pain in itself, it follows that men will resort to Plunder whenever Plunder is easier than work. When Plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men living in society, they create for themselves, in the course of time, a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it.” The Law, Bastiat.

So then, the question before us is this, “What will it take for us, the American Males, to alter, abolish or destroy this false and tyrannical, current United States, fake, foreign owned, “corporate government” that has become so destructive to our well being?” Always remember, the word “government” stems from Latin and means “mind control.” Are we to play “patty cakes” with these corrupt politicians while they utter stupidities, inanities and absurdities?” Remember the self admitted Communist Obama, “Change you can believe in.” What a riot!! Are we to hold hands with criminal politicians while they slap the handcuffs on us? Are we to believe like children, that everything that the “government” does is “for our own good?” Vaccines, anyone? Are we that stupid? I pray not. Have we not petitioned this current government for redress of their wrongs? Have we not attended city council meetings across this nation? Have we not called our Congressmen? Have we not traveled to Washington, District for Criminals, and held silent vigils? Today is April 16th, 2018, one day after Slave Tax Day. Are we not tired yet of our public servant’s inanities, stupidities, and trivialities? Are we not tired of the endemic corruption? Are we not tired of being Plundered? Are we not tired of getting commercially raped? In my Heart of Hearts I wonder what it will take for the sheeple to wake up and become authentic men? The only chance we have to redeem ourselves is to rise and rise again until we remember what it means to be Men. But before we can accomplish that we must shake fear from our hearts and souls, and remember we have a legacy of kicking ass on corrupt governments. Or do We?

Thru the processes of Dialectical Materialism, insidious incrementalism, the Principle of the 5 Cs, confusion, complexity, cognitive dissonance, contradictions, and Chaos, propaganda, deception, subterfuge, usurpation, and manipulation, the “false and corrupt corporate government” has divided us and conquered us by getting us to believe that we, the People, are each other’s enemies. Fast forward to 2020, Antifa and BLM are the new Hunger Games for the Rich, Powerful Elite that are enjoying the entertainment. These evil and Satanic Ruling Elite love violence and chaos, they choke and chortle on Negative Energy in every manner that it can be expressed. The BLM movement is not a grass-roots movement, it is a top down psychological operation well within their control. We are not each other’s enemies!!! The United States fake, foreign owned “corporate government” is our only, and singularly deadly enemy. It is destroying our children and enslaving us to their commercial slavery. Never forget this fact, the “United States government” is a fake, foreign corporation incorporated in 1871 by foreign investors.

Have we the People of this country allowed and participated in the devolution of this country into a tyranny and dictatorship? If this has in fact happened, WE, the People, allowed it to happen on our watch. All tyrannies essentially become “godless” and began to worship the substitute “gods of power and Mammon.” Power and money create a closed loop, synergistic cycle that feed and bolster each other endlessly. Edmunde Burke stated, “The only necessary for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing.” Are we the New Nazi Germany? Just post WWII, the CIA thru its’ Paperclip Operation, invited and imported thousands of Nazi War Criminals into the United States. Are we to be the new Jews targeted for cremation? These Nazi War Criminals were put into key positions of government, politics, corporations, think tanks, universities, corporate boards and so forth. America may have won the physical War, but lost the ideological and political War. Welcome to the “new and improved” Nazi Concentration Camp, fool!!

Politicians and governments love a stupid, docile, and narcotized people. A people in love with their own self proclamations. All men fall in love with their own opinion of themselves. We have the best slogans and facades to hide behind like cowards, and we do not have the courage to “self-analyze and self-criticize.” Thus we will remain in the Matrix of Stupidity while we are marched to the “crematoriums of freedom” while deluding ourselves that we are in fact on the “Yellow Brick Road.” “Land of the free and home of the Brave?” Really? Ok, let’s google the United States rank in “Personal freedoms.” Are we number one? Are we number two? Are we number three? Do we even rank in the top ten?

Here is the CATO Institute rankings:

Human Freedom Index,

The index published here presents a broad measure of human freedom, understood as the absence of coercive constraint. It uses 79 distinct indicators of personal and economic freedom in the following areas:

  • Rule of Law
  • Security and Safety
  • Movement
  • Religion
  • Association, Assembly, and Civil Society
  • Expression and Information
  • Identity and Relationships
  • Size of Government
  • Legal System and Property Rights
  • Access to Sound Money
  • Freedom to Trade Internationally
  • Regulation of Credit, Labor, and Business

The HFI covers 159 countries for 2015, the most recent year for which sufficient data are available. The index ranks countries beginning in 2008, the earliest year for which a robust enough index could be produced.

So where did the US fall on this Freedom category? CATO ranked the US 17th in personal freedoms.

How about some other organizations and ranks. ranked the U.S. 18th. US ranked the US, 8th. ranked the US, 17th. ranked the US, 43rd. ranked the US, 41st. Is it me or is there a pattern of self deception about what this country really is? Are we in reality a third world nation with a chip on our shoulder trying to be a world leader in Freedom? Are we so in love with ourselves that we believe our shit does not stink. So what are we first in? In military spending for sure. We spend more than Russia, China and the next 10 NATO nations put together on the military budget. The military budget will come very close to one trillion dollars in 2018. We manufacture and export more weapons of mass destruction than any other nation in the world. The US is the world’s biggest exporter of weapons to regimes of tyranny. If tyrants can pay, the U.S. is willing to play. Phuck Principles! We are the biggest exporter of nuclear weapons grade material to fascist regimes. We are the world’s largest debtor nation. It’s all about PROFIT, baby!! The United States has created and armed all of the world’s totalitarian regimes years before converting them into Public Enemy # 1. Think Osama bin Laden, Gaddafi, Hussein and numerous others. South American is full of these examples. First the United States “government” installs its darling dictators, and years later, we topple Evil Regimes to “protect democracy” once they have outlived their usefullness. How hypocritical and utterly insane!!

One of the most poignant examples is what happened to Gaddafi, ruler of Libya. You can read about it here: Colonel Muammar Qaddafi – The-Truth.

In the chapter titled, “The First Archons, A Bizarro Opposite World” I examined 56 separate categories and found the United States to be wanting in all categories. In the positive categories, the U.S. always ranked among the worst, often 30th, 40th or 50th. If it was a negative category, the U.S. typically ranked among the top ten worst, and often 1st. It seems that the United States is like a street hooker that insists that she has won the Miss Universe contest. Truth is so brutal that most Americans cannot tolerate it. America is dead, however, the dead cannot compose their own requiem. Our own arrogance and egocentricity will never allow the Truth into the room. No sir, in the United States we do not allow Truth into our Consciousness. Especially politicos, they disdain truth. Political pigs are Toxic Narcissists and Whores. We are to the point where we would rather hear a nice sugar coated lie, than face a Brutal Truth about ourselves, and it is this very characteristic that has resulted in our own destruction.

A prime example is the Native American genocide. Researchers estimate that well over 100 million Native Americans [others estimates top 200 million] were murdered between 1500 and 1900. And we as a nation, have never examined this crime against humanity. Why? Because the United States corporate “government” does not want to accept and acknowledge any responsibility or liability. Reparations would cost trillions, and return of millions of acres to the Native Americans of stolen land by the Deep State/Shadow Government/Secret Cabals. All I can say is that we are in so much trouble. We are within one generation, 25 years of being completely destroyed by our own government thru legislation. I am hopeful and grateful that I will not be alive to witness this final destruction. I feel sorry for the younger generations that will be screwed, blued and tattooed by their Masters. We will be the New Jews, led to slaughter by our own politicos. And we will walk that Walk of Shame and die just like the Jews did in the Nazi Concentration Camps in Germany.

Human nature is full of riddles and contradictions; its very complexity engenders art—and by art I mean the search for something more than simple linear formulations, flat solutions, oversimplified explanations. One of these riddles is: how is it that people who have been crushed by the sheer weight of slavery and cast to the bottom of the pit can nevertheless find strength to rise up and free themselves, first in spirit and then in body; while those who soar unhampered over the peaks of freedom suddenly appear to lose the taste for freedom, lose the will to defend it, and, hopelessly confused and lost, almost begin to crave slavery. Or again: why is it that societies which have been benumbed for half a century by lies they have been forced to swallow find within themselves a certain lucidity of heart and soul which enables them to see things in their true perspective and to perceive the real meaning of events; whereas societies with access to every kind of information suddenly plunge into lethargy, into a kind of mass blindness, a kind of voluntary self deception.” –  Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Warning to the West

Whether we can succeed or not is immaterial. We cannot always choose how we will live. But we can choose how we will die. Victory is about holding on to our moral autonomy. Victory is about demanding, no matter the cost, justice. Victory is speaking the truths the ruling elites seek to silence. A life like this is worth living. And in times of radical evil these lives—ironic points of light, as W.H. Auden wrote—impart not only hope but the power of the sacred.” Chris Hedges,

My Voice is the Cry from the Wilderness,


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