Urgently Needed: Your Superpowers

Urgently Needed: Your Superpowers

By TLB Staff Author: Lucille Femine

Don’t be intimidated by the title. We all have them, even the most depraved beings in the universe. It’s just that they have traded in theirs for the more lucrative abilities to destroy and dominate. Most of us take the decent path of expressing our true humanity in small and big ways. But the destroyers are gaining ground and we need to call on those powers and dust them off.

You might be thinking right now: How do we do get rid of these creeps? Destroy them? Salvage them since they are good underneath all the crud? Well, one thing is I believe we all come back over and over. So if we simply wipe out their bodies, they will return, maybe in worse shape because now they are equipped with revenge.

On the other hand, I’m not anxious or willing to salvage them right now. They don’t deserve it. So what might be the answer? I think we should isolate them away from us sane people who only want to live happily and help others live. That will give us breathing room to keep creating and repairing the damage, to expand and be prosperous.

Meanwhile, when it’s time, there are sane, practical ways to rehabilitate the insane without resorting to psychiatry and their pet drugs and shock treatment.

It’s being said all over the internet that this era in our lives of near destruction of the whole planet will get worse and in the end, we will have some form of heaven. In other words, we are going through the dark before the dawn. It’s expressed in various ways – from biblical quotes to encounters with extraterrestrials who are here to either dominate or help – depending on who you listen to. Or it’s the Luciferians and that whole crowd. Whether they exist or not is really not the point. The idea and talk of them injects fear in magnitude and instills a belief that we cannot overcome them. It’s fascinating to watch videos about them and about the extraterrestrials but, for me, the end result seems to be mere entertainment laced with anxiety. The “opiate of the masses?” It’s mental fluoride.

So, back to your superpowers. I once read a true story of a mother who lifted a 2000 pound car to rescue her child from underneath it. How did that happen? She defied the physical universe and used her innate strength which is far more powerful. In emergencies, we humans do amazing SUPER-human things.

I had a similar experience when my daughter was ten years old. It was a beautiful September day on the first day of school. I was holding her hand on the way there. Suddenly, a man came up from behind, scooped her up and ran ahead to a waiting car. It took me two seconds to register what was happening. I ran so fast I still, to this day, don’t know how I did it. I reached the car, the back doors were open and I jumped in. He was sitting on her as she reached out, calling “Mommy!”

In another few seconds, I decided to beat on him while I screamed without taking a breath and with my legs hanging outside the car. Many people had gathered on the street in shock. Finally, he threw us out and took off.

When I got home, I saw that a good deal of my lower body was covered in black and blues. I realized he had been kicking hard to get me out of the car. At the time, I didn’t feel a thing. My only thought which fueled my strength and determination was that she was going to be raped and sold as a prostitute.

At the police station, the officer took notes on my story without a word of acknowledgment or understanding. He looked up at me and, in so many words, said he thinks I staged it (??) It was too unbelievable for him. Apparently, he didn’t believe in my part-time superpowers.

But they were there. I could never have done that if they simply stole my purse. Why risk my life for that?

I’m sure you have heard similar stories of miraculous rescues. These abilities are innate, always ready to launch and not limited to motherhood.

The only reason all this destruction is happening now is because we have been taught and conditioned, through all means possible, to believe we cannot change it. What can “little ole me do?” Trash that, please.

They don’t need guns and bombs. They are using something far more deadly. They are destroying our minds and spirit. That is where you live. It’s truer than the most obvious things in the real world. They know that and they are coming after it with unheard of speed.

It’s a fact that religion becomes much more popular during times of massive crisis. People innately know the power of their own spirit and call upon it through whatever beliefs they follow. While it’s true that many simply use it as a crutch and beg God to do all the work to save them, there are some who decide to abandon their doubts in themselves and call on their own inner strength.

We need to be in that mode now. Many are saying we are on the verge of a great spiritual awakening. Yes, I believe that; I perceive it. But it won’t happen while we passively sit and wait for it to happen or wait for a few “more powerful” beings to do it. You know what? I believe we were dumped here on this planet because of that very thing – we were too powerful and too rebellious for the evil ones to handle.

So what do we have here? A lot of very able, rebellious loners and no organization. That is our downfall. With great intention to win and overcome, we need to be cool and calm, join together and make real plans. As they do. They are great organizers.

We can’t win by simply organizing in the streets to protest. Look what they did with that. Staged a police murder and then pulled in Antifa and Black Lives Matter to shatter our efforts. There has to be more clever ways.

We are in a spiritual war. We fight it through spiritual means. I do it through a form of meditation. I don’t call it that but it’s very similar. I simply sit or lie down, get very still and empty my mind of all thoughts. Thinking is overrated. My attempt is to reach ME. If I’m successful, my day becomes much more focused and productive.

So, calling on yourself and your strength is not a passive activity. Whatever means you use to achieve this state is vital now. It leads to true victory.

I’ll end with a comforting thought: all the abominations they are pouring on us are the result of fear and panic. We are becoming too aware and gathering our forces. Perhaps their careful planning is collapsing under the weight of their anxieties and their reaction is little more than a child’s tantrum. Treat it accordingly.

Uncover yourself, join with friends, plan and act.


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