The Ugly Only Mildly-Wet Red Drizzle 2022

The ugly only mildly-wet Red Drizzle 2022


Early Mid-Terms 2022 post-mortem: follow-up to Brief (pre-Election) Analysis of MidTerms Election and The Party of kNOw pieces from me the last few weeks.

NOTE: Article data as of Wed Nov 9 17:30 ET (as counts remain stalled, seem static, all through-out Wednesday)


By: Joseph M. Lenard

The weather-man stated the need for a heavy raincoat for Hurricane preparations, instead it fizzled out before hitting landfall and all you really needed was a hat (not even an umbrella)…

The Polls were right in one respect, that there were many close Races (within the margin of error) that could have gone either way; and likely would have had the predicted model held. Sadly, we came out on the wrong side of far too many of those. Like the Detroit Red Wings over the last couple of seasons who lost more 1 goal close games than any other team, competitive and many of those games could have gone in their direction but in the did not, and how close doesn’t ultimately matter, just how many in the win and loss columns does. The Polls were wrong in that the Economy (#BIDENflation and destruction of USA Energy Independence pressures on prices of everything) would be the over-riding factor in/for all Races.

FASCICRATS* through Baby Killing and buying young Votes with College funds relief buyoff (who turned out in untraditionally higher numbers, often overtaking the Black and Hispanic shifting toward GOP numbers (except Arkansas, Florida, and maybe NV as the slow walking of the count continues there)) landed up offsetting the Red Wave into a DRIZZLE instead.

VIDEO 12s “That’s all”

Actually that is NOT ALL, several places, most importantly right now, AZ and GA (with the latter definitely going to a Run-Off in December and another very important, all-hands-on-deck, needed turn-out battle) our U.S. Senate Candidates underperformed compared to our Governor Candidates (so we still have shot at AZGov (as Kari Lake, as of this Wednesday evening slightly behind around 4,000 Votes) but the AZSen may be out of reach as last-minute comeback (Kelly’s lead over Master is around 83,000 Votes)) that really hurt by the disconnect (that is IF the Votes outstanding break as the pattern thus far, and depending on the “50 thousand ‘Emergency’ Ballots” (which no-one seems to have a clue what the Hell those supposedly are and if Dem Fraud breaking heavy to FASCICRATS all bets are off)). As was case in OH too, but DeWine’s margin was such there were enough coattails to/for JD to cross the finish line despite his multiple point lag under DeWine’s support.

People that know AZ (including my friend Gary who moved from MI to AZ several years ago and is very active in GOP activism there now) and NV (where Laxalt is up by about 20,000 and the margin should get wider, not closer) far better than I, say if the Vote patterns hold and given where the Vote games slow walk counts continue as expected. The GOP will get control of the U. S. Senate even before the GA Run-off Race, and hopefully then a Walker win in that gives a bit of cushion. But, again, shenanigans can are likely to be attempted with these delays – like what the Hell are those Ballots that is being called “Emergency Ballots?” if Leftist drop-box or harvesting antics again they steal all the Races in AZ – we have to watch them closely these next few days. We have to watch CA still, closely, to ensure no shenanigans do not steal some seat there that are leaning GOP way that will affect the U. S. House majority margin the GOP is still likely on pace to obtain. It is also very possible that the Michigan Races get closer if they bother to count the Votes though not likely to reverse any Dem wins in MI, but entirely possible the loss margins get worse with more Democrat shenanigans – Vote harvested fraud like we all know went on in CO and PA this cycle.

Michigan GOP was beat by the KILLING BABIES agenda and those College Kids from out of State (not MI Residents, they are transients and have no business being allowed to Vote here) turning up in record numbers when young folks usually don’t turn out so much – again, for the loan reducing handouts bribe.

All these things demonstrating ALL POLITICS IS LOCAL and despite many in Polls leading to Mid-Terms saying ECONOMY (It’s the Economy Stupid mantra that worked in the past) was their #1 issue – when it came to it Nationalizing the Election FAILED and locals falling for the Dem CON (couple, SPIN and LIES propaganda) yet again took precedent in far too many more than predictable outcomes for Races.

I was supposed to go on SAVAGED UNFILTERED Wed 11/9 to discuss all this and more, however another Storm is pounding FL again and causing the SU-podcast to have to go silent for the next several days.

VIDEO 18s INCONCEIVABLE (maybe more-so, inconsolable)

As for Election day/night shenanigans, yup plenty of those too to still talk about, but I’ll just mention two in Michigan that may made difference for Dem’s in the Tuebor State:

Reported from Redford and Garden City having people ILLEGALLY use Sharpies rather than VALID BLUE OR BLACK INK PENS as even says IS REQUIRED on the Secrecy Sleeve outlines. Why? They use Dominion, which then places improperly read Ballots (as is high probability with Sharpie) into ADJUDICATION mode/folder where Votes are “interpreted for SUPPOSED intent” and the Voter fraud of changing Votes occurs. ALL STATES MUST OUTLAW ANY MACHINE WITH AN ADJUDICATION FUNCTION – PERIOD! If a Machine CANNOT PROPERLY PROCESS ENTIRE BALLOT it MUST BE REQUIRED to kick it out and make the Voter correct anything unreadable or spoil the Ballot and make the Voter fill out a Ballot properly to be accepted/counted to avoid Voter fraud.

NO MORE EXCUSES for this sharpie nonsense. And MIGOP needs to file suit to demand hand counts where the Dominion machines with lots of ADJUDICATION likely again happening – that Left can and likely is cheating again with (and why I think Michigan wasn’t closer even with the Kids Votes). Though I did not, and should have, discussed in my Elections Reforms needed NOW piece on TLB a several weeks back – as 2022 has clearly demonstrated the issues of 2020 WERE NOT ADDRESSED. And, sadly, due to some of the Election results of this week WILL NOT BE as FASCICRATS will block them the places they are needed the most (MI, PA, etc.).

ELECTION SHENANIGANS ALREADY were coming in at 9amET (just one-hour after Polls opened in Michigan)…

Since I am #Webmaster for MICD12GOP and TRC I get calls, cuz the MIGOP in Lansing NEVER answers their phone, and their voice-mail system often full and therefore people cannot leave messages, and peoples’ concerns are pressing on Election day and they need to get a human on the phone ASAP.

“X” (name withheld) in #DEARBORN (surprise anyone after the dust-up at the School-Board and many Muslims saying they are going to Vote #GOP this time) was told he already Voted AVB and couldn’t Vote. HE KNEW the Law and demanded that Ballot (if real, it wasn’t, he called their shenanigans attempt to disenfranchise him bluff) be SPOILED so he could Vote. They were trying to PREVENT REPUBLICAN VOTES. #KnowYourRights

But, Colbert will claim it DIDN’T HAPPEN and “X” isn’t real (I should have recorded the call for playback) just like the Left pretends Khalil doesn’t exist (see the story Reported from the Tudor Dixon Dearborn MI rally that I attended).

So, bottom-line: the Races have to be taken, examined, State by State, on their own merits, with all the above indeed factors for a majority of the cases. As, again, we did indeed see some of those SHIFTINGS being discussed which created the blowout in FL that was predicted to be closer, and effecting the AZ and NV Races (but not completely) as the other above factors played out too. As for PA, clearly now a completely lost Blue State. And last thought on Michigan (making it now from Purple to Blue State forever more) – there will never, ever, again, be an honest/open Election with the passage of Proposal 2 Dem’s cheat initiative.

One good note on the RINO-hunting front, unless there are shenanigans in the slow-walked counting in Alaska, CINO/RINO Murkowski is likely to be replaced by Republican Tshibaka (which also helps in the fight to unseat McConnel as Leader going forward, though not likely this cycle). Though, as of this writing, there is still 25% of the Votes to be reported and only a 1.7% (3,522 Votes, with 75% tallies reported) separation. And despite what Greg Gutfeld said on The Five today, the U. S. Senate control is every bit as important as GOP (and the Race within the Race more Conservatives than RINOs in the majority) getting control in that body too to BLOCK more Liberal Activist Judges being appointed into the system by Biden and Schumer as the Left then constantly uses Courts to work their way around the Legislative process.

* NOT HYPERBOLE – irrefutable details in: The NAZI label often gets tossed about… Let’s examine the claims…

Last minute Wed 11/9 update:
Here we go, surprise, surprise, surprise, but not really
NV Dems all of a sudden LONG AFTER POLLS CLOSED (a full day later) now announce WE FOUND ANOTHER 50,000 BALLOTS in those unsecure DropBoxes… Care to guess by what margin (like 95%) they will break FOR THE #FASCICRATS who are behind.
How can it be LEGAL for DropBoxes to remain OUT AND AVAILABLE FOR DROP OFFS after the Polls MUST BE CLOSED BY LAW.

And, IF we are not going to outlaw these unsecured ballot harvesting stuffing cheat-boxes we must (at least) add to my list of ELECTION REFORMS NEEDED NOW that All DropBox Ballots must be retrieved and the Boxes locked/secured/removed or otherwise made inoperable to receive more ballots by 23:59 local time of Election night by Law to prevent the obvious that is going on in NV now.


About the Author: Joseph M. Lenard was a former writer for Super Simple Computer Enterprises, REDSTATE, Grassfire, and Rattle With Us – MI TEAParty (where he was Writing Committee Chair) and others. Joseph is a current content provider at Before It’s News and The Liberty Beacon. He is also the Author of: “Terror Strikes: Coming Soon to a City Near You”!

Joseph Martin Lenard (@JLenardDetroit)
author: Terror Strikes (buy)
12CDRC, Wayne12, Committees member
W12 Newsletter Editor Wayne-12CDRC Newsletter
MI 12th CDRC Webmaster
Taylor (MI) Republicans Club TRC Michigan Webmaster
Terror Strikes book (B4IN write-up)

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3 Comments on The Ugly Only Mildly-Wet Red Drizzle 2022

  1. The USSenate map is more favorable for GOP gains 2024 cycle (they cycles matter) than this one, though will still should have done better this cycle… As part of setup for 2024…

    PUNISH THE LEFT, including those University Liberal Elites…

    Here’s a thought for #GOP led (still pending, if enough Left cheating prevents it) #USHouse 1st Bill… Hear me out…
    Legal (not illegal EO) STUDENT DEBT RELIEF ACT
    Bill to provide Student Debt Relief PAID FOR BY A ONE TIME WEALTH TAX OF UNIVERSITY ENDOWMENTS since it was/is fault of the Universities they have that Debt (NOT Biden’s shifting of Debt to be paid by those who did not attend College). ALSO, in the Bill, requirement all Tuition’s be SLASHED by 10% and CAPPED (Left loves price controls) at no more than #CPI or 5% (whichever LESS).
    Dare #USSenate Dems to Block or #Biden to #Veto to prove they care more about UNIVERSITY ADMINS AND PROFESSORS ELITES than the Students and the Taxpayers this would protect!!

  2. Idiot #RINO #KevinMcCarthy (shows again his unprincipled Career Politician side, as all the Swamp will say anything convenient for SPIN over principle) is now running around saying WE WON THE NATIONAL POPULAR VOTE this cycle, so it really was a great #RedWave. So, is idiot #McCarthy now joining with the #FASCICRATS and their #NationalPopularVote to eliminate the #ElectoralCollege bandwagon?? What an idiot, the NATL POPULAR #VOTE is irrelevant ANY #ELECTION, it determines NOTHING. What matters are District by District in MidTerms, and State by State for #POTUS cycles – NEVER, EVER, The #NPV. Only an unprincipled moron desperate for #SPIN would cite such. YES, if we get control of the USHouse is good, and we’ve been building to this, but HONESTY that they again screwed up an Election that they should have done much better in matters (and control of the USSenate matters to BLOCK lib activist Judge appointments, they may have blown).

  3. In the gotta keep a sense-of-humor and if we don’t laugh we’d be suicidal dept line of thinking – I just saw the latest from #TheBabylonBee and one of the jokes was “10 ways to cope when an Election doesn’t go your way” but I really wanted to share the frustration we all on the Right have and The Bee played upon in a poke The Bee has as a picture of Mitch McConnell and the caption: Republican Party staves off Red Wave.
    Yup, humor, but with biting reality about RINOs point!

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