TLB Special: Psychiatry, Voodoo Science and the Invasion of Our Minds

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“The only biochemical imbalances in the brains of those who see a psychiatrist … are those that are put in there by a psychiatrist” – Peter R. Breggin, Psychiatrist & MD

Article updated August 10, 2015

Preface by: Roger Landry (TLB)

How many people do you know that are on psychiatric or psychotropic drugs of one form or another for maladies that run the gambit from mild depression to hyperactivity?

It is estimated that well over seventy million Americans are on mind altering drugs (over 20% of the entire country’s population and some estimate it approaches 100 million) and the proof that these drugs are doing more damage to these individuals than any possible positive benefits mounts daily.

Where is the scientific peer reviewed proof that these drugs or psychiatric procedures are effective? Why are more of our children put on dangerous drugs at the drop of a hat by psychiatrists, drugs that clearly state a side affect of increased thoughts of suicide … and the child and  teenage suicide rate in America is increasing at an alarming rate.

The unholy marriage of the voodoo science of Psychiatry and the Big Pharma industry is wreaking havoc on American society, backed by and enforced (more each day) by government agencies whose mandate is to protect us … WHY ???

Lets talk about this …

Please listen as My Co-Host Lucille Femine and I welcome Our special guest on this TLB Special, Jack Broad.

Jack is the Director of Citizens Commission on Human Rights, New York City chapter. This is a powerful group devoted to exposing Psychiatry for its crimes against humanity. By trade, he is computer programmer and by life mission, he is a crusader in this fight to eradicate this destructive force.

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Psychiatry’s Nightmare

By TLB Contributor: Jack Broad

What you’re about to listen to reviews one of the most shocking areas of life that I have encountered. There’s an enemy here in our land that our forefathers would have immediately hung for being so despicably treasonous to life and liberty. And they’re hiding in plain sight.

Psychiatry has managed to swindle the government, con its way into our school systems, our elderly day care centers, foster care system, prisons, military and more. It has managed to set itself up as an “authority” on mental health when the results of its “healing” is anything but health. They violate the Hippocratic Oath continuously and violently and yet are somehow given a “pass” to continue to commit these crimes against humanity.

In short, psychiatry kills people, it dumbs them down; it produces drug-addled zombies. It does this in the very worst of ways. It convinces people that it alone should be turned to for the simple capitalistic reason that it can easily rake in 100’s of billions of dollars for their brand of supposed mental health and a huge portion of these billions comes out of the very tax dollars that you pay every year – insane treatments, drugs and combinations of lethal toxins are blithely handed out and people swallow this freakishness literally and figuratively.

In too many instances to be counted, psychiatry has maneuvered itself into the position where if you don’t want to take their “medicine”, they can force you to take it. Very recently yet another recent mass killing in Charleston, South Carolina – the person who did the killing is found to have been on psychiatric drugs. Yet the “reason” for this is given as “he wasn’t on the right sort of meds” or “poor guy was just a victim of his environment” or some such gibberish masquerading as reason.

Psychiatry shocks, magnetizes, drugs, implants electrodes and shoots electricity straight into our brains and says – he wasn’t responding to meds so we had to shock him so he could “live a better life” and “shocking people is part of our “toolkit”. “These brutal treatments are his only hope”. Go look at here and here for some examples of the “better lives” that psychiatry has brought about. Don’t explain psychiatry away as being “they’re just trying their best.” They are not. They are death obsessed creeps looking to wreak as much havoc on the world for the lowest of reasons – money, power and control over populations and the minds of men. All in the disguised “name of help”.

Psychiatry believes that you are an animal, that you have no soul, that you are simply a stimulus response mechanism whereby the brain cells fire off a few pulses of electricity and lo and behold a “thought” is created. Poor psychiatry! It cannot even see the most simple examples of cause and effect that there are. A person is sad and that sadness is expressed on his body. That is Cause (the person himself) and Effect (the body).

The psychiatrist believes that sadness and other emotions and thoughts are simply triggered by atoms and molecules bouncing off each other in some random fashion and that by SHOCKING your skull or inducing a current of electricity in your brain through magnetic seizure “therapy” – that this will somehow remove or “jolt you” out of the depression. It does not treat the Causes. They are steadfast in their belief that there is no human spirit. No god. It’s a godless, robotic world, where the ruination and death of animals (humans) is completely rationalized and justified.

In every single article that can be found by psychiatrists about these crazy treatments – on every company’s web site that is building “brain devices that they want to apply to your brain” – every one states clear as back and white – “we don’t really understand what the brain is doing”. Or “it is thought that these drugs act by …” They don’t even understand anything about the brain itself yet they’re willing to play Russian roulette with your mind and life by “experimenting” on you. The literally hundreds of millions of dollars in wasted taxpayer monies being spent freely by these jokers is simply mind-boggling. Hollywood could not invent such a horror story and have anyone believe it.

Psychiatry creates these supposed disorders by voting in a committee. These dopes want you to believe that their invented disorders are biological in nature. That is a complete falsity. There are no tests that can be done to prove these disorders exist. In other words, it’s completely arbitrary, enforced by authority. Psychiatry demonstrates an astounding amount of stupidity the likes of which is stupefying indeed. Do not let the wool be pulled over your eyes. Do not abdicate your own responsibility to become more informed.

Most of you know more about living, life, friendship, emotions, than any psychiatrist does. Each of you demonstrates kindness, tolerance and willingness to help your friends. A psychiatrist is not your friend and is not my friend. He’s the modern day boogie man waiting to gobble up you and your life or the life of one of your loved ones – or neighbors. He’s the guy that children are afraid of at night, waiting in the shadows to shovel drugs which will take that child down into a spinning nightmare of a world where violent acts and suicide become tended toward.

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If you were to go to someone for assistance and were given something completely opposite to what you wanted, that would be called “betrayal after trust”. “Betrayal after trust” is the very heart of Treasonous behavior, whether on a personal level, a national level or global level. Psychiatry is in a condition of TREASON to mankind – that’s their daily bread – death and destruction clothed in the “name of help”. It is a snake in the grass ready to strike out at you. It needs to be eradicated. The arrogance of these clowns is beyond belief. They need to be brought back under the law! Do your part

How to take action: Go to CCHR.ORG to get fully informed. Take a few minutes each day over the next week. Watch the Public Service Announcements at CCHR.ORG. Watch the documentaries there about psychiatry. Read the Mental Health Declaration which clearly lists out the rights that mental health patients should have and how they should be treated. Email me at Jack@CCHRNY.ORG. Tell me your horror stories.

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