Will the US-Created ISIS Attack Americans on US Soil?



By Joachim Hagopian

Those of us in alternative news media shoulder a growing responsibility of shedding light on the truth where little to none exists anymore either in government and mainstream media. As such, citizens of the world but especially of America need to know that the so called Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) like al Qaeda before them are the created, well-paid, well-armed secret mercenary ally of the US Empire in cahoots with Israel, other Western nations, NATO, and US Muslim allies Saudi Arabia, Turkey and other oil-rich Gulf state puppets.

Overwhelming evidence has been amassed to expose this basic fundamental fact. This sobering reality in and of itself proves that key members of the international crime syndicate posing as the US government have violated their sworn oaths to protect and defend America from both foreign and domestic enemies and clearly committed repeated acts of treason. The same neocons responsible for murdering 3000 of their own American citizens on 9/11 have also been the creators of ISIS and they have the blood of five US servicemen on their hands in Chattanooga… not to mention the millions of people in the Middle East and North Africa.

No sooner did Islamic State forces invade Iraq in June 2014, within days a groundswell of relentless warnings ever since have been pumped out of the feds’ echo-chambers, be it Homeland Security, the US intelligence community, law enforcement, Border Patrol and prominent Republican politicians like Senator Lindsey Graham, all insisting sooner than later another 9/11-like attack by ISIS is imminent on US soil. In Graham’s own words:


The seeds of 9/11’s are being planted all over Iraq and Syria. They want an Islamic caliphate that runs through Syria and Iraq… and they plan to drive us out of the Mideast by attacking us here at home.

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers (R-MI) warned:

I guarantee you: this is a problem that we will have to face and we’re either going to face it in New York City or we’re going to face it here. These are not monkey bar terrorists out in the desert somewhere planning some very low-level attack. These are sophisticated, command and controlled, seasoned combat veterans who understand the value of terrorism operations external to the region, meaning Europe and the United States. That is about as dangerous a recipe as you can put together.

The Intelligence Committee Chairman in Congress must know that these ISIS fighters as US mercenary allied boots on the ground in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen and spreading globally are extremely well financed, trained and armed by his own US coffers. Meanwhile, Army Colonel Kenneth King, a US detention camp commander in Iraq, reminded the Daily Beast last year that when the current ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was let out of his prison in 2009, he promised, “I’ll see you guys in New York.” According to Edward Snowden documents, to top it all off, Baghdadi is reputedly a born and bred Israeli citizen and Mossad agent named Elliot Shimon.

A host of high profile shills from the dirty politics game including former Texas governor (and still GOP presidential wannabe) Rick Perry the same week he was indicted for felony fraud charges last year jumped on the bandwagon chorus raising fears in Americans that there are terrorists sneaking across the US border by way of Obama’s flagrant open door policy. It’s directly out of the old “Red Scare” playbook from the 1950’s that for years had US citizens worried that there’s “a Commie lurking under every American bed.”

Of course politicians are notorious masters of deceit, preying on public fear by constantly planting false information and propaganda to manipulate and shape citizens’ perceptions and opinions for votes and popularity. Since 9/11 the all too familiar national security card has been constantly utilized to arouse fear as a means of controlling Americans while stripping us of our civil liberties and constitutional freedoms, perpetrating mass deception as if enslavement to tyranny is making us any more secure. And since the feds and the terrorists are secretly on the same demonic team together, Islamic State attacks against innocent Americans on domestic soil may actually come to pass, potentially as soon as the next false flag.

Leave it to Fox News to drive home the open border issue with documentarian pundit Dennis Michael Lynch’s emphatic assertion that “ISIS are already here!” In recent years a number of whistleblowing Border Patrol agents have come forth complaining and lamenting that Washington has intentionally tied their hands to prevent them from doing their job to securely protect our border with Mexico. Overriding directives from Obama’s Homeland Security Department have consistently sabotaged border protection. Border Patrol whistleblower Hector Garcia told CNN that the Obama administration is “aiding, abetting and facilitating the smuggling of illegal aliens across the border,” adding that the US border is being “organized and orchestrated” by the Mexican drug cartels. Vice President of the National Border Patrol Council Shawn Moran told Breitbart last October, “We are simply being ordered to stand down and stop tracking and trying to apprehend the criminals, including possible terrorists,” adding that this Obama policy applies to Border Patrol agents across the boards from California to Texas.

In May 2014 Obama declared the Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks as a National Monument along a large chunk of the New Mexico-Mexico border (containing 500,000 acres) which restricts Border Patrol mobility since it can neither make arrests nor gain access. With only foot traffic permitted, Obama’s intervention is good only for the Mexican drug cartels, undocumented immigrants, criminal gangs and ISIS. Additionally, the steady flow of humans destroys the natural environment, the very rationale Obama uses to designate land as National Forests, Wildlife Refuges and National Monuments. Enormous sized gaps along the Texas, New Mexico and Arizona borders provide safe haven passageways for thousands of illegals that may well include terrorists to freely enter the United States. More than a third of the near 2,000 mile stretch of the US-Mexico border has been deemed unsecured. Hence, Obama’s open border policy is clearly not in the best interests of either the United States or its citizens.

Of course last summer also marked the humanitarian crisis when 60,000 unsupervised children mostly from Central America converged on our southern border tying up and exhausting Border Patrol personnel and resources, forcing them to become babysitters and social workers. 70% of the Border Patrol agents were assigned to processing the illegals, leaving only 30% of the workforce to patrol and protect our border. It was a free pass not only for the minors but also for drug smugglers, human traffickers and criminal elements including terrorists.

A full year ago and less than a month after ISIS entered Iraq, US intelligence officials were predicting that the Islamic State terrorists intend to mobilize their power far beyond the Middle East. Of course over this last year, the IS jihadists have more than proven this statement true. A photo of a hand holding an ISIS flag in front of the White House was tweeted with the message dated August 9th, 2014, “A message from ISIS to U.S. – We are in your state. We are in your cities. We are in your streets.”

A UN report stated that just from June 2014 to March 2015 alone, the ISIS ranks grew by a whopping 25,000 foreign volunteer recruits signing up to kill infidels, many new members originating from the West spanning most countries on earth. This spike marked a 71% increase in Islamic State terrorists in only nine months. With such a fast growing, menacing force, is it any wonder ISIS is spreading like a cancer around the globe?

Anyone who understands how ISIS came to be should not be surprised by the success of the US created Islamic State expanding its territorial control globally from the Middle East (Iraq, Syria, Yemen) into North Africa (Libya, Tunisia, Algeria) and further south into sub-Saharan Africa partnering with Nigeria’s Boko Harem and Somalia’s al-Shabaab. A couple months ago the Pentagon and Defense Intelligence Agency documents clearly showed that back in 2012 even before ISIS was ISIS that its rapid growth was by Empire design. Several weeks prior to this embarrassing revelation being uncovered, the same Pentagon was caught hiding the Islamic State’s massive expansion. And now the latest movement has ISIS spreading into Ukraine while working feverishly eastward towards the South Caucasus of Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan and northeastward into Russia by way of Chechnya and Dagestan.

ISIS’ overt promises to attack Americans on US soil has been reverberated repeatedly by neocon warnings that Islamic State is waging a global war invading and perpetrating jihadist terrorism worldwide. Not by accident, the one nation that seems most immune from any Islamic State violence thus far is none other than Israel. Perhaps Netanyahu’s trips to his Golan Heights hospital cheering up his wounded jihadi terrorists are paying off.

The diabolical symbiotic relationship between the US-Israeli criminal governments and the Islamic State co-depend on each other for sustainable power and influence. Ironically and hypocritically, it was Secretary of State John Kerry who described Syrian President Assad’s relationship with ISIS as “symbiotic.” Between the three globally destructive forces, US Empire, apartheid Israel and ISIS all share the same designed outcomes wherever their killing machines spread, effectively destabilizing and “balkanizing” every violent hotspot in the Middle East, Africa and Eastern Europe leaving in their wake more ravaged, war torn failed states with the list growing yearly. So far the tag team trio’s batting .1000.

Last October Breitbart news posted an FBI internal document warning of homegrown violent extremists (HVE) and radicalized ISIS sympathizers carrying out attacks against law enforcement and government personnel within the US. This FBI bulletin came in response to ISIS social network messages posted by none other than big daddy Baghdadi himself instructing jihadists and domestic wannabes to kill cops and soldiers in both America and abroad.

And then like clockwork just nine months later an ISIS sympathizer allegedly shows up at the two local Chattanooga US military sites three weeks ago and slaughters four Marines and a sailor. Within hours of opening day of the infamous Jade Helm 15 exercises, the July 16th shooting raises a number of questions and suspicions that it too appears to be another false flag, joining the growing list of proven false flag events regularly employing crisis actors from 9/11 to Sandy Hook to the Boston Marathon bombing to this year’s recent Charleston AME church shooting.

Prior to the announcement that Muhammad Youssef Abulazeez was the identified killer, a twitter account claiming to be ISIS was already taking credit just moments after the initial story broke. A sinister federal agenda using its state sponsored domestic terrorism is preying on the fears of Americans in order to justify the $38.2 billion Homeland Security budget at financially strapped taxpayer expense. The feds are even carelessly resorting to hiring the same crisis actors in multiple false flag incidents. Another perhaps most important function that these false flags serve is paving the way for progressively more devastating false flags in the future, priming the US populace into passively fearfully accepting the despicable lies and deceptions of its government’s official narrative.

The Chattanooga shooting last month was not the first supposed ISIS terrorist act in America. Three months ago ISIS claimed responsibility for another false flag event inGarland Texas, the same state designated “hostile” as the Jade Helm hotly debated battlefront. The timing of the US Special Forces announcement of Jade Helm and the firestorm it created in Texas followed so closely by the Charlie Hebdo-like shooting of two radicalized ISIS wannabes in Garland reeked of false flag stench. The would-be terrorists were allegedly shot dead before even entering the building where the cartoon contest lampooning Mohammad was taking place.

The Los Angeles Times as early as September last year began reporting that the government watchdog group called Judicial Watch was claiming that ISIS was present in Ciudad Juarez. The Judicial Watch report stated that ISIS was planning to attack the US with “car bombs or other vehicle borne improvised explosive devices.” Nearby Fort Bliss in El Paso along with Homeland Security and the Defense and Justice Departments were placed on high alert. The Timesarticle went on to quote a former CIA operations officer confirming the chummy relationship between the Mexican drug cartels and al Qaeda and now ISIS. As it turned out no such terrorist attacks near the US border have occurred in the subsequent year that’s followed. But that neither precludes terrorism from being committed on US soil in the future nor does it fail to psychologically condition and prepare Americans for its eventuality. Last year’s heightened hype alert becomes part of the ongoing process that is programming Americans to blame ISIS and Muslims in general (despite the fact that IS hired thugs are not practicing true Islam) instead of the real culprits behind the violence and terror, the crime cabal US government and the globalists controlling and dictating the feds’ policies.

Back in mid-April this year Judicial Watch was at it again reporting that just eight miles from the US border near El Paso ISIS was busily preparing for war against America at a joint drug cartel training camp. The Judicial Watch sources were a high ranking Mexican field grade officer and a Mexican Federal Police officer. Another ISIS cell is said to be operating further west across the New Mexico border. Apparently a joint operation by the Mexican Army and the Federales allegedly discovered ISIS documents in Arabic language along with Muslim prayer rugs and plans for attacks on Fort Bliss.

The Juarez cartel control the area along the US border and their coyotes are alleged to be moving ISIS fighters through the unsecured open stretches that Obama makes off limits to Border Patrol in New Mexico as well as Texas. ISIS is reported to be engaging in reconnaissance missions scoping out potential US targets that include Fort Bliss, home of the Army’s 1st Armored Division, America’s largest military post the White Sands Missile Range and government facilities in Alamogordo, New Mexico, Holloman Air Force Base, electric power plants and regional universities.

Last October Judicial Watch disclosed that four ISIS terrorists had been caught in a 36-hour period crossing the border into the US. In a separate incident in February this year a Russian operative posing as a military trainer was caught and released by Border Patrol. For every potential terrorist enemy caught, no doubt dozens are entering the US through one of Obama’s safe corridors. The official response of the Obama administration allowing this undeniable threat to American lives to continue unabated is simply to deny, deny, deny.

“No imminent threat is posed by ISIS at the US southern border” according to both Homeland Security and the FBI. The Council on Foreign Relations that dictates US foreign policy released an article in its Foreign Affairs just this last February boasting a title claiming “ISIS is on the run.”

And from the six oligarch owned mainstream media corporations controlling the news, not a peep was heard about terrorists at our border. Perhaps because Obama, the FBI, DHS, the CFR and their presstitute press corps are all working covertly with ISIS to destroy America.

Obviously the FBI and others in government are sending out mixed signals as FBI Director James Comey also in February stated, “We have investigations of people in various stages of radicalizing in all 50 states.” Shortly after the ISIS wannabe killed 5 US military personnel last month, retired General Wesley Clark took to the airwaves calling for the government to lock up disloyal Americans as extremists and enemies of the state. Such an inflammatory totalitarian statement brings us ever closer to the critical mass of FEMA camp roundups and civil war in America.

Homegrown radicalized Islamic State terrorists of course fuel Obama, war criminal General Clark and Homeland Security’s drive to wage war against a much broader segment of the US population, including all dissidents, protestors, constitutionalists, environmentalists, veterans, gun owners, Tea Partiers, right wing groups, anti-abortionists, fundamentalist Christians, home schoolers, or anyone who speaks out against the federal government’s tyranny and oppression. The arbitrary labels of belligerents, enemy combatant sympathizers, and domestic terrorists can then be applied to locking up virtually anyone in a FEMA camp or worse yet be murdered by the militarized police state.

Obama and his fascist regime have long recognized that more Americans are growing angrier each year at the gross two-tiered injustice system (one for the privileged elite and the other for the rest of us), the pervasive police state killing of its own citizens (especially African Americans), and the fact that this increasingly armed and dangerous world of global tyranny has only deceptively made us all far less safe. The growing impoverishment resulting from the bankrupt global house of cards debtor system economy on the verge of total collapse has only accelerated the globalists’ doomsday endgame scenario.

After every staged fake ISIS beheading, out come the parade of former CIA propagandists and neocon shills on all the MSM newscasts pontificating how ISIS cells are already operating and multiplying throughout the United States. After all, this charade game’s been going on now long enough that waves of American and Canadian jihadists fresh from the Iraqi and Syrian battlefronts are coming home to plot terror on North American turf. Or the CIA dis-informers will reassure Americans that more of those staged beheadings are on the way in reaction to recent US air strikes that never seem to make any real dent in reducing Islamic State’s ever-growing numbers. Or are they talking about all the US bombs killing off innocent civilians in Iraq and Syria.

Obama’s now bombing Assad’s troops, manipulating what he was determined to do two years ago when the world stopped him as Putin brokered the last minute deal to get Assad to turn in his cache of chemical weapons (despite Obama-backed rebels being guilty of the attack on the Damascus suburb). Obama’s real agenda all along has been to go after Assad, not ISIS. Under the pretense of “rooting out ISIS,” the US and Israeli bombs have attacked Syria’s energy infrastructure by destroying oil refineries and grain storage silos. Anything but wiping out ISIS… kind of like the so called “misplaced” airdrops of vital food, medical and arms supplies that are supposed to be going to the only real fighting force that has half a chance of defeating ISIS, the Kurds in Iraq. But somehow (accidentally on purpose) who seems to invariably wind up with all those supplies? Of course, Empire’s closet ally ISIS, who else? Bottom line, if US Empire possessed the political will, the most potent killing machine on earth could eliminate ISIS in two or three week tops. But the Empire’s forever war on terror would have to end if ISIS suddenly ceased to exist.

Dozens of those pundits from neocon think tanks and prior administrations have been sounding the MSM alarm promoting the idea that a coalition partnership-in-crime has already been forged between the various drug cartels, the MS13 gang and the Islamic State. They also recirculate the belief that Osama bin Laden delivered nuclear technology to al Qaeda operatives here in the US by way of suitcase nukes and they could easily be in Islamic State’s possession now. In actuality, it’s far more likely that the only suitcase nukes strategically planted in various US cities are part of Israel and Mossad’s Sampson Option, global blackmail to the world powers in order to ensure that Israel never gets attacked by any other powerful nation or Israel will nuke the whole lot of us. Nonetheless, no doubt there are evil enough nuke or biological/chemical warfare peddlers out there willing to sell WMD’s for the right price to the likes of ISIS. And based on the money flowing into Islamic State hands from a number of sources like the US, the Saudis and other wealthy Gulf states along with the IS revenue generated from the black market sales of pirated oil and drugs, anything is possible.

Speaking of nuclear material, a month ago Mexican officials had to admit for the third time in less than a year that a truck containing deadly radioactive Iridium-192 was stolen from an area controlled by a drug cartel, the same one training with ISIS. Though in this latest case the material was later recovered, previously missing nuclear substances and even missing nuclear warheads remain unaccounted for. Because a pattern of lost nukes over time persists, it seems inevitable that at some point one or more fall into the wrong hands, particularly when ISIS hands are so well-funded.

In a similar vein, current DHS chief Jeh Johnson in one breath tells 60 Minutes that a number of the returning American IS jihadists from fighting in Syria and Iraq “have been arrested or investigated and we have systems in place to track these individuals.” Then in the very next breath he slips in the small print, “But you can’t know everything.” His last statement is pretty flippantly cavalier, considering it’s his job to keep extremely close tabs on known terrorists operating inside America. Yet in effect he is admitting that it’s not a question of if but when before ISIS kills Americans… oops, it just happened in Chattanooga. Like when the LA earthquake hits, you know the big one, the same holds true for when ISIS strikes America with the big one, instead of five servicemen dying, the big one could take out an entire US city or a few hundred or a few thousand Americans at a time. “Oops, we can’t know everything.” Yet another sobering thought is 5000 Europeans have left home to fight with ISIS and Western Europeans don’t even need visas to enter the US. Oh well, DHS “can’t know everything…” (in)famous last words.

To provide a full backdrop for what’s to come, a brief overview of President Obama’s foreign policy in Latin America will offer insight and understanding of the precarious stage currently being set. Obama’s record south of the border follows suit with his foreign policy everywhere – disastrous except for the globalists pulling his strings. Hilary’s State Department and CIA induced regime change coup ousted the Honduran president in 2009 followed by several more coup attempts that failed to overthrow Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro (recall Bush’s multiple failures at ousting Maduro’s defiant predecessor Hugo Chavez who rightly called Bush “the devil”). Obama policies have empowered criminal gangs such as the MS13 along with the all-powerful Latin American drug cartels to rule much of the Southern Hemisphere with absolute impunity, rampantly inflicting increasing lawless violence on both sides of the US border. Obama has been financing weak, corrupt puppet governments in Central America and Mexico owned and controlled by the drug cartels, enabling both the cartels as well as the United States government to continue bilking enormously obscene profit obtained illegally from the international drug trade boosted also by bumper crop yields of opium and heroin smuggled in from Afghanistan.

Obama is complicit in causing the crime and murder rates in Central American nations to soar among the highest in the entire world. As an example, Honduras’ murder rate is the highest in the world. In El Salvador the lawlessness and lethal dangers facing citizens struggling to work their jobs every day is now so out of control that their feeble government cannot even protect them. The crime cabal gangs and cartels blatantly responsible for the skyrocketing violence are demanding that their extortion fees be codified into law by the national government. In the meantime, El Salvador’s murder rate is up by 50% over last year and with the work force unsafe to leave their homes, the nation’s economy seems in its final death throes. With gang turf wars raging, June saw El Salvador’s highest homicide rate since the civil war nearly a quarter century ago.

As a direct result of all this rampant instability and violent chaos, our treasonous president has burdened an over-strained US tax base with a huge influx of foreign nationals pouring into the US particularly from Central America while endangering American lives by permitting not just decent hardworking people desperately seeking a better life here but outright criminal and terrorist elements free access into the United States. Obama has simply done what he’s been told by his puppet master superiors – destroy America both from within and from outside sources by eroding and weakening the US as a sovereign independent nation. The globalists have orchestrated this same disastrous policy in Europe with an overflow of migrant refugees from North Africa and the Middle East. Meanwhile Obama’s failed policies in Latin America have only enabled Russia to gain a strong military foothold within a growing number of South American countries that to a great extent have boldly rejected US imperialism. Six and a half years of Obama’s so called incompetence by NWO design has set the stage for an imminent CIA-neocon planned ISIS invasion of America.

Just as the invented, made-in-the-USA’s new and improved bogey man splashed onto the headlines last year, right on cue ever since the very government insiders who in fact created and have been financing this latest enemy on steroids have been spewing out dire warnings of catastrophic proportions that lay ahead for America, as if to prep and condition Americans into readily swallowing the feds’ cover-up lies following the terrorist acts likely soon to be executed on US soil. The foreign invasion by ISIS, their attacks and murder of Americans, and likely war that will break out under Obama’s martial law in actuality is the globalist fast tracking their eugenics plan by hard kill methods to reduce the US and world population by 90%.

All these unfolding doom and gloom events have been pre-scripted and planned long in advance.

From 9/11 to London’s 7/7 attack to January’s Paris Charlie Hebdo attack, from Sandy Hook to the Boston Marathon bombing to the so called Charleston AME church massacre in June, right up to the most recent Chattanooga shooting last month, every one of these incidents have false flag fingerprints diabolically smudged all over them.

In their totality they concretely underscore how low the US federal government has degenerated, morally, ethically and criminally. All act as precursor events that are part of the sinister apparatus leading us to global governance according to a thinly veiled elitist plan that includes the end of the United States, war on American soil and an ultimate doomsday Armageddon endgame scenario for the world. With their underground cities, bunkers, highway and rail systems well in place, globalists believe they actually have the means and stockpiled reserves to outlast even the worst case scenario of nuclear war above ground. Hence, their grandiose sense of omnipotence is pathologically reflected by their reckless abandon and apparent willful calculation to potentially destroy the earth and all its life forms.

In addition to the old divide and conquer strategy, the Hegelian dialectic has also proven to be a successful formula repeatedly utilized by globalists to further their New World Order agenda. Once pumping incessant propaganda into a dumbed down masses that will believe anything when heard often enough, and the latest created target enemy is firmly etched in the public’s mind, traitors in the international crime cabal government in DC then resort to creating a series of false flag crises blaming the designated enemy that then justifies implementing an identified ready-made solution that most often manifests in the form of waging yet more war and violence. This predictable outcome in turn leads to a proliferation of yet more draconian measures deceitfully using their lame “national security” excuse to gain even more totalitarian control over the masses. This strategy has been their tried and true method of choice and in the coming months of upheaval and turmoil will only continue to be used against the human population for nefarious purposes.

The globalists have heavily invested military application of artificial intelligence (AI) technology for not only ultra-invasive surveillance but tactical military purposes on the battlefield as well. Enter Jade Helm as the beta tester for its PSYOPS and Jade Helm 2 AI software. Artificial intelligence through automated mechanization on the modern battlefield will take the human error out of war-making murder and mayhem and efficiently eliminate any human opposition attempting the now obsolete guerilla warfare. The ruling elite has harnessed incredible advances in electronic and weapons technology to exponentially increase its absolute power and control over the global population. The feds’ deployment of human personnel like ISIS is currently being augmented by AI and very soon human soldiers will largely be replaced by armies of militarized killing robots. The most egregious, most horrific science fiction scenarios are already developed and ready for deployment today in the here and now.

With unprecedented levels of war weapons, military vehicles including UN, tanks, and MRAP’s all moving around North America just in time for Jade Helm 15, the largest military operation on domestic soil in US history involving the military’s elite forces along with the DHS, NSA, FBI, CIA, DEA, Border Patrol and local law enforcement in nine states, and the countless contradictions and misrepresentations by inept military propagandists, what seems most apparent is the feds are withholding the truth from the American public. What the government is not disclosing is that it is most likely preparing for a major war on US soil, yet the evidence strongly suggests that is what awaits this nation. And with the false flags unfurling nearly every week this year, a foreign invasion and large scale acts of terrorism by ISIS combined with a cyberattack on the banking infrastructure that Homeland Security has spent years planning and preparing for, reinforced by outgoing DHS head Janet Napolitano’s  farewell warning to America, the recurring pattern of yet another exercise going live seems more than probable in the next month or two. Be it an ISIS invasion from Mexico or possibly one from Cuba after ISIS

The Manchurian candidate president has dutifully carried out his treasonous role as a globalist puppet to systematically undermine and destroy the United States. His fast tracked Trans Pacific Partnership despite a recent snag acts as the ultra-secret blueprint weapon for one world government to take form. Absolute global tyranny under the elite’s New World Order has been rapidly unfolding through disturbing events and developments virtually all year long. With Jade Helm scheduled to end next month and likely going live in response to the staging of yet more created false flag crises, accompanied by Pope Francis’ history-making address before a joint session of Congress on September 24th and the United Nations on the 25th, it appears that the stage has long been set for the fall of America timed with the New World Order’s official launch. The globalists will be in victory celebration in their mansions. Hope and pray for the best, be prepared for the worst.

Joachim Hagopian is a West Point graduate and former US Army officer. He has written a manuscript based on his unique military experience entitled “Don’t Let The Bastards Getcha Down.” It examines and focuses on US international relations, leadership and national security issues. After the military, Joachim earned a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and worked as a licensed therapist in the mental health field for more than a quarter century. He now concentrates on his writing and has a blog site at http://empireexposed. blogspot. com/. He is also a regular contributor to Global Research.


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