Vaccine Violence: How Big Pharma Slaughters Kids With Immunity

By Christopher Wyatt | TLB staff writer/documentary producer

This two part video from the Patricia Crayton show is something everyone needs to watch, discuss, and share! I was impressed watching the videos because of how candid everyone was and I found myself asking how the hell so many people are so blind???

Vaccines cause injury 100% of the time, they rob the human body of natural immunity, and they cause death and disease. The CDC knows this and the pharmaceutical industry knows this, this is why they have laws in place that prevent the drug manufacturer from being sued!

If vaccines were so damn great everyone would be lining up at their own free will and all diseases would be cured. THIS IS NOT WHAT HAS HAPPENED!!!

Instead we have a pharmaceutical industry that is out of control and in control of the fate of human health. The beneficial childhood illnesses of mumps, measles, chickenpox, and rubella have been traded for something that is a perversion of health!

Lobbyist from the vaccine industry along with the CDC have convinced millions upon millions of people that they need “life saving” vaccines or they will die. Each year new vaccines come down the pipeline and are mandated. Vaccine injuries are at an all time high and learning disabilities along with physical and emotional disability is the new normal.

All of us in the know have a moral duty to educate others about the dangers of vaccines. We can not be focused on only one vaccine injury such as Autism, nor can we shy away from making sure that every man, woman and child knows the benefits of natural immunity. We have to discuss every vaccine injury and we have to talk to the groups that the pharmaceutical industry is targeting. This means we have to talk to the new moms, but we have to understand that older children, college students, and the elderly are quickly becoming the new money makers for the vaccine manufacturers.

Now is the time to organize, move into the streets, and take back what it means to be free and healthy! No one has ever won back their rights by quietly obeying unjust laws and expecting the oppressors to change the law! We have to be at every vaccine clinic, in the schools, the nursing homes, and any place vaccines are given. I will say this until my dying breath because this is a war and it can not be won with posts on social media… it has to be peacefully fought in the streets! (CW)

Note: In the first video you will have to skip forward to the 4min 28sec mark because the audio is muted due to a musical introduction.


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