We the People are Powerful Beyond Measure

By: Ken LaRive, The Liberty Beacon

What if we came to the emphatic conclusion that a small but powerful portion of our military, a shadow government placed deep into the folds of the Beltway, and an international consortium of bankers and industry who make money at war, conspired with a portion of the Federal Reserve… and let 9-11 happen? What if the evidence stared you right in the face, from building 7 to the paper trail of put options… what would you do? What could you do?

What if you saw war looming. That we are being groomed for it by an industry? That we are being coerced to hate another you once thought a friend? What if you knew these potential enemies well enough to see them to be similar to you, scared and enslaved by their own governments. Would it make a difference when you saw their kids lined up on the streets, incinerated by illegal fire bombs you supplied with your tax dollars? What if you found out that the media was withholding this information from you?

What if you started trying to find truth, and saw how cleverly concealed it was, and that if you are found out to be on that path you will be labeled a “truther” or worse, a terrorist or traitor. Or, heaven forbid, a conspiracy theorist… What if you wanted truth, justice, and the American way, and found out that even the creators of Superman no longer believed it.

What if you uncovered information that our own so called allies were responsible for espionage, and had stolen secrets to advance their country at the dire cost to ours? What if you found cover-ups; holy-crap information the media was not allowed to talk about, like who is BP and how did they get so big sucking the life out of Iran, or 134.5 billion in US Bearer bonds found being smuggled by Japanese nationals, or the helping of Brazil to finance and build a deep-water infrastructure off their coast at the same time a moratorium on drilling is being imposed on us because of BP, or the promotion of abortion around the world with our tax dollars as these new bodies are being culled for stem-cell research, and profit. What if you studied, and found out a concept called “false flag?” What could you do if you saw it was an ally? What would you do if you saw there were traitors in your own government? Men so powerful, they are beyond the law of our so called Republic, based on rule of law? What could you do?

What if you decided you wanted to follow the law, and yet felt a rage every time you traveled through an intersection filled with cameras, or the intrusion of an x-ray at a terminal. You must comply, and yet you are caught up with the speeders after the cameras, or overhear the hushed whispers of aggravated travelers that mimic your own thoughts. You have the capacity to understand that they have a basic need for liberty, even if they do not. Something burns in you, and you are afraid of that feeling. You feel enslaved, and yet we are told we live in a free society. The hypocrisy follows you every moment, when you are awake.

What do you do when you actually read the NDAA, and find out it was pushed through when everyone was home for the holidays, and find that together with the Patriot Act we no longer have civil liberties. What if you looked around? What if you paid attention? Would it matter at all?

Who was President in 1913, and who is president now? “1913 wasn’t a very good year. 1913 gave us the income tax, the 16th amendment and the IRS.” -Ron Paul… How are these Presidents connected? Do you have the ability or inclination to find out?

What do you do when you go to a large grocery store and see the row upon row of virtual poison passing as food, from additives to unlabeled genetically modified fare, and only one toothpaste without fluoride? What if you actually could see through the rose-colored lights that give the hormone and antibiotic-laced meat a healthy fresh glow, or that you will have to hike to the very farthest corner of the store to go to a bathroom, so that you will have more time to browse…

What if you looked around, with eyes opened, and saw that you were being played? Played from every direction… What would you do if you decided to buy a bottle of whiskey, at that same grocery store, and was asked for your driver’s license… though you are a senior with gray hair… What if you gave it to that precious little girl doing her job and then notice that the register has a special slot to swipe your license, and that all information on it now belongs to them? And then, you are asked for your phone number, to participate in their bonus program, and the gall to be asked if you would like a credit card too… What if you looked around and everyone was looking away from each other, like it is forbidden to make eye contact with a stranger… at the same time your mobile and house phones ring with strangers trying to sell you something… what can you do?

“It’s very dangerous to wave to people you don’t know because what if they don’t have hands? They’ll think you are cocky.” -Mitch Hedberg

What if you were a friendly man, taught the chivalry of honor, and tipped your hat to a woman, only to be looked upon as something strange, a stranger that can’t be trusted, a prospective of debauchery. What if you saw that the women of today were covering their bodies with tattoos, and you wonder why? You have the audacity to ask why, where 80 percent of blacks and 40 percent of white girls are having children out of wedlock… Why would they feel a tattoo would make them more beautiful? What can you do? You wonder where the world is going, and why a beautiful girl would have a tattoo of a Smurf smoking crack on a perfect leg? Or a boy with his pants down to his pubic bone, and how this trend could have lasted twenty years… What if your research indicated it started from men incarcerated, when their belts were taken away. Or the possibility that something is lacking inside, and that change, any change at all, is worth the risk when desperation and ignorance is the basis…

What if you looked around and saw that everyone around you was caught up in some kind of system?

What if you had studied ancient religion? Read the bibles of the world, like the Koran, the Rig Vita, the New and Old Testament, and the Talmud, and saw a similarity? Could you explain it? Would anyone care to listen? What if you saw that everything being forced upon us is designed to appear as an original thought in your head, or even concede of the possibility that a primary idea you are basing your life on might have come from an external source, one motivated by power, control, and profit? What if you actually read these books, and saw that they were being used by men to control you? What if you did your own homework? What a concept? What if you found that you are responsible for your own life, and everything that goes into your mind and body? What if you could make the terrible things around us unprofitable, by not buying them? By not buying into them!

What if you tried to find a hero, and always found a failing? An ideal that was pure, unbiased, and universal? What if you found the fingerprints of men on everything with the potential to be good and loving, and that it was tainted and perverted. What if you joined an organization, like The Tea Party movement, and found them to be controlled by an external force, the same force that controls both sides of the isle. What if you saw that it doesn’t matter who becomes president, because the same force holds dominion, and that you are only allowed to have who or what they tell you, and you still argue the lies as if it holds meaning and truth. What if you tried to go farther afield, to a more radical place, like joining “The Skeptics” and find out that their underlining bearing is the promotion of atheism. What if you knew that atheism is a religion? What if you saw that all of this mattered. That there is indeed something trying to balance, that there is a difference between right and wrong, good and bad, and actually see how we are being coerced to get them all mixed up?

What if you looked around, and found yourself ostracized, told that you are incomprehensibly alone, and shown the futility that little or nothing of what you have tried to think, do, or say makes any difference. That the power you propose to understand is so well organized, that your efforts are meaningless.

What if you kept trying, in spite of the odds? What if you found yourself in a world of wolves, and you love your family? What if you wanted to love your neighbor as yourself? What if you thought death before dishonor, and that your oath to protect the constitution actually has validity? What in the world could you do, but keep trying.

“What if we all suddenly get carried away thinking- who will be left to act?” -Andrei Platonov

“If you talk about it, it’s a dream, if you envision it, it’s possible, but if you schedule it, it’s real.” ― Anthony Robbins, Get the Edge

We the People are powerful beyond measure!

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