A Time of Evil

By: Andrew W. Coy

This is not just a time of political differences. This is not just a time of switching from Republican to Democrat. This is not just a time of moving from capitalist to socialist.  This is not just a time of rotating from conservative to liberal. This is not just a time of the pendulum swinging from Make America Great Again and America First to a time of Far Left and Globalist Elites. All of this does not explain nor summarize what we have seen the last two years. What we have seen the last two years, and especially the last few months can only be explained in one word. Evil. For this is a time of evil.

There should be no doubt of this in anyone’s mind after the Biden speech in Philadelphia. Biden’s speech was evil. He looked as if he was the keynote speaker at Dante’s Inferno. Biden looked like he was giving a sermon supporting Baal. Biden looked part Hitler and part Nero in his sinister bloody-minded speech in which he called half of America “enemies of the state.” Imagine calling half of the American people an enemy to the homeland. Never has an American president declared war on half of the citizenry. But Biden did just that as he declared MAGA, America First, and all Trump supporters as enemies of democracy as well as treasonous and seditious felons. This was the most evil speech ever given by a president in American history.

Why would Biden refuse to protect our southern border? Why would Biden knowingly allow in fentanyl, human trafficking, cartels, and terrorists? Why would Biden allow child predators and unaccompanied minors to cross our borders? Why would Biden make it very clear to our enemies in China, Iran, and Russia that we will not fight for our borders and we are not a sovereign country? Why would the occupier of the White House display our weaknesses to friend and foe? Why would the placeholder of the White House purposely make America weaker militarily and economically? Why would Biden’s FBI and Department of Justice cover up obvious felony crimes on Hunter Biden’s laptop, yet search the bedroom of President Trump’s teenage son?

Why would the FBI and DoJ ignore the 4th and 5th Amendments in their illegal raid on President Trump’s private home? Why would the FBI/CIA/NSA disregard all precedents, all laws, all tradition, the Constitution, and all common sense in their illegal attacks on President Trump since he came down the golden escalators? Why has the FBI/CIA/NSA abused and misused the Patriot Act in their attack on Biden’s political enemies? And why has the ACLU remained totally silent and mute as these Third Reich tactics have been used on the American people?

Why has Biden/FBI/Justice Department carried out Stasi police state raids on many of President Trump’s closest supporters? Why has law enforcement harassed, badgered, and even arrested, Giuliani, Bannon, Roger Stone, Steven Miller, and many others? Why is political dissent, questioning the 2020 election outcome, and First Amendment rights under siege? Why are the J-6 marchers still jailed without formal charges and bail being afforded to them?

Why would Blue State assemblies rise in standing ovations after they pass state laws making it legal to murder an unborn baby one day before the baby’s natural birth? Why is it that Blue State district attorneys release without bail violent criminals so that they can prey on the innocent again? Why would the Biden regime close churches, schools, and synagogues but keep open liquor stores, hemp shops, and needle exchanges? Why would the military put on drag queen shows at taxpayer expense? Why would Biden and the Far Left push for legalizing the mutilating of minor children with life-altering and irreversible sex changes? Why would the Deep State believe that when it comes to sex changes for minors, age is not a factor? Why would public schools allow for drag queens to read pornography to children during story time?

Why would the Biden regime purposely cut off the supply of energy to the American people?  Why would the Deep State create an energy shortage? Why would the Deep State purposely shrink America’s food supply? Why would the Biden administration allow China to buy American farmland?  Why would the Far Left create policies that drive up the cost of gasoline? Why would Biden enact polices that create a 40-year inflationary high? Why would Biden and General Milley remove Christians, conservatives, and constitutionalists from our military? Why would Biden and the Deep State make the American people and the American soldiers take an experimental vaccine knowing that doing this is against the law? Why does the Biden administration seemingly turn a blind eye to pedophilia?

Why does it appear that most Republicans in D.C. have remained suspiciously silent? In the words of C.S. Lewis, why does the Republican establishment appear to be “men without chests”? Where is Kevin McCarthy, Mitch McConnell, and Mike Pence’s opinion of Biden’s Speech from Hell? Are they cowards, crooks, or compromised? Has the Swamp blackmailed them? Has China bought them? One can only imagine what would have been the reaction from this macabre speech if the facts were reversed. What would have happened if President Trump gave a speech calling out Antifa, BLM, and Deep State employees as a danger to democracy and “enemies of the state”? Might the Far Left media have called for a third impeachment of President Trump?

The words on the side of the barn are changed overnight (Animal Farm), yet we are threatened with prosecution and incarceration if we point this out? It is not a time for violence; it is a time for courage. To repeat, this is not politics as usual. This is a very sinister time. The word evil can be used far too often in American language and lexicon. However, after the Biden dystopian 1984 speech in Philadelphia, the word evil has not been used near enough.


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Image Credit: Photo (Biden’s head cropped) in Featured Image (top) – Gage Skidmore via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0. & hoody image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay


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