BIDENomics – Part II

BIDENomics – Part II

TLB Note: If you wish to read part 1 first, see link below this article.

By: Joseph M. Lenard

Have you heard the Left all giddy about BIDENomics of FAILURE?!?!? Yes, sorry, I know we discussed this two-weeks back, but seems there was/is a whole lot more spin-off and related issues to go. So, #BIDENomics and the #BIDENeconomy part deux.

Yes, as discussed on August 5th 2023 — Gas prices down by about $1 from Biden highs, but still 50% (about $1) MORE than what it was when Trump left office. Yes, #BIDENflation is down, but only in comparison to record #BIDENflation highs we had not seen for over the last five Presidents, still WAY UP comparatively again to Trump years! And on and on and on, the twisting, warping, and redefining “terms” to pretend things are NOT what they are under definitions we’d previously used for a Century. Continued attempts to present “hand-picked” only partial data to paint false-narratives of how atrocious FASCICRATS created mess is. FEEWINGS over substance – you gonna believe the Gas-lighting distortions or your own eyes? Your and everyone’s Credit Card debt soaring (because you/they don’t  have the Cash for necessities anymore, let-alone to purchase “luxury items,” your Checking Account balance evaporating due to soaring costs of the necessities. Etc… See BIDENomics part 1 for complete full run-down on all this and more.

I was also recently on the Chris Hood Digital Show with Ann Laffin and we discussed Consumer habits with Chris. These days there are some people who will avoid buying certain things out of ‘Analysis Paralysis,’ with so many options and so much information about those product choices, they land up not deciding to buy out of FOBWI (Fear Of Buying Wrong Item) versus FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) use of something they would have otherwise enjoyed owning.

Since we are all looking to pinch pennies – I use, and you should download and use the UPSIDE App in order to save on Food, Gas, and more! I do not have a ton of Apps loaded on my Smart-Phone, with the one App I use the most being UPSIDE. Be sure to use promo-code MNTYU when you sign-up with Upside App in order to get additional signup bonuses (currently an extra $0.15/gal off on your first fill-up using the Upside App). Shop around and SAVE with Upside. Forget the American Express Card, don’t leave Home without Upside.

VIDEO (1m 30s): What is ‘BIDENomics’? President Joe Biden explains his economics during Chicago speech (NBC Chicago):

Speaking of us “pinching pennies” on the other side of the equation, the WOKE Business Boardrooms appear far more interested in chasing ESG (Economics, Social, Governance, score motivated investing) pennies, while dollars flood down their drains. From our Consumer side, we need to not just keep up our boycott of companies pandering to WOKEism, but be sure to see and use MAMMOTH NATION, ALIGN US, PublicSq, and other new Marketplaces for Conservatives to BUYcott)….

Welcome to Leftist world insanity!!! #BetterDeadThanWoke (for those who get the #BetterDeadThanRed play and better actually/physically DEAD than be Undead Zombie noBrain Sheeple spewing WOKE nonsense and senseless clueless WOKE celebrations to MUTILATE CHILDREN (do what you want at Home, STOP with the #GAYtivist engaging in #GAYtivism, that is not tolerance/acceptance that is RECRUITMENT and GROOMING))!!!

[image source: (Joseph M. Lenard inspired design)]

From Budweiser, to Target, to ADIDAS, Calvin Klein, North Face, and so many more…. Learning the hard way…. (Um… no… no sexual reference pun intended, but LOL anyway)… Yep, the original TOLERANCE and ACCEPTANCE days (long gone now) had ZERO “PRIDE” (in the Hubris, and boisterous, and other senses of the terms) but today it is all #GAYtivists engaging in #GAYtivism (yep, I coined those terms ages ago) for #GROOMing Children (recruitment, NOT ACCEPTANCE)….

Seems that Miller Lite had some controversy too, this one not so black and white

“Miller trying to ‘toe’ the WOKE-line ‘want it both ways?'”

As they say ‘No Press, is Bad Press’ well Bud-Light can/will tell you otherwise. HOWEVER, dancing along the lines of controversy hoping not to fall over it into the Jaws of Death for Publicity will always remain a Marketing strategy. And, indeed, Miller Beer got Savaged Unfiltered (for better or worse? remains to be seen) to talk about them and get them FREE PR value (again for: better? worse? – you decide).

NOTICE how the “Miller trying to ‘toe’ the WOKE-line ‘want it both ways?'” is denoted AS A QUESTION, for good reason…

My Rumble comment for that Savaged Unfiltered podcast episode in which we discussed such:

My Social-Media posting from a few days ago: As you will hear during Show, I am a bit “conflicted” and “confused” myself on/with this one! I am somewhat “keeping my powder dry” as the saying goes to avoid praise or condemnation ‘til I learn more myself as we get further along as the News around this unfolds. Logic, Reason, Common-Sense, NOT knee-jerk Emotional Hysterics jump-to-conclusions potential over-reaction…. Miller Beer “Women’s History Month” Ad… I am going to be a bit generous and “understanding” here and say… I do honestly believe that Miller wanted to try and be cute, clever, mock themselves (their entire Industry and even recent controversy their competition got into), be tongue-in-cheek over where things were and the hyper-sensitive times today, and to be “gentle” say: they missed the mark. They mis-read and mis-gauged, with the hyper-sensitivity following the whole BUD-LIGHT fiasco, that people would react the way they did and “MISS” (if indeed I’m reading their intent correctly, I could be wrong) what they were aiming for. Sometimes things do not go as planned or intended – just ask Budweiser!!!

Clearly the Miller ad was not received well (and obviously they hoped for better reception of/with it). Many I know indeed did laugh at the Ad as attempts to be over-the-top and self-deprecating humor. Given the current climate, no-one is in ANY MOOD to give a break or “benefit of doubt” right now so why would you even take the chance at something that might not come across well when you could play it safe, avoid anything new/different and any chance at failure (when your competition is in free fall for their “attempt at ‘different'”). They seemed to have done a good job at trying to just scrub it, than explain it, hope it goes away – which is not a bad Marketing strategy as there is a saying “if you’re explaining, you’re losing!”

Check out this article’s corresponding ChristiTutionalist Politics podcast episode S1E9.

VIDEO (4m 08s): Saturday (Rebecca Black)

You’ve been #RebeccaRolled! Yes, a bit of Funning with that equally annoying as her “Friday” song here, but seriously as previously discussed “Occasional breaks and distractions not just OK, but healthy” (if anyone can afford “luxury” entertainment spending right now with #BIDENflation pricing running amuck) and from a #BIDENomics sense it’s time for her to remake/reboot and cover Loverboy’s “Everybody’s Working for the Weekend” tune as her Royalties from her 2 teen-cringe tunes are probably not cutting it for her to survive the #BIDENrecession and in need of new Revenue. Time for, like Tiffany tried later in Life and failed, attempted comeback?!?!


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Image Credit: Graphic in Featured Image (top) – “Joe Biden – Caricature” image by DonkeyHotey is licensed under CC BY 2.0..

About the Author: Joseph M. Lenard was a former writer for Super Simple Computer Enterprises, REDSTATE, Grassfire, and Rattle With Us – MI TEAParty (where he was Writing Committee Chair) and others. Joseph is a current content provider at Before It’s News and The Liberty Beacon. He is also the Author of: “Terror Strikes: Coming Soon to a City Near You”!

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