BIDENomics “Working” (Alinsky and Cloward & Piven Planned USA Destruction)

BIDENomics “Working” (Alinsky and Cloward & Piven Planned USA Destruction)

By: Joseph M. Lenard

Have you heard the Left all giddy about BIDENomics of FAILURE?!?!? Yes, sorry, I know I am a bit behind-the-curve on this having been in the News for more than a month now/already and I’m actually able to get-around to dealing with it now (hey, “better late than never?” going with that, that’s my story/excuse and I’m sticking to it, LOL) – as other things were already in the pipeline/works for The Liberty Beacon placements (my usual every Saturday drops) that took precedence.

Trump on REAGANomics (pro-growth, less Government meddling regulations, lower Taxes, etc.,) principles turned #obaMAO downturn and supposed (“new norm,” they claimed as no/slow growth “couldn’t” have been about their moronic #EpicFail policies (but was), but you the stupid peoples’ own fault and just the way it was always now going to be going forward) that became Trump Economic-boom until the Wuhan Virus hysteria lockdowns put us in SLOW DOWN, not GOP (or as I would contend, more-so, sound ChristiTutionalistTM, as certainly not all Republicans are on-board with sound) Policy, and bumbling #JoeBiDUMB Leftist-loon Socialist-Unicornfart-pipedream policy (especially his destroying the USA Energy Independence we gained during the POTUS45 years, and for-the-record moron Leftists the #BIDENflation started long before the Putin re-invasion (already had, Crimea, under Obama years) of Ukraine, which moron Left tries blame) took what was RECOVERING from slow down Economy and with FASCICRATS idiocy created a #BIDENrecession.

No matter how much they may wish to twist/warp words and definitions, we entered a #BIDENrecession due to #BIDENflation (they now Orwellian-style try to claim as fantastic #BIDENomics) and bad Energy policy we hit 2 Quarters of no/zero/negative growth and recession (by the definition used ever since the Great Depression) – and #JoeBiDUMB and his moron ilk (just like full 8 years of #obaMAO) will never see a recovery until we toss them out of the White-House, keep U. S. House GOP controlled (but, yes, we need more real Platform Republican Conservatives (or as I call myself #ChristiTutionalistTM (and I hope you’ll consider joining in with me in that movement (my new/latest book on that coming soon (hopefully by end of Sept. 2023 if not sooner))) in Office not more RINOs (CINOs/RINOs and FASCICRATS as part of the #DeepState that covers for and cooperates to enrich each other and keep Leftist control of #DeepState alphabet Federal agencies no matter who is POTUS)), and take back the U. S. Senate. All the Left can do is spin, twist/warp the terms to pretend things are better than are (see my related twisting/warping language TLB pieces (part 1 / part 2)).

#BIDENomics, what an absolute JOKE (and it is NOT FUNNY kind of Joke)!

VIDEO (1m 30s):What is ‘BIDENomics’? President Joe Biden explains his economics during Chicago speech (NBC Chicago):

#JoeBiDUMB and crew say… “#BIDENomics is WORKING!”

The FASCICRATS (normal Josef Goebbels lie, Lie, LIE, some more ‘til people believe the Gas-lighting, style) speaking TRUTH (don’t get upset, hang in with me here…) for a change. However, in usual Leftist fashion depends what the meaning of “IS” is (in this case “working” based upon what plans/standards?) again (twisting/warping language). Just because Useful-Idiots keep falling for the bait-and-switch, dealing in distractions, distortions, denials, and deflections, believing what they prefer to believe (because “it is ‘their truth’” (anyone uses phrase of “my truth” = “Leftist spin” – always) style and “that’s how I feel” bullshit WOKE preferences and propaganda) rather than the facts, does not change the reality we all have to deal with as a result.

Well, actually, YES, it is “working” (in the sense as was/is designed to work, NOT the bullshit pretzel-logic, provided padded stats or attempts to distort them (via the old “Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics” adage perspective of Gas-lighting)) exactly as designed/planned – DESTROYING USA.

It is all about stealing more from you (via Taxes (why they need those 87k new IRS Agents to Audit lower and middle income peoples, as “the Rich” have high-powered Accountants and Lawyers to hide monies and LEGALLY use the Tax Code loopholes and ARE, despite Leftist rhetoric, paying the Taxes they are REQUIRED to pay within/under Law) or earning Power losses via #BIDENflation in this #BIDENrecession) and re-distributing to themselves, their #Friends, their #Family, their #Donors, etc. through more FASCICRATS Money-laundering.

Brain-Dead Left engaging in Saul Alinsky and Cloward and Piven, even though they are too stupid to understand they are. Despite their cries for “fairness” (and, again, of course, redefining and warping what that term is/means). While preaching about “For The Greater Good” also twisting that to/for obaMAO-ist purposes, and Biden is just a puppet for Soros and Obama with his Administration jam-packed with Obama-brand-Leftist buffoon hold-overs) not its actual intent.

Lies, damn Lies, and Statistics – as the saying goes:

[image source: (Goebbels would be so proud of the modern FASCICRATS)]

Yes, Gas prices down by about $1 from Biden highs, but still 50% (about $1) MORE than what it was when Trump left office (when POTUS45 policy allowed U. S. Energy Independence and actually U. S. taking in Billions through Exports, now we spend Billions again in Imports, for dirtier Heavy Crude when we could be refining cleaner Sweat Crude from our own soil, not shipping it across oceans to get here (also, obviously, a price-hiking factor in itself) as well as being a profit-making, and MORE SECURE WESTERN Alliances not having to depend upon Middle-East nations for it all) and highs we hadn’t seen since the obaMAO years that also was all about destroying real domestic Energy to FORCE more Climate-hoax alternatives that cost everyone more but line the pockets of those on the inside.

Yes, #BIDENflation is down, but only in comparison to record #BIDENflation highs we had not seen for over the last five Presidents, since it took Reagan his whole first term to put in policy to counter the failed Jimmy Carter years “hyper-inflation” and newly created “misery-index” that demonstrated peoples’ total strain of Joblessness, High Interest Rates, and Runaway Inflation! Yes, way, Way, WAY, higher current #BIDENflation rate than if you combine the last three POTUS’ “average Inflation rates” COMBINED!

And on and on and on, the twisting, warping, and redefining “terms” to pretend things are NOT what they are under definitions we’d previously used for a Century. Continued attempts to present “hand-picked” only partial data to paint false-narratives of how atrocious FASCICRATS created mess is. FEEWINGS over substance – you gonna believe the Gas-lighting distortions or your own eyes? What everyone knows damn well is happening with: How everyone’s Retirement/IRA’s dropping Your general Bank Account dropping, etc.

Your and everyone’s Credit Card debt soaring (because you/they don’t have the Cash for necessities anymore, let-alone to purchase “luxury items,” your Checking Account balance evaporating due to soaring costs of the necessities like (Gasoline to get back-and-forth to Work to earn a living, IF you have a Job to go to, as NO NEW JOBS are created “under proper definitions” but Jobs abandoned during Lockdowns now being RE-FILLED as well as people CHANGING JOBS (that is a “different Job” not really a NEW JOB, and don’t get me started on how they’re fudging the unemployment stats and all that matters is the unchanged definition and recording of LABOR PARTICIPATION RATE (Work-force rate) at record lows under #JoeBiDUMB (that after Trump-boom-economy recovered them from the previous record lows under Obama/Biden administration)).

The costs of Natural Gas, to heat your Home, for those with traditional Furnaces until BiDUMB and Fools regulate them out of existence too (like already doing to Natural-Gas Stoves, and now coming after your Hot-water-tank too). IF you’re lucky enough to not have the Bank take your Home for being behind in payments or the City/County from confiscating it for Taxes you couldn’t pay. Electricity soaring (as more Energy efficient sources of Power are forced offline by BiDUMB and the FASCICRATS regulations) and the Left’s “preferred alternatives” cost far more to implement and work less than 50% of the time, costs of anything and everything at the Grocery Stores (so more and more forced to visit McDonald’s and survive off the $1 menu).


Now even Hollyweird/Pedowood FASCICRATS donors are whining and moaning. The very people that told real Blue-Collar-Workers Biden kicked to the curb minimizing Coal, shutting down the Keystone-XL Pipeline, etc., that were then told to “Learn to Code” when their paychecks are threated feign how “different” it is. Well, as discussed in “Movies, Snacks, and Politics (part 2) guess it’s time THEY shut-up, knuckle-under to their FAILED Leftism, and learn to Code instead to find a different Job!!!!

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Check out this article’s corresponding ChristiTutionalist Politics podcast episode S1E7.


My Closing: All gave some, some gave allhonoring fallen beyond one “Memorial” weekend (LEO’s, Military, others that faithfully PROTECT AND SERVE to preserve Freedom and Security under our Constitution (equally/equality) and remembering our Freedoms/Rightsfor all. They make it possible for me to be able to freely post this, and you to read it without threat of FASCICRATS beating in your door for (Orwell style) WRONG-THINK (at least, SO FAR, for many/most (some illegally, improperly, held as Political Prisoners on trumped up charges that is happening already) sadly many refuse to do even the bare-minimum to preserve our Freedoms/Republic so many fought and died for). Remember those Fighting, fought, or died in Service to our great Nation


Image Credit: Graphic in the articles Featured Image (top) – “Joe Biden – Caricature” by DonkeyHotey is licensed under CC BY 2.0..

About the Author: Joseph M. Lenard was a former writer for Super Simple Computer Enterprises, REDSTATE, Grassfire, and Rattle With Us – MI TEAParty (where he was Writing Committee Chair) and others. Joseph is a current content provider at Before It’s News and The Liberty Beacon. He is also the Author of: “Terror Strikes: Coming Soon to a City Near You”!

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