BiDUMB Tries To Flip-Off The SCOTUS (Affirmative Action Edition)

BiDUMB Tries To Flip-Off The SCOTUS (Affirmative Action Edition)

By: Joseph M. Lenard

Here we go again. The SCOTUS no sooner than finally declares “Affirmative Action” RACISM violation of Law and especially “Equal Protections” and JoeBiDUMB’s and Leftist usurpers “work-arounds” which will have to again be taken to SCOTUS and struck down. Yes, of course, the latest schemes, scams, cons, of the FASCICRATS pretending to “look out for” people will indeed be struck-down again; however, they know it and they do not care because it the ”issue is never really the issue” it is all instead about Cultural Marxism (divide and conquer, Race-baiting, buying Votes, etc.) and just the ILLUSION that they would to sucker people of their Votes – as they are too stupid to grasp, they’re played for fools and useful-idiots.

VIDEO (4m 05s): “‘That’s Not What I’m Talking About’: Clarence Thomas Grills Lawyer On Affirmative Action” (Forbes):

Below from my “’#ChristiTutionalist Politics’ podcast on air! Finally News purely Christian U. S. Constitutional perspective…. Plus recent SCOTUS Rulings discussion” BeforeItsNews piece from June 30th 2023:

… Same with the AFFIRMATIVE ACTION case from yesterday, that the SCOTUS failed to make clear any determination or consideration on Race is violation of 14A in the UofM AA policy having been challenged years ago — and MORON ROBERTS in his comments did it again, instead of saying we should have gone further in that previous case and this one would not have been necessary the moron made mumblings and hints they could rework the programs and still discriminate

So, of course, and I was just on w/ Rick Walker and MAVERICK NEWS last night discussing, the Left will get the University Deans, some Prof’s, the Lawyers, Leftwing pandering Politicians; as they all profit off the division scam/con/game; and decide what do we call the new scam/con that will be exactly the same as the old scam/con but with a different name — and will be put in place and last for decades as new court challenges made all the way to SCOTUS (AGAIN) because moron Roberts “moderates” the Court and wants “limited scope” Rulings THAT DO NOT FULLY / REALLY / ACTUALLY RESOLVE the Constitutional aspect forever AS THEY SHOULD AND IS THEIR JOB to do so.

MLK Jr. is finally able to look down from Heaven and Smile as his Dream of indeed ABSOLUTE EQUALITY (not bullshit Marxist “Special Privileges” for some over others, and end to Racist Laws/policy) and “content of character” indeed be the Mark of all Men/Women (both, and the only two, Sexes/Genders) rather than the prism of their Skin-Tone finally achieved. Meanwhile the newest Justice, idiot appointed by #JoeBiDUMB (Liberal/FASCICRATS Activist, NOT Rule-Of-Law and Constitution Judge) Jackass… er… I mean… “Jackson” in her rants and raves demand she get Special Rights and Privileges (like I will be discussing with Phil Stargell of ART WAAM Sat’s 9a on ChristiTutionalist Politics podcast S1E10 Show (how the Civil Rights Act went off the Rails)) for her Skin-Tone and others (NOT everyone’s own Merits). The stupidity of the Left Marxist Pathetical Corruptness WOKEist manure to divide and destroy USA from within.

Yep, we in Michigan have been calling it “DIE” (NOT “DEI” – because it is about killing our Culture)… Often repeated during our (listen live on Saturday’s (ART) 9a, (MOC) 1p, (YAH) 2p, shows (coined by my Friend Ed Bonderenka on his YAH 2p Sat Show (Show archives/podcast)))…

DIVERSITY (we already have that in THE GREAT AMERICAN MELTING POT (we BLEND, it’s NOT “Cultural Appropriation” you morons, USA is the most Diverse Nation on the Planet (E Pluribus Unum – from many one – we blend many Cultures into our own unique INCLUSIVE Culture)), INCLUSION (ditto), EQUITY (NO THANKS, keep your bullshit Commie Equity term, we have EQUAL OPPORTUNITY and EQUALITY UNDER THE LAW here in USA already)!

So, as I just put forth, they don’t believe the “DI” part in their bullshit talking-points, because they are trying to destroy the “DI” with Black only Dorms, Black only (Segregation) Ceremonies, etc.…

And like I often say during interviews discussing my book: if ORWELL were alive today about ANIMAL FARM (which I mention in my book, to bolster the additional points to Orwell) writing a sequel – the line would be: “Some Animals get more EQUITY (Special Rights, Special Privileges, rather than EQUAL) Rights than other Animals!”

Plus, of course, thinking people know, regarding College admission disparities; which has to do with Urban vs Rural Educated people (regardless of Black, White, Pink, Purple, or Transparent). Want to fix that? Simple fix the damn failing K-12 Urban Education indoctrination factories but the Left does NOT want Educated people, they want dumbed down more easily manipulated people, and also, they do not want to fix K-12.

The Left OPPOSES all efforts to fix K-12. They only care about funneling more money to Teacher’s Unions that protect failures (and FASCICRATS Party kick-backs via donations) in the classroom and miseducation of Children – they refuse “School Choice” even though majority of DUMBocrats Voters support them to be able to use their own money (otherwise confiscated from them via Property Taxes) to send (via Vouchers, NOT Tax Credits, as “Credits” means you have to have it and spend it in order to recover it via Tax Return) Children to Schools of our own choosing — to force Public failures to compete for the dollars. That is the only fix as all they know or care about is that they would lose money (and cause many of the Administrators and failing Teachers to be fired)!!

This is basic common sense, want those unable to “qualify” due to lack of Education (and if/when you give those without sufficient and proper Education to be ready and capable to succeed in College, a pass into College they cannot handle, they drop out (that is why there is a high drop-out rate)). Want to fix both the don’t qualify and high-dropout rate??? fix K-12. And most, even DUMBocrat Voters, agree as Poll after Poll after Poll shows (and, yes, in these cases the Polling is correct, it is usually/mainly POTUS and CONGRESSIONAL polling they FUDGE to shape Candidate opinion rather than Report on Electorate thoughts).

[More/continued in my “’#ChristiTutionalist Politics’ podcast on air! Finally News purely Christian U. S. Constitutional perspective…. Plus recent SCOTUS Rulings discussion” BeforeItsNews piece from June 30th 2023]

VIDEO (4m 13s): “The Word Asian Does Not Appear One Time In Your Brief’: Alito Grills Lawyer On Affirmative Action” (Forbes):

Just like with the New York State Gun Laws that the SCOTUS struck-down, they just passed another Law, with a new Title, basically just re-enacting the same policy with a few words changed (twisting/warping language) and pretend “it is different” under the “depends on what the definition of ‘is’ is” dodge that it is somehow not synonymous. Or, in Musical parlance, as the Who sang: “Meet the new Boss, same as the old Boss” (same guy, different Suit, and as usual actually Emperor has “no Clothes”)! They will then enforce the same UnConstitutional policy under the “supposed new/different Law” until such time as the SCOTUS then has to strike it down again.

We will be here again, as Chief idiot… er… I mean… “Chief JustASS” (yes, I often use that as a #hashtag on Social-Media for) Roberts who hinted at loophole around the very Ruling the SCOTUS just handed-down. To end the need for any of these garbage games and “Special Rights” for a Race or Class as stated (and Vivek Ramaswamy spoke on too (like I’ve been for decades) in the ABCNL Prime interview (embedded down-thread)) FIX K-12 for poor Blacks and Whites and all shades of skin-tone between (as this is NOT a Race issue, but a Class issue, but zero is discussed about poor Whites getting stiffed in College admissions – as that does NOT fit the Race-baiting and pandering for Votes narratives) in our Urban failed Education centers.

From Chronicles Magizine “Roberts Left a Loophole in the Affirmative Action Decision”

July 1, 2023 piece by Stephen B. Presser.

Unfortunately, the Court’s opinion left a gigantic loophole that allows college admissions officers to continue to do precisely what Roberts’s opinion expressly condemned. In language that was immediately seized upon by the very Harvard administrators the Court had ostensibly ruled against, Roberts wrote,

Nothing in this opinion should be construed as prohibiting universities from considering an applicant’s discussion of how race affected his or her life, be it through discrimination, inspiration, or otherwise.

Above “Fair-Use” sample with more (article) at: Chronicles Magizine “Roberts Left a Loophole in the Affirmative Action Decision”

The Left is always pretending to care about “root causes” but they refuse to address that obvious one pointed out above and the studies showing the failings of Liberal policy that has caused the loss of two-Parent Family homes (as the lack there-of is the greater indicator of a Child not succeeding – ROOT CAUSE (LBJ’s “Great Society” UnConstitutional “Welfare State” (individual Federal Checks is “Personal Welfare” and zero to do with “Promote the GENERAL WELFARE” our Founders talked about) put into motion)) – again whether Black or White, this is a Class thing not a Race thing! And these “root causes” (if you’ll pardon the bad joke and word-play) have zero to do with the things laid-out in the Movie “Roots” or the “1619 Project” attempts to distort History farce; as yes I will repeat one more time: this is a Class (often Geographic) thing not a Race thing.

VIDEO (6m 00s): Watch the “Ban on college affirmative action ‘good for America’: Vivek Ramaswamy”  (ABCNL Prime):

Seems we needed to span several weeks covering this issue/topic as we did a few others of late  (but hopefully this 2-parters trend ends here), and if you missed last week be sure to check-out August 26th 2023 “BiDUMB tries to flip-off the SCOTUS (Student Debt transfer edition)…” all laid out at TheLibertyBeacon and on the ChristiTutionalist TM Politics podcast (S1E10) works.

And please check out the corresponding ChristiTutionalist TM Politics podcast (meant to compliment the article): ChristiTutionalist Politics podcast (S1E11).


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BiDUMB Tries to Flip-Off the SCOTUS (Student Debt Transfer Edition)


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About the Author: Joseph M. Lenard was a former writer for Super Simple Computer Enterprises, REDSTATE, Grassfire, and Rattle With Us – MI TEAParty (where he was Writing Committee Chair) and others. Joseph is a current content provider at Before It’s News and The Liberty Beacon. He is also the Author of: “Terror Strikes: Coming Soon to a City Near You”!

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