COVID-19 – Intense Data the “Experts” Ignore

COVID-19 – Intense Data the “Experts” Ignore

By: TLB Staff Writer Lucille Femine

This article attached is really spot-on. I’ve read similar ones but this is more detailed and, I believe, nails the cause very succinctly, even though long. Even I, always impatient with writings with just a whiff of tech stuff, read the whole thing. Specifically, he says this virus in NOT the cause of the illness. As has been stated in other articles, it is the body’s defense mechanism.

He states that people who get ill and or die are already health-compromised. In China, 80% of deaths occurred in older men, many who smoked.

He speaks about the heaviest occurrence of this illness in places with the heaviest 5G. What’s fascinating is that in Japan, there is very little or no illness and life has been going on as usual. The clue is their electromagnetics are underground, so they are grounded. This leads me to believe that if all the 5G would be located this same way, there might not be danger anywhere.

As usual, the “experts” have it all ass-backwards and offer dangerous vaccines as their solution – even President Trump. I hope he gets a clue and, in his usual operating basis – says basically screw you. It looks like he is having run-ins already with Dr. Fauci who is highly suspect in having the good of the country at heart.

Here’s another video from Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai who is running for Senate in the state of Massachusetts, explaining briefly the immune system’s very strong relation to viruses.

The country needs to know this data so that it will end all the paranoia and destruction of the whole planet. When truth is not known, complication and confusion enter which is far worse that the problem that was originally meant to solve.

And then there is the other intentions coming from the Democrats and their allies, delaying vital financial help needed by people in trouble and trying to fulfill their own selfish agendas with non-related expenses. This further distracts us from knowing the real solutions. Politics appears to have, in most cases, the opposite meaning to problem-solving.

The real handling is so aggravatingly clear – isolate people who are already ill or weak in some way from a poor immune system and treat them with natural remedies that strengthen immune systems, such at high doses of vitamin A and D, among others. Plus sanitation. Leave the rest of the world alone! As has been said in one way or another, the toll on paralyzing the planet by freezing life itself, would result in far more damage than this illness.

Does the CDC and the WHO recommend these cures? Hell no. Their own “pre-existing condition” is corruption and stupidity and so, naturally, they are spreading their illness to the rest of the world in the form of alarming false data and poisons that kill.

Let’s hope the president will win out over all this nonsense from power-hungry fools who give lip service to aiding humanity while stabbing us all – with vaccine needles. Vaccines are being presented as THE answer to just about all of life’s ills. This is the Deep State’s main agenda. Make helpless zombies of us all, the ones that are left after the vaccines kill off the weaker ones.

But I need to end with a lighter, hopeful note: there is always a workable solution. The fiber of our being is tough, resilient and resourceful. We have many times more power than the existing evil out there which needs to present a bullying picture of power so we won’t see what’s underneath – a seething mass of rotting spirit, terrified of the rest of us.

Know that you can and decide to do it. Gain knowledge. That’s half the battle.


Coronavirus Data Compilation 24 March 2020

As I write this, portions of the world have been thrown into panic by the media hype and government reaction to the Coronavirus and the infection it creates, COVID-19.

Most people fear what they cannot see and with which they cannot communicate. The more true data you have then the less effect and the more cause you will feel.

So it is with the purpose to put your into communication and at cause that I have compiled this data. So let’s get into communication with, if not the virus itself, at least the data we know about it.

There are different sorts of viral infections resulting from different strains of virus in different classes of virus. I won’t go into that as you and I don’t need a medical degree to understand the more general data of:

  • what is it?
  • where did it come from?
  • how does one get it?
  • how do you minimise your chances of getting it?
  • what do you do to defeat an infection of it?

I will focus on those points.

Coronavirus Overview

This is a summary of the most relevant points that I have read about over the course of this outbreak. If you feel better, more informed or more optimistic after reading it, please feel free to share it.

What Is The Coronavirus?

… etc….

To continue reading this vital information compilation CLICK HERE

Note: Article (above) takes about 20-30 seconds to open … but it is worth the read!

Lucille and TLB would like to thank Tom Grimshaw for his highly informative blog.


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