In The News Last Month, You May Have Missed…

Is the End nigh?

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 By: Joseph M. Lenard

Yep, you likely guessed it, more social-media inspired fare; and a bit of a cheat (bringing in said social-media postings, then expounding upon them further as/for TLB “exclusive” additional content).

In The News Last Month (June 2024, which was Christian Heritage Month (no doubt you likely missed hearing about amidst all the GAY PRIDE #ENEMEdia hysteria peddling)) Not Yet Commented On… You may have heard minor mentions of, but now need to understand the broader-contexts you will not have heard anywhere else….

#China’s second Moon probe for Moon rocks collection landed on Dark-side (there are many reasons WHY that is happening, not just this (for those want to go down the Moon-bases (or own, as well as Alien road))) of The Moon — “to collect Rocks” …. yep… the real Headline #China beats #USA to Moon for MINING OPERATIONS (to collect rare metals and other elements ultra RARE (or non-existent) here on Earth).

Hey #FlatEarthers: Still think LANDING ON MOON was/is all fake! The Moon is being weaponized (just as Space overall is, as also in News in June #Russia launches more Satalite-to-Satellite weapons platforms (think Trump was crazy to create officially “Space-Force” now? that many think was operating unofficially and clandestinely in Black-Budget since 1960’s)). They know what is there CUZ WE BROUGHT IT BACK (only some Classified, other) AND ADVERTISED IT to the entire World to know and begin their further quest to/for Moon and Space in general.

Above expanded from one of my LOCALS posts.

Not to even bother go into Xi’s latest rhetoric threats on The Philippines and still toward Taiwan.

VIDEO (26m 30s):“CTP (S2E55, 20240706) ‘June 2024 News You May Have Missed’ BTS/SP Video”

#NKorea launches more #TRASH #BALLOONS


Hey, I’ve talked about for YEARS (wrote about it in my “Terror Strikes: Coming Soon to a City Near You!” book it does NOT take an effective and well tested ICBM for #Iran, North Korea, any TERRORISTS STATE to launch a Nuke at the West (as Japan did with Balloon-Bombs many do not know about History of WWII against USA then).

Above expanded from one of my LOCALS posts.

Additional Iran News following their Leaders’ death in Helicopter crash (or killing?) “What is next for Iran? What will Iran attempt to do to other Nations next?” as well as back from 2019 (BeforeItsNews) piece.

Below from my “Terror Strikes: Coming Soon to a City Near You!”  book “Tokyo, Japan” chapter (which book also covered the Japanese “Balloons-Bombs” of WWII History in prior chapters (to understand the reference about such below)…

The AUM Shinrikyo [Christian Cult, not all Terrorism of modern times GIJIAS] sect contended that the Japanese government staged the subway attacks and attributed them to the religious group as a ploy and cover to rally public opinion against it in a bid to alienate, if not, eliminate, the group. That is the same tactic many terrorists use; they try to deflect blame or appear as victims themselves. It’s the familiar false-flag conspiracy theme. It seems that “conspiracy theory” propagandists are pretty much the same the world over. Clearly, they read each other’s manifestos and imitate each other’s styles and methodologies.

Later, thirty balloons landed in a three-hundred-twenty-mile area south of Tokyo. It was reported small tubes were attached to each of the balloons. No official release was made as to what substance the tubes may have contained, or if they were just meant to add to the mayhem and disrupt any calm Tokyo had hoped would come. Fears of terrorism were piqued a decade later when a commuter train derailed and crashed into a residential building in Amagasaki, Japan. That incident killed more than sixty people. The cause of the Amagasaki mishap, a few hundred kilometers west of Tokyo, was later deemed human error. The relief felt over an incident being an accident was little consolation and another rail attack could indeed transpire again.

Now, as for OBVIOUS July News — FLASHBACK to 2023 about #4thOfJuly….

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See: “Remembering Freedoms and Rights Beyond 4th-Of-July” on TLB: part 1 & part 2.

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In conclusion: In The News Last Month (June 2024, which was Christian Heritage Month (no doubt you likely missed hearing about amidst all the GAY PRIDE #ENEMEdia hysteria peddling which I wrote on at BeforeItsNews 5 years ago)) Not Yet Commented On… You may have heard minor mentions of, but now need to understand the broader-contexts you will not have heard anywhere else… Now does it makes sense why my “Is Prayer Alone Enough” TLB piece dropping as well as “ChristiTutionalist TM Politics 2” book dropping June 2024?!?!?

[TLB NOTE: This piece appeared as BeforeItsNews BTS/SP “Global Unrest related News….“ version of this article with a couple of additional images embedded in order to help promote TheLibertyBeacon (and, yes, of course, obviously, my TLB fare and my CTP Show). Doing a/the BTS/SP over on B4IN sometimes too helps me “develop” and “tweak” a TLB piece for publication here as it can be “perfected” before release here, as too I did the “Mother’s Day (retrospective)” article (MDR via B4IN and MDR via TLB).]

Also in June in Michigan: Life-Walk 2024

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VIDEO (39m 54s): “CTP (S1EJunSpecial1, 20240605) UDMI-RTL Life-Walk 2024 BTS/SP Video (Edited)”

See UDMI-RTL website for post-event write-up and images.


About the Author: Joseph M. Lenard was a former writer for Super Simple Computer Enterprises, REDSTATE, Grassfire, and Rattle With Us – MI TEAParty (where he was Writing Committee Chair) and others. Joseph is a current content provider at Before It’s News and The Liberty Beacon. He is also the Author of: “Terror Strikes: Coming Soon to a City Near You”!

Joseph Martin Lenard (@JLenardDetroit)
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